Why are there Americans Who Will Vote on the Content of Race and not on Character and Shared Values?


Republican supporter Brian Hagmeier listens as Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) speaks during a campaign stop in Burlington, December 29, 2007.
REUTERS/Keith Bedford

When will it cease to matter? Do we really need Barack Obama as the proof that America is moving beyond race? He is everything I disagree with on policy issues. Not too keen on his character, either.

I got the following in an email, from a friend of mine (who is not an Obama supporter)

On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 1:07 AM, donna wrote:

So tonight at the college while Nika was training , I spoke with a black
guy coach doing his privates.
He had Obama written on his chest.
I asked him in one sentence why Obama, he said
” he’s black, end of story”

I let him go on and basically he represents a future for his son, that if he
can make it to the white house than his son can.
I told him, but what if, what if>>>> he’s not the right guy, the smartest choice?
He said, blood is thicker than water, and his pigmentation says he’s the right guy.

This coach is no idiot either….but his passion ran so deep, he was jumping off
the walls talking about it.
Interesting huh?

So, essentially what he’s teaching his son is that skin color- not character content- matters? That “racial identity” is more important than “values identity”? What a great father. This is how racism persists, and how it is perpetuated into the next generation.

I told my friend to send that coach this video:

I ask cajole plead implore beg grovel for everyone to take the time to watch it. This man simply rocks!

Hat tip for the video: Pierre Legrand

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WOW! What a great video. Thanks Wordsmith for sharing it with us. This video should be seen in schools and Universities… but I guess those propangandist leftist teachers wouldn’t allow it. Too bad!

i love how he addresses all of the social ills of this nation and totally hits on every single one of “the lefts” talking points. this guiy rocks, he says it is plain english, in a manner in which most young people can accept. who is he and where the heck can i find out more about him? i need to figure out how the hell to post this on my myspace page. if anyone knows how the heck to do that let me know.

thanks word, i will give it a shot. it will beat out my friends obama girl crap that she keeps sending me. makes me insane.

That kid is fantastic, could just hug him. I don’t believe he missed a thing. What a difference between him and that coach.

Website? he mentioned O Team if I was hearing it correctly. I was trying to listen to the video and Hannity at the same time.

I’ve got to send this to my son.


Back in the joy of my youth, in the Bronx of the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, basketball became the preferred way to waste my time. Eventually, my skills led me and some friends to travel to other neighborhoods in search of new competition. Some of these neighborhoods were more “diverse” and less safe than my own. News of my travels eventually reached my father and I was subsequently summoned to a “Denis, me boy-o” meeting in our living room.

My father had grown up in Ireland and came to this country in 1927, in time for both the Great Depression and World War II. He was a practicing Catholic and, to my knowledge, had no particular bone to pick with black folks. When he found out where I had been traveling to play ball, he shared the following advise with me; “right or wrong, don’t ever expect them to take your part against their own.”

It was good advice then, as now.

Hussein O has proven himself and 99% of the blacks in the world racist, playing the victim game.

@Wordsmith: so i did it and it worked, that should piss off my obama supporting friends. woo hoo.

Why is that Blacks that will only vote for another Black are “supporting their people/race” but a White that won’t vote for O’Bama is a “RACIST!!!!”?

Well, I googled O Team and found the A/O Team spoof and three more of Alfonso’s clips on the same page.

Ah-ha! Wordsmith, that was brilliant! I’m subscribing to that guy on YouTube for sure.

That video is so good I put it in the featured section. It is so heartening to see our youth actually getting it.

Alfonzo Rachel is actually catching up to our age, Curt….I think in his profile, it says he’s 37. But, hey! He’s making us feel young, right?

@wordsmith: Doh, looks young for his age and that explains a lot. The older you get the smarter you get.

Real vs. Comedy = Irony?

Man, I need to go back to school