“Blagojevich Arrest Shakes Obama Presidency to Its Core”


obama_i_had_no_contact_with_blagojevich.jpgThe statement above comes from Judicial Watch and is dead on target. (h/t Gateway Pundit)

Obama did say he was going to hit the ground running. But who knew it was going to be in the style of Bill Clinton.

The newest tidbit on the Blagovjevich indictment should not surprise anyone. The mysterious number 5 person to be contacted by Blagovjevich for the Senate seat sell is none other then Jesse Jackson, Jr:

Chicago Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., is the anonymous “Senate Candidate No. 5” whose emissaries Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich reportedly offered up to $1 million to name him to the U.S. Senate, federal law enforcement sources tell ABC News.

According to the FBI affidavit in the case, Blagojevich “stated he might be able to cut a deal with Senate Candidate 5 that provided ROD BLAGOJEVICH” with something “tangible up front.”

Jackson said this morning he was contacted Tuesday by federal prosecutors in Obama whom he said “asked me to come in and share with them my insights and thoughts about the selection process.”

All in the family.

If anyone really believes Obama did not know the Chicago style politics at play here, then they are naive nimrods. He was raised in it. He was elected by it. And will rule with it. Chicago politics:

The Chicago Way.

What is it? Is it easily abused? Is it dangerous in the wrong hands?

This is critical, as the nation’s eyes turn toward Chicago’s federal building, where Barack Obama’s personal real estate fairy, Tony Rezko, stands trial on federal corruption charges.

The phrase must be put in context, something the national media fails to do when they portray Obama as the boy king drawing the sword from the stone, ready to change America’s politics of influence and lobbyists, ignoring the fact that Chicago ain’t Camelot.With opening statements expected Thursday, the court will be packed with journalists foreign to our idiom. In the past, a few reporters have applied “The Chicago Way” to our pizza, theater and opera, thereby embarrassing themselves beyond redemption.

To prevent such outrage, I’ve enlisted the help of George Washington, father of our country, crooner Dean Martin and aged action star Sean Connery in a cutting-edge video premiering now at chicagotribune.com/kass.


One secret DaVinci Code-type sign for the Chicago Way is in the back room of the Chicago City Council chambers at City Hall, where a portrait of George Washington looks down at the crookedness below, and extends his own hand, palm up, itchy, needing that special grease.

But some strangers to our lands have used the Chicago Way with perfect pitch. Rezko’s buddy, former Iraqi electricity minister, Aiham Alsammarae, escaped an Iraqi prison where he was being investigated for corruption.

A reporter asked — How did you escape?

“The Chicago Way,” he said.

Jim Lindgren looks at the timeline of the Blagovjevich saga and does not see how Obama can say he did not have knowledge of the Blagovjevich backroom dealings:

php5v39zopm.jpgMost people have misunderstood the timeline of the Blagojevich Senate scandal. Pretty much everything fits except Barack Obama’s statement yesterday that he knew nothing about it.

If we didn’t have Obama’s denial to contend with, the actions of all the parties, including those purporting to speak for Obama, are consistent with Obama and his staff learning about Blagojevich’s corrupt plans on Monday, Nov. 10.

Consider the timeline, as revealed in the complaint and press reports:

1. On the weekend of Nov. 8-9, Obama lets it be known that his choice for Senate is Valerie Jarrett. Aides tell WLS-TV in Chicago and CNN, which announces Obama’s choice on Sunday. Nov. 9.

2. On Monday, Nov. 10, Blagojevich holds an incredible 2-hour conference call with multiple consultants: “ROD BLAGOJEVICH, his wife, JOHN HARRIS, Governor General Counsel, and various Washington-D.C. based advisors, including Advisor B,” discussing his corrupt schemes. He follows this with two calls with Advisor A.

3. That very night, Monday, Nov. 10, at 7:56pm, CNN reported:

Two Democratic sources close to President-elect Barack Obama tell CNN that top adviser Valerie Jarrett will not be appointed to replace him in the U.S. Senate.

“While he (Obama) thinks she would be a good senator, he wants her in the White House,” one top Obama advisor told CNN Monday.

Over the weekend, Democratic sources had told CNN as well as Chicago television station WLS-TV that Jarrett was Obama’s choice to fill his Senate seat.

So what happened? The likeliest scenario is that one of the many participants in Blagojevich’s Monday phone calls either floated his plans to the Obama transition team to assess their response or tipped off the Obama camp about the reckless ideas that Blagojevich had planned.

