UPDATED: DNC Convention run up – BHO/HRC aides
negotiate to keep the peace


WaPo’s report on the DNC convention run up dazzles the imagination of “what ifs”. In Anne E. Kornblut Aug 8th article, “Democratic Aides Working on Plan To Keep the Peace At the Convention”, we have a picture of Obama and Clinton camps trying to sort out just how this convention… and both Hillary and Bill… will be played. And just how this party is going to appear united behind His Messiahship.

Hillary’s camp is playing it well… innocently suggesting a good venting for her disgruntled supporters is the way to go. This, of course, means putting Hillary on the roll call and allowing a vote… even if she loses.

Exactly what the formal nominating process will look like at the convention remains an open question. Last week, Hillary Clinton told supporters in a meeting in Palo Alto, Calif., posted on YouTube, that she was looking for a “strategy” to keep the peace and that sometimes a “catharsis” is necessary. Her comments were read by some as suggesting that the process could require a roll-call vote that would enumerate her supporters, even though she would still lose the nomination.

“The best way I think to do that is to have a strategy so that my delegates feel like they’ve had a role and that their legitimacy has been validated,” she said.

“It’s as old as Greek drama,” Clinton said. “There’s a catharsis. Everybody comes, and they want to yell and scream and have their opportunity, and I think that’s all to the good.”

WaPo prefaced Obama’s reaction in a way that caught my interest…

But yesterday, Obama backed away from the idea of using a vote on the convention floor as a venting session.

“I’m letting our respective teams work out the details,” he told reporters on his campaign plane when asked about the convention standoff. “I don’t think we’re looking for catharsis. I think what we are looking for is energy and excitement about the prospects of changing this country, and I think that people who supported a whole range of different candidates during the primaries are going to come out of that convention feeling absolutely determined that we have to take the White House back.”

Just “yesterday”?? Was there a moment prior to this where he agreed a roll call vote was in order? And if he did, is it his less than impressive poll numbers that has caused him to change his mind?

The roll call vote is the hot night ticket… perhaps the only one worthy of watching. They project *if* it happens, it will be either Tuesday night or Wednesday.

Then, of course, there’s Teflon Bill… the former DNC darling who was reduced to being everyone’s pain in the butt this past primary.

Former president Bill Clinton is almost certain to play a role, perhaps on Wednesday, Aug. 27, advisers said, despite his lukewarm embrace so far of the Democratic candidate. His apparent reluctance to declare that Obama is qualified for the presidency in an interview with ABC this week left Obama aides rolling their eyes. Bill Clinton and Obama held their second phone conversation since the end of the primaries this week, aides said, part of a thawing process that the two sides hope will accelerate as the month goes on.


Aides are not yet specifying when Bill Clinton would make his appearance or how it would be shaped. Some Obama advisers have been vexed by the former president’s lackluster praise for the presumptive Democratic nominee: Last weekend, in his first extensive interviews since the primaries, Clinton offered tepid praise for Obama, describing him as simply “smart” and a “good politician” and saying there are demographic trends that would “work in any Democrat’s favor.”

Still, the Clintons — especially the senator, aides said — are eager to be seen making an enthusiastic push for Obama. Advisers said the two sides have agreed that, despite the recent awkwardness, the former president should be a part of the convention.

UPDATE: According to an MSNBC First Read breaking news, they say he has been offered a Wednesday speaking role.

Despite Clinton’s fall from favor with the party, when the man is on, he is on. I always thought he missed his calling… would make a great stand up comedian. But I suspect they’ll keep Bill’s presentations far from any Obama slot. The former President’s easy southern “charm” will easily dwarf Obama – a sharp contrast to Obama’s Chicago slick chic.

Larry Johnson was doing some comparing of Howard Dean to the ill-fated Titanic captain on his No Quarters blog today. He had an apt summary of His Messiahship, which echoes my thoughts that the convention may result in nothing but Obama fatigue.

The warning signs are everywhere. Barky Obama has no sense of humor, prickly thin skin, an ego the size of an artic iceberg, and is getting no traction in the pulls. In fact, the more folks learn about him the less they like him.

No… BHO will not want any competition from Bill.. or anyone. He can not risk appearing who he is by having another dynamic individual in close proximity.

Nights guaranteed to be the prozac nights? Monday, with Michelle O and Ted Kennedy… along with a biographical film on the latter. Somehow I’m quite sure that Chappaquiddick will not be part of that production…

Also “at least one” biographical film about Obama. Oh my word… does the world have to be subjected to more? Mercy.. I hope they let me know when that is so I can tune elsewhere…

The WaPo report does bring up an unavoidable fact. For a guy who’s trying to unite the country, so far he’s done a less than impressive job of uniting his own party. Here we are, a few weeks out from the convention, and they deftly avoided the Clinton supporters thus far.

I don’t see how Obama or the party can possibly deny HRC supporters the roll call vote, and still “desperately cling” to any “hope” of “changing” their minds about his candidacy.

UPDATE: According to an Aug 1st NY Daily News article, Hillary has decided against filing the letter of formal request, asking to be nominated. However during a roll call, delegates can cast their votes for whomever they wish. Sources are anticipating Hillary will release her delegates, but not until her convention speech. END UPDATE

The dangers of a roll call vote are obvious – it may point out just how razor thin a victory he has. In fact, so slim that it takes the supers to put him over the top for the required votes. And considering a hoopla of Obama extravaganza that’s tandamount to a “This is your life, Barack Obama” celebration, he may find he does little more than alienate a hefty portion of his own party with his inflated ego.

Then, of course, there is my favorite scenerio. They’ve got all the Obama glory moments and hype lined up, glossy and slick Hollywood productions of adoring crowds and Obama looking Presidential – all ready to air on the big screens… and poof! Supers, looking at the poll numbers, bolt to Hillary and totally screw up the schedule and presentation.

Ah… not likely to happen, I know. But one can dream, yes? The DNC would never allow it to happen. All that cost and preparation going down the drain. I have to wonder, are they calling supers now, making sure they are still promoting the right nominee?

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Wow! you posted two minutes ahead of me on the exact same story line!

Great minds are thinking alike tonight!

Right now the Democratic party is split and the wrong side will be buried. Which side are they going to back Commander Queeg or the Wicked Witch of New York? Since Democrats have short memories, they are best to back the witch and if Obama fails they could have been on the more powerful side all along. If Obama does become “The One” they could claim they saw the “light.”

Get the popcorn ready, it will be one heck of a show.

Let us not forget … that in addition to statements like ‘America is a mean country’ … and, ‘this is the first time in my adult life that I’m proud to be an American’ … Michelle Obama also made the decision to expose her children for years, to Jeremiah Wright, Pfleiger, Moss, Farrakhan, and the rest of the radical anti-American racists at the black liberation Trinity Church of Chicago. Is this who we want for America’s first lady … I don’t think so !!!