AIG “distraction” descends into mob mentality as ACORN’s “Working Family Party” organizes bus tour of AIG exec homes


Up to the usual Alinsky antics – combining Rules #5 & #12 (see below rescript to jog your memory…) – The Connecticut Working Family Party has decided to further harrass and terrorize AIG families that received bonuses by organizing a tour bus filled with … um…. socialists, Alinsky fans, O’faithful, and other activists who believe in intimidation tactics for political gain.

In a bittersweet irony, even the New York Magazine is appalled to find themselves on the side of Rush Limbaugh, saying:

Right, they’re not fomenting rage, they’re just encouraging it. So if you happen to record someone’s address so you can return in the dead of night, it’s not like Working Families told you to! We know we sound paranoid and we really can’t believe we’re actually on the same side as Rush, but this is getting way out of hand. Oh, to have fat ladies in high heels clogging up the West Village again.

Ever since Congress – trying to deflect their own responsibility and exposure of their sheer negligence – and their puppet media fanned the AIG bonuses into a side show, more dastardly deeds done in the dark of night or behind closed doors have been masked from the public’s view.

Instead, the vicious circus has escalated out of control. AIG employees have found themselves the target of a particularly vicious public campaign. A powerful Congressman, virtually foaming at the mouth with fake indignation and spittle, was demanding names, while another elected official suggested they just “kill themselves”. Others are recipients of emails suggesting “the firm’s leaders “should be executed with piano wire around their necks.”

In the meantime, the e-mails from the public have continued to roll in, including death threats and calls to blow up the firm’s Wilton headquarters. Reporters and photographers have camped out in front of the offices in London and Connecticut. They have staked out employees’ houses. The New York Post identified one executive and labeled him “Jackpot Jimmy.” Another employee had to relocate his family after a London tabloid printed his address.

If the media and the powerful elected elite’s assault isn’t enough, Connecticut’s chapter of the The Family Working Party has decided to transport the group of wacko crazies to the homes via bus tours… providing the very real possibility of return trips accompanied by mobs, or worse… in the dark of night to carry out some of the very real threats.

The Working Family Party… sounds so innocuous, yes? What could be more American than families. In truth, this is a third party formed by left over New Party socialists, labor unions, community organizations and… yup… everyone’s favorite ACORN. Small wonder they are schooled in intimidation tactics on their fellow Americans.

Frankly, if it were my house, that tour would be met by me and several friends in rocking chairs on the porch with hunting rifles neatly laid across our laps.

And indeed, atop the increased security at the facilities to circumvent fears of employees being shot at while coming or going to work, some of the AIG families have increased security at their own homes.

Tell me… just what is President Obama’s culpability, and or responsibilities, in this mob tactic? These are, afterall his personal grassroots henchmen. Brad Woodhouse’s American’s United for Change – which includes 25+ organizations including and ACORN – remain in close touch with the WH deputy chief of staff, Jim Messina.

It was only last week when the LA Times reported on the WH in consultation with grassroots on budget issues and campaigns to marginalize Republicans.

In promoting its agenda, the White House is using some rougher tactics.

Even as Obama positions himself as a post-partisan leader who wants to cooperate with Republicans, his White House is operating in a more combative fashion, and it has been consulting with allied groups aiming to marginalize the Republican Party leadership.


A spokesman for Americans United for Change said the group had consulted on strategy with Jim Messina, a White House deputy chief of staff and former Obama campaign official.

In addition, consultations on passing the president’s budget have been taking place between and the White House public liaison office, headed by Valerie Jarrett, a close friend of the president. This month, sent an e-mail touting Obama’s budget to 5 million members. It describes the blueprint as “ambitious, amazing and unapologetically progressive.

While Obama positions himself above the fray, he does nothing to call off his attack dogs. Despicable.

Is this lynch mob rule, adeptly carried out by ACORN derivatives, the change you voted for, America? If it is, I suggest you think twice before coming to my house. Because the 2nd Amendment hasn’t been repealed… yet.


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The people who should resign or take the honorable way out are the nuts in congress, I’ll even agree they should die with a wire or a burning tire around their neck. That might eleminate the pain and embarassment of being hanged by the outraged public in coming months (might save some offspring lives also. If I was connected to ACORN I’d be breaking all ties and burying any way to connect me to them. Membership lists will make a revolution much easier to finish.

Millions may adopt my theory on getting even with someone who deserves to die. Don’t kill the enemy, find the person he/she loves most in the world and kill them, and let the enemy know when and why.

Have to agree with MataHarley, Scrapiron, a litte over the top and similar to these bolsheviks. Their behavior, as pointed out, is certainly not surprising. Remember the feeling that their predecessor role models felt empowered and justified in taking the Czar and his family into the woods and executing them. In my mind, the White House’s silence in these matters certainly implies complicity.

The sad part of it is at the same the ACRON mob was garnering all the media attention about 300 concerned citizens were gathered in Ridgefield for the Ridgefield Tea Party.

And Scrapiron, MataHarley’s right, that type of rhetoric has no place in legitimate political discourse… If there is a rebellion it will be a peaceful one at the ballot box.

Mugabe would be proud. It’s those rich executives keeping everyone else down trodden. It’s time we take over the rich white firms and distribute them to the poor. They deserve the opportunity.

If a Community Agitator group like ACORN drives by residences of innocent people who are protected by the U.S. Constitution, one must decide what their motives are. Then, law enforcement should be called and a report filed. Then, an Attorney consulted and contact by that attorney should be made to ACORN to find out what their motives are/were. Remember, these bonuses were under contractual obligation to be paid. The Stimulus PORK bill authorized payment. Obama signed the Bill, so he authorized payment. So ACORN needs to be driving by the White House if that is what thug tactic they want to use. ACORN shouldn’t be driving by ANY entitity responsible for ANYTHING. ACORN is under Federal Investigation and has been found guilty of Voter Registration fraud and should be dissolved. Their tactics do however strongly encourage me to perform rights granted by the U.S. Constitutution: 1.) Free exercise of my 2nd Amendment rights. Americans WILL protect their property and responsibilities from ACORN or any other agitator group or criminal activity. 2.) Who is agitating ACORN on? That needs to be found out. In the end, I despise ACORN.

Liberty, WRONG! The White House Administration authorized payment of the bonus contracts, so the blame is pointed in the wrong direction. Blame lays in the White House and Congress. This week will be interesting.


I think Liberty was being sarcastic.

The Mugabe reference leads me to that conclusion.

“Crystal Night'” was the result of this same type of mob action. In Germany, the population didn’t stand between the mob and the Jews. I fear that the Government attempt to vilify these executives the same way the Nazis did the Jews is working.

Thanks Aye. Thought the sarcasm was obvious. There isn’t anyone who would really believe we should do such a thing, is there? (more sarcasm)

“Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice”- Barry Goldwater