In any event, within hours of Blagojevich substantially expanding his circle of confidants, the Obama camp withdrew Jarrett’s name from consideration and attributed that withdrawal to the President’s wanting Jarrett in the White House. And the Obama staffers went out of their way to depict this as Obama’s choice, rather than Jarrett’s, which would have been more common. The report claims Obama’s involvement in the decision and suggests a direct effort to undercut the idea that Obama was pressuring Blagojevich to appoint Jarrett.

4. Moreover, by the next day, Tuesday, Nov. 11, Blagojevich already had received his answer from the Obama camp that no quid pro quo would be forthcoming: “ROD BLAGOJEVICH said he knows that the President-elect wants Senate Candidate 1 for the Senate seat but ‘they’re not willing to give me anything except appreciation. F**k them.’”

5. On Wednesday, Nov. 12, Blagojevich pitched his corrupt bargain idea to an SEIU Official who, according to Ben Smith, is President Andy Stern. Stern agreed to convey the offer to the relevant actors. Blagojevich understood Stern to be contacting Jarrett herself, the co-chairwoman of the Obama transition team:

109. On November 12, 2008, ROD BLAGOJEVICH spoke with SEIU Official, who was in Washington, D.C. Prior intercepted phone conversations indicate that approximately a week before this call, ROD BLAGOJEVICH met with SEIU Official to discuss the vacant Senate seat, and ROD BLAGOJEVICH understood that SEIU Official was an emissary to discuss Senate Candidate 1’s interest in the Senate seat.

During the conversation with SEIU Official on November 12, 2008, ROD BLAGOJEVICH informed SEIU Official that he had heard the President-elect wanted persons other than Senate Candidate 1 to be considered for the Senate seat.

SEIU Official stated that he would find out if Senate Candidate 1 wanted SEIU Official to keep pushing her for Senator with ROD BLAGOJEVICH. ROD BLAGOJEVICH said that “one thing I’d be interested in” is a 501(c)(4) organization.

ROD BLAGOJEVICH explained the 501(c)(4) idea to SEIU Official and said that the 501(c)(4) could help “our new Senator [Senate Candidate 1].” SEIU Official agreed to “put that flag up and see where it goes.”

110. On November 12, 2008, ROD BLAGOJEVICH talked with Advisor B. ROD BLAGOJEVICH told Advisor B that he told SEIU Official, “I said go back to [Senate Candidate 1], and, and say hey, look, if you still want to be a Senator don’t rule this out and then broach the idea of this 501(c)(4) with her.”

6. The complaint doesn’t say whether Stern contacted Jarrett or other members of the Obama transition team, but it is likely that he did. Whether Stern was horrified by Blagojevich’s corrupt idea and wanted to warn Obama or intrigued by the deal and wanted to assess its chances, I can’t think of a good reason why Stern wouldn’t have conveyed the idea to the Obama camp.

Then on November 13th Blagojevich asked one advisor to call someone and ask them to pitch the idea of the 501(c)(4) to an advisor of Obama.

Much has been written that the Obama advisor who was on the receiving end of the corrupt pitch was Rahm Emanuel.

I know, shocking! Riiiiight.

081210_blagoobama_martin.jpgOn November 14th Jarrett was offered a position in the Administration, Senior Adviser to the President and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Liaison, and she accepted.

Then on November 23rd another advisor of Obama’s, David Axelrod, said during an interview that Obama has “talked to the governor and there are a whole range of names many of which have surfaced, and I think he has a fondness for a lot of them.”

Note the language used. While on Nov. 9, Obama staffers were telling multiple news outlets whom Obama wanted for his Senate seat, by Nov. 23, Axelrod was distancing Obama not only from any individual choice, but he used the pejorative term “kingmaker” to emphasize Obama’s avoidance of any even marginally corrupt influence. It is likely that Axelrod had in mind the corrupt bargain that Obama’s camp had already turned down.

Jim then quotes Obama’s reaction to the corruption news:

12. On Tuesday, Dec. 8, Obama denies personal knowledge of the corrupt proposal.

“I had no contact with the governor or his office and so we were not, I was not aware of what was happening.”

As I’ve said before, as with Bill Clinton, Barack Obama’s words should be read carefully to see what he is saying and not saying. Apparently, Obama started to say that “we were not” “aware of what was happening,” but corrected himself by saying that “I was not aware of what was happening.”

That language leaves open the possibility that his staff was aware, but he personally was not. But why would Obama’s staff withhold information from him? I assume that Obama is telling the truth about not having spoken to the governor himself, since that might be easily refuted.


From the evening of Nov. 10 until yesterday, Blagojevich, Obama, and his transition team acted in ways that are consistent with a knowledge of Blagojevich’s bribery attempt and a rejection of that attempt. What doesn’t fit easily with the timeline is Obama’s statement yesterday.

It should be noted that it is not a crime to fail to report a bribery attempt. The federal misprision of felony statute would seem to make it a federal crime to fail to report a federal felony:

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both. 18 USC s.4.

But case law has conclusively determined that mere non-reporting is not enough. Active concealment or the acceptance of a benefit for concealing is required.

Yet, looking at this timeline of Blagogate, it seems quite possible that someone in the Obama Camp is either lying or at least not revealing what they know. I also find it hard to believe that Obama’s closest advisors were hiding major corruption from him, especially as he was making decisions about where to place Senate candidates such as Jarrett.

Something important is missing from this story. Let’s hope that, whatever it is, the absent fact or explanation will allow the narrative to fit Obama’s denial more naturally.

Since by all accounts, the Obama camp refused Blagojevich’s bribery attempt, it would be extremely unwise to lie about it. Remember, it’s not the crime that trips you up; it’s the cover-up.

Sure, Axelrod now says he mis-spoke about Obama speaking with Blagovjevich about some candidates for the seat, but come on….who is naive enough to believe that? I know the 0013729e42ea0aa95b5e61.jpgObamatrons are, seeing as how they ignored the Rezko deal, a deal in which Obama most definitely had a big part, his connections to terrorists, his connections to racists….basically his utterly horrible judge of character. I mean the guy endorsed Blagojevich in 2002 and 2006. He was the top adviser for him during his first 2002 run for the state house.

…Mr. Obama’s incoming White House chief of staff, Emanuel, then-state senator Obama, a third Blagojevich aide, and Blagojevich’s campaign co-chair, David Wilhelm, were the top strategists of Blagojevich’s 2002 gubernatorial victory.

Emanuel told the New Yorker earlier this year that he and Obama “participated in a small group that met weekly when Rod was running for governor. We basically laid out the general election, Barack and I and these two.”

And somehow Obama didn’t know about the Blagovjevich deal? While Jim may be right, Obama did not play a part in the Blagojevich saga. It’s looking increasingly like he knew about it and is now trying to cover it up. As in Bill Clinton’s case. He was not impeached due to his affair, it was because he lied about it.

Either way, Pelosi can stop gleefully talking about that Republican swamp. Remember when Howard Dean said:

“Now that they control the White House and the Congress, Republicans in Washington have made their culture of corruption the norm, and no longer put the interests of Americans first.”

Or Pelosi saying:

“It is long past time for the Congress to address the systemic Republican culture of corruption that has undermined the American people’s confidence in this institution,” Pelosi said. “I am proud that some of the best minds in our Caucus will be leading the Democratic effort to clean up the corrupt Republican Congress. These great leaders will work to restore truth and trust to the People’s House.”

But the Blagojevich case will make those scandals look like chicken feed I’m afraid. What will Pelosi and Dean say now?

Finally we have Michelle Malkin with some cold water for the Democrats:

Chicago’s Fox affiliate reports that Obama Chief of Staff and Chicago hometown heavy Rahm Emanuel was the catalyst for the Blago takedown and suggests Rahm-bo tipped off the feds. If so, this raises more questions than it answers about who on the transition team may have talked to Blago and his shakedown artists about what and when. Needless to say, if it were the Republican Bush administration tied to the Blago bust, the White House press corps would be frothing like a pack of Michael Vick’s pit bulls.

Democrats and the media can no longer rest on the old rationalization that Blago is an exception to the “we’re cleaner than thou” rule. 2008 was the year of Democratic Reps. William “Cold Cash” Jefferson, Charlie “Sweetheart Deals” Rangel, and former Detroit Mayor Kwame “Text Me” Kilpatrick. It was the year Democratic Massachusetts State Senator Dianne Wilkerson got caught stuffing bribes from an FBI informant down her shirt. It was the year 12 Democratic leaders and staffers in Pennsylvania’s state Capitol were stung in a massive corruption scandal involving cash, sex and abuse of public office. And it was the year of multimillion-dollar embezzlement scandals at Democratic satellite offices of ACORN and the SEIU.

The Democrats have met the culture of corruption, and it looks like it ain’t just elephants among the jackasses soiling public office.

How much you wanna bet the same liberals who were in love with Fitzgerald during his Plame investigation will be calling him all sorts of names during this new one?

The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds.

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Obama will not be touched by this in any meaningful way. We may see more Chicago thugs go down tho.

Guilt by association.

It doesn’t play in a Court of Law.

It shouldn’t play in the court of public opinion.

John McCain ran on a platform of guilt by association.

I’m all in favor of a special prosecutor. But these guilt by association accusations are not helpful.

What is the evidence to date? As in real evidence? Why don’t we talk real evidence, as opposed to talking guilt by association.



In fact, in taped remarks included in the complaint — which, like many of Blagojevich’s conversations gleaned from federal wiretaps or bugs in his office, are laced with profanities — the governor complains that Obama’s staff “is not willing to give me anything but appreciation. … (Expletive) them.” [nb: the expletive bleeped out was “f— them”]

Blagojevich’s taped complaints that he wouldn’t get anything for appointing Obama’s top choice to the Senate seat likely allows the president-elect to come out “smelling like a rose while all these other folks are swimming in a sewer,” said American University political historian Allan Lichtman.

Obama has so far “survived this state basically unscathed by corruption, which demonstrates his ability to sail above it,” said Paul Green, a political science professor at Chicago’s Roosevelt University.

Now, does anyone have any other relevant evidence?

– Larry Weisenthal/Huntington Beach, CA

Curt — P.S. Did you read the first comment on the Judicial Watch link you posted?

Yup, the connection is Emanuel went to the US Attorney and blew the whistle on Blagojevich. Judicial Watch fails to bring down Obama again.

You also stated: “How much you wanna bet the same liberals who were in love with Fitzgerald during his Plame investigation will be calling him all sorts of names during this new one?

“The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds.”

Who precisely is criticizing Fitzgerald? I think he’s doing a good job. But just yesterday a Flopping Aces writer (Mike) called for his removal from the case and replacement by a special prosecutor (an idea with which I agree, just so there is no hint at all of a conflict of interest).


“Guilt by association” Larry?

Perhaps you should use your vaunted research skills to compose a reader post describing all the financial benefits that Barack AND Michelle Obama have received since Obama was elected as a State Senator.

It’s impossible to deny that they were on the gravy train that all these other Chicago pols enjoyed.

Unless of course you want to suggest that the convicted Rezko, who was a key player in ALL these scandals just happened to have his wife buy the lot next door to the Obama’s house the same day they bought it and then just happened to agree to subdivide it?

Come on Larry… Your credibility is at stake here.

Do some research!

Look at how BOTH the Obama’s were personally enriched after he won his state senate seat

Maybe this can start you off:


Ever wonder Larry why Barack and Michelle Obama are not practising law anymore? Why their licenses are no more valid? After you read Mike’s link, maybe this is another thing you should be looking up.

Did we mention that Barack Hussein Obama is concealing the following:

Obama’s records regarding his registration and attendance at Columbia University.
Obama’s records regarding his registration and attendance at Harvard University.
Obama’s records at other college.
Obama’s records regarding his status of heath.
Obama’s records regarding his performance and activities at jobs held prior to becoming Senator.
Obama’s records and writings.
Obama’s birth certificate in Hawaii.

All information sealed. In the court of public opinion, what does this mean? Is this a form of openness or corruption?

That’s right.

Larry, it was guilt by participation and cooperation-period. Really, now you are just being dishonest as far as his past sins go.

Mike and Craig: I am presently just limiting my comments to the topic of this thread, which is the Illinois governor corruption case. I don’t have anything new or original to offer about the Rezko affair, which was argued and re-argued and argued some more before the election.

I will note two things, however: the first is that John McCain had a very tough election campaign, in which it was obvious for 6 weeks prior to the election, that he was in grave danger of losing. He had no hesitation to bring up William Ayers, but neither he nor Palin ever brought up Rezko. If the evidence of alleged corruption were so clear, then certainly either McCain or else independent McCain supporters would have brought these up.

The second is all the smoke and certitude over the “obvious” guilt of Clinton’s, in Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Vince Foster, etc. Yet when these were formally investigated in the most expensive political corruption investigation in US history, at a cost of $60 million, unlimited staff and investigative resources, and 6 years, there was virtually no mention at all of any of these so-called corruption scandals in the final Starr report.

Rezko is just more guilt by association. It’s impossible to be a top tier politician in Chicago without rubbing lots of elbows with corrupt people. Corruption is pervasive in Chicago politics. Therefore Obama’s ability to “sail above” it (quote at end of comment # 2, above) is particularly praiseworthy, rather than the converse.

I have one other comment, concerning a quote in Curt’s original post:

12. On Tuesday, Dec. 8, Obama denies personal knowledge of the corrupt proposal.

“I had no contact with the governor or his office and so we were not, I was not aware of what was happening.”

As I’ve said before, as with Bill Clinton, Barack Obama’s words should be read carefully to see what he is saying and not saying. Apparently, Obama started to say that “we were not” “aware of what was happening,” but corrected himself by saying that “I was not aware of what was happening.”

That language leaves open the possibility that his staff was aware, but he personally was not. But why would Obama’s staff withhold information from him? I assume that Obama is telling the truth about not having spoken to the governor himself, since that might be easily refuted.

This is a great example of reading tea leaves and seeing what one wishes to see.

The author states that Obama “corrected himself,” as if he were carefully parsing words in a Clintonesque manner of speaking. But we’ve all heard Obama speak extemporaneously. He does a lot of hemming and hawing and backtreading to search for just the right word. Perhaps he wanted to avoid the use of the royal “we.” Perhaps he was worried that “we” would sound to wishy washy and he wanted to emphasize that the buck stopped with him and that he was clearly taking responsibility. Perhaps he realized that he was presiding over a very big group of people and he honestly didn’t know whether or not anyone in his organization might not have had some sort of contact.

Here’s how Obama answered the question in an LA Times interview today:


Have you ever spoken to [ Illinois] Gov. [ Rod R.] Blagojevich about the Senate seat?

I have not discussed the Senate seat with the governor at any time. My strong belief is that it needed to be filled by somebody who is going to represent the people of Illinois and fight for them. And beyond that, I was focused on the transition.

And that was before and after the election?


– Larry Weisenthal/Huntington Beach, CA

CHICAGO (AP) — More than a half-dozen people have put Senate seats from Illinois up for bid on the Internet auction site eBay.

The auctions popped up Tuesday after Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was arrested and accused of trying to benefit financially from his power to appoint a replacement to President-elect Barack Obama in the U.S. Senate seat.

Obama is a hell of a liar. O Boy! Texas darlin had the link and posted the picture of Obama meeting with Blagojevich on November 5 to discuss his vacant seat. Go and see it. But guess what, it has been removed since on the Internet. But the copy remains on Texasdarlin.

Ill. Governor meeting with Obama today
By Carol Sowers
Wednesday, November 05, 2008 at 10:39 a.m.

CHICAGO, ILL. — Now that Barack Obama will be moving to the White House, his seat in the U.S. Senate representing Illinois will have to be filled. That’s one of Obama’s first priorities today. He’s meeting with Governor Rod Blagojevich this afternoon in Chicago to discuss it.

Illinois law states that the governor chooses that replacement.
There’s already been speculation about his selection…from Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. of Chicago’s south side who co-chaired Obama’s presidential campaign, to recently-retired state senate president Emil Jones, to the governor himself.
It’s likely the governor will make his decision quickly so the new senator will get some seniority before newly-elected senators take office in January.
Part of the timing depends on when Obama officially vacates his senate seat.

KHQA’s Alexis Hunt is speaking with Illinois Senator John Sullivan today about his thoughts on that replacement process, his time working with Obama in the state senate, and if there’s a chance Sullivan might play a role in the Obama administration. Watch KHQA News at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. tonight to hear what he has to say.

Go see the picture of that document that has been removed from internet, it is right here on texasdarlin:

Shouldn’t the headline be “Blagojesunovavich Arrest Shakes Obama/Soetoro Presidency-electasy to Its Core” ?

“Blagojevich Arrest Shakes Obama Presidency to Its Core”

Wishful (and perverse) thinking on your part.

Why do you hate America?

In onther news:

Ex-NY Republican judge charged with attempted extortion

December 10, 2008

ALBANY, N.Y. – A former New York judge who flew to Florida in 2000 to help battle for George W. Bush during the presidential election recount has been charged with attempted bribery and extortion, accused of pressuring a lawyer to give him $10,000.


Larry, INRE to your post # 3, your information is false.

Rahm Source: Story That He Tipped Off Feds To Blago Is False
By Greg Sargent – December 9, 2008, 5:11PM

A source close to Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is denying reports that Rahm tipped off the Feds to Blagojevich’s alleged efforts to sell Obama’s Senate seat.

The rumors to this effect have been flying all afternoon, kicked off by a local Fox reporter in Chicago who claimed that he’d received a “tip” that Blago had reached out to Rahm to “leverage” filling Obama’s Senate seat.

“It may have been Rahm Emanuel who tipped the scale and made this move as quickly as it did,” the reporter said.

But a source close to Rahm emails us that “it’s not true,” adding that the story is the “result of some overzealous reporting.”

It was a fun one, though.

Guilt by association was good enough for the left to go on for YEARS about Scooter Libby and Karl Rove. So yeah, Larry’s right…it doesn’t work in a legal court, but politicians rise, fall, fail, or succeed in a court of popular opinion. By running down so many high profile names (and more every day), this stains the Obama Admin, in effect reduces further any honeymoon period, and begins in earnest the national eye for accountability from the Democratic Party. Just my opinion though.

Larry: On the one hand you say you are limiting your comments to the Blagojevitch corruption scandal yet on the other you suggest that any questions about Obama’s character is merely guilt by association.

Sorry Larry, but you cannot have it both ways.

If you want to ignore the OBVIOUS and clear evidence that Obama and his wife Michelle were neck deep in the same slime as Blago that’s your choice. But it doesn’t do anything for your supposed credibility.

You go on to suggest that it would be impossible for Obama not to have run across some of the same people in Chicago as Blago did.

Does that mean you believe Rezko’s wife bought property next door to every Chicago politician?

Come on Larry. Get real.

I suppose the wife of every state senator in Illinois also gets a $150,000 raise at her job when her husband is elected.

Bad news never comes alone. Rough week for Obama and his associates.

Published: December 9, 2008 – 11:36 AM

“A former Illinois bank official, now claiming whistleblower status, says bank officials replaced a loan reappraisal that he prepared for a Chicago property that was purchased by the wife of now-convicted felon Tony Rezko, part of which was later sold to next-door neighbor Barack Obama.

In a complaint filed Thursday in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Kenneth J. Connor said that his reappraisal of Rita Rezko’s property was replaced with a higher one and that he was fired when he questioned the document…”

Mike, larry is in deluded mode. He wants so badly to believe that obama is really a moderate that is above corruption and will be one of our best presidents ever. He bases that on…wishful thinking. If and probably when obama crashes and burns expect him to blame anyone but obama.

Recently someone asked me if Obama had served in the military. I said, “No, but he has served in the MAFIA.”

Sigmund: Don’t let Larry catch you saying that. No matter how much Obama did “pay for play” the Chicago way too, for Larry it’s only “guilt by association.”

“If you want to ignore the OBVIOUS and clear evidence that Obama and his wife Michelle were neck deep in the same slime as Blago that’s your choice. But it doesn’t do anything for your supposed credibility.”

And if you want to pretend that Obama is smeared with corruption – that’s your choice – but you have nothing to prove it. yes, Obama bought some land off of rezko – for market rate – but where’s the payback? And why didn’t rezko sing at trial about Obama – he would’ve if he had anything. And that bit about “Michelle’s” hospiatal – 1 – the deal never went through – but even if it did – somehow, a new pavilion at a chicago hosipital is PROOF of corruption? Please. You’ve got nothing. And you know it – so instead of putting up a SINGLE fact, you reach for bravado – but at the end of the day – you’ve got nothing…

“”I should make clear the complaint makes no allegations about the president-elect whatsoever,” said U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.”

did you see that part about NO ALLEGATIONS…WHATSOEVER?

Spin that, please…

Says malkin:
“Needless to say, if it were the Republican Bush administration tied to the Blago bust, the White House press corps would be frothing like a pack of Michael Vick’s pit bulls.”

As ususal, malkin squeaks – but offers up no proof. We hear this from the embattled right ALL the time – “bbbbbut if this were a republican….”

How about some names to go with that! Name ONE Republican implicated in scandal who got WORSE treatment (by the press) than Spitzer or Greevy or Bill Clinton – who was hounded by the press (don’t forget, it was the NY Times that broke the Whitewater story) relentlessly – only to discover that Lewisnky was ALL they got him on! It was ALL bs – OMG – you had Dan Burton shooting melons in his backyard to PROVE that Clinton murdered Vince Foster – and let’s not forget about Ron Brown…

None are so blind as those who refuse to see. That applies in a big way to you war.
Spitzer WAS GUILTY. Clinton was guilty of scandolous behavior too. Hence the feeding frenzy. You deliberately ignore the way they attacked Palin and hyped up anything and everything. You still have dems accusing her daughter of being Trig’s mother! You’re just mad Malkin is right. Had this been Bush instead of obama the media would make those scandals look like nothing. War, all you do when you post is prove what flaming hypocrites the left is and how dishonest they are.

I think Obama will be the first president to be impeached, arrested and jailed, either during his term or after that. This man is not just covered with slime, he is the slime itself.

” You deliberately ignore the way they attacked Palin and hyped up anything and everything. You still have dems accusing her daughter of being Trig’s mother!”

I didn’t ignore anything – but these days the right tends to confuse the MSM with the lefty blogs – different animals completely. yes – the blogs attacked palin mercilessly – though no more than the inuendo and smear thrown at Obama from the righty blogs – and pretty much everything that the MSM spit at Palin turned out to be true – leaving aside the baby which was a nonstarter as far as I’m concerned. BTW – anyone notice how those two kids never got hitched? Wanna bet they never do?

“I think Obama will be the first president to be impeached, arrested and jailed, either during his term or after that. This man is not just covered with slime, he is the slime itself.”

And you base that on?


Per War, when a dem caught in a scandal gets reported on it’s a vicious, sleazy, unfair, attack of unprecedented levels.
When it’s a Republican, it’s never in depth enough or hard hitting enough.

@Warpublican Review:

Kyra Phillips reporting live from Alaska to Wolf Blitzer in that “ahem” lefty blog called CNN.

KYRA PHILLIPS: There were a number of things that we were sent here to investigate. I can talk about trooper-gate in just a moment. But let’s go ahead and talk about the pregnancy here of Bristol Palin. And what we’ve been able to find out, and certain individuals that we’ve been able to talk to, just to talk more about where the Governor stands, actually on sex, teenage pregnancy, sex before marriage, and issues that she has gone on the record with. Strong opinions. And what is now happening within her family.

Let’s go ahead and start with her daughter, 17-year-old daughter. The rumors began, and what we started asking yesterday, when we hit the ground running, and actually over the weekend, if anybody was able to confirm these rumors, that this baby, this brand-new baby that the Governor just had recently, was that of her daughter’s, and not hers. And that she was trying to cover up this pregnancy.

Hi Missy – and so? The new York Times reported on the WHITEY TAPE – remember that? here’s a bit from Fox news: “COLMES: A lot of people see a guy standing up for his wife. You know you’ve got Michelle Malkin referring to her as his bitter half, “National Review” calling her “Mrs. Grievance.” There are rumors of a tape which he talks about whitey?

Do you know anything about that — this alleged in tape that’s out there?” That question was to karl Rove. To suggest that Republicans get the worse of it (in the media) is just whining and diversion. And the interesting and IRONIC thing about Trig – the son of Palin’s daughter – all Palin had to do was show us a BIRTH CERTIFICATE – which of course she never did…

why the mystery? What is she covering up? is Trig REALLY Palin’s baby? And how come the right wing doesn’t care?

“To suggest that Republicans get the worse of it (in the media) is just whining and diversion”

No, it’s not whining and diversion, it’s a fact that various polls and media studies have demonstrated for years.

As far as the “Whitey tape,” best go talk to Larry Johnson about that, he was the one that started that rolling, last I heard, he’s a democrat. Another fact, most of what’s going around about the Obama’s started during the demcrat’s primary. Visit the Hilblogs, they are still digging dirt on the Obama’s. They just love the Obama’s.

BTW, Trig wasn’t running for POTUS.

So Warv, mocking the messiah and his wife isn’t allowed? Funny, your kind sure like to mock anyone that doesn’t think like them. Hypocrite.
As Missy explained, it’s a proven fact that the leftist MSM will rabidly go after and report Republican scandals while often burying dem ones. John Edwards ring any bells? They had to be embarrassed into reporting on his affair. Not to mention all the Clinton scandals the media suppressed until his second term.
War, it’s clear you feel any reporting of a dem scandal is wrong, but ok if it’s a Rep. Now stop being so hysterical, obama will be fine.

One thing I have learnt in talking to religious people, is not to talk about religion. Nothing I can say as an atheist is gonna convince them otherwise, and similarly them to me.

Trouble is, nowadays, there are a lot of people who are actually religious fanatics when it comes to POLITICS. These people say that those who believe in Jesus are stupid cavemen or “jesus freaks”, but then they themselves go ahead and believe in utter nonsense like Global Warming due to human activities or Elitism or Marxism.

In my view, these not-too-intelligent secular wingnuts are even worse than the religious types, because at least the religious types are very serious in fighting against the very real threat of terrorism and islamofacism, and I am very thankful for this. The religious types also don’t try ban you or jail you if you go against their beliefs(nowadays in america, at least).

Thus, the greatest threat to the stability of the modern world comes from these secular wingnuts who are enamored with marxism, worship crooks like Obama, promote lies like Global Warming, etc.

I am quite sure that that the Obama presidency will be the most scandal-tainted presidency ever in the history of the US.

Wait till my post #54 gets out of spam in: Obama not guilty, Sigmundringeck, you will see what will happen to Obama. Because Kenyans knows that Obama is an illegal alien and they will prove it after the election. So USA will be left with NO President and USA will be in big trouble. You cannot impeach an illegal President because he is not a President. So they will have to take him out by force.

Here’s on of those ebay sales Craig was talking about (as long as it lasts):


Also War; The NY Times didn’t beat everyone else to the Whitewater “scoop”. I heard about it on Chuck Harter’s program long before they ran with it and distinctly remember him reading their copy over the air as proof that finally someone in the media was actually investigating it. But of course to the libs, Chuck’s program was nothing but a continuous string of conspiracy theory nonsense.

I actually am amazed that I have to agree with Larry on one point. You have to read between the lines on what Obama was saying with; “I was not aware of what was happening.” Clearly this is more of the same “plausible deniability” out of him. The message is clear, Gov. “Hot Rod” is going under the bus just like the rest of the skeletons from his closet. He needs a bigger bus. I think with all the heads that will roll as Illinois political indictments continue, he might want to consider looking for something a bit more powerful to be shoving people under… Perhaps the Hogwart’s Express once the final Potter movie is in the can. He’s gonna’ need some magic on his side to maintain his teflon exterior. In the case’s telephone transcripts, it certainly sounds like “Advisor A” had been discussing the matter with the “Prez elect” between phone conversations with Blagojevich, because “Advisor A” DID use the “WE” word rather freely. And after reading just those transcripts used in preparing the indictment, & in consideration of the 5 Dec meeting, I’m not as satisfied as http://swampland.blogs.time.com/2008/12/09/blagogate-obamas-burden/ which quotes:

To be clear, the bugging and wire tapping of Blagojevich suggests that Obama was not playing in the corruption scheme.

I found the corruption between union road cement “Contractor A” who does cement for union road projects & Blagojevich an enlightening point considering Obama has only just recently announced looking into creating more Federal jobs via WPA-style “Road Projects”. Can you just imagine the scale of corruption that could occur should one take “Chicago Politics” nation-wide? I’m sure Obama has. These were the very folks Obama learned to wheel and deal with. 501’s weren’t charities to them, they were avenues for money laundering, bribes, skimming off the top, and other corrupt acts as this case clearly points out thoroughly. And who was in the thick of Chicago 501’s like CAC, the Woods Fund, and others paying as they played? Obama, Michelle, and their cronies including Ayers and Rezco.

Besides having no regard for the Constitution or his oath of office to protect it, Obbama obviously hasn’t been truthful with the American public when you compare the timelines:

“I had no contact with the governor or his office and so we were not, I was not aware of what was happening.”

I’m sure we can look forward to Obama doing a Clinton in front of Federal justices over the next few years misleading the courts by redefining terms, just as Bubba did with “is” and “sexual relations” (it wasn’t sexual relations because, yes he had “sex”, but it wasn’t with “relatives”.).

And with Obama “dissing” Hot Rod on paying a price for “Candidate 1” & pissing him off, who’s to say the Governor might not consider throwing the Feds some “state’s evidence” against the War’s Messiah. They just love having bigger fish to fry and with Obama’s known past of weekly meetings with the Gov & daily meetings with Rezco, who was also in the Governor’s pocket, and turned on him. There has got to be things that come out of hard feelings and plea arrangements. There’s been presidential impeachment hearing attempts going back to Andrew Jackson’s days and seems to me there is still time for Obama to make yet another historical “First”. The First President to face Impeachment Hearings even before he being sworn in. This game of Dominos has only just begun and more will fall. Of course there’s always a chance the Gov can smooze Obama into a pardon in exchange for keeping his mouth shut.

And War meanwhile keep demanding we show him “smoking guns”. Get a grip guy.

“And War meanwhile keep demanding we show him “smoking guns”. Get a grip guy.”

When you have the lead prosecutor going out of his way to exonorate Obama, a smoking gun might be helpful….

My my…. Ms. Warp’ed (Warpublican with the fake website) admits the prosecutors are going out of their way to “exonorate Obama”. A snippit of progress. Who knew?

Or was that a freudian slip on her part?