Does Hillary Have Something Up Her Sleeve? [Reader Post]


The MSM is flat out saying the Democrats have their nominee. They, however, have been in bed with Obama for months, and desperately want his death struggle with Hillary to be over. So when Hillary came out the other day and said she was suspending her campaign, they pounced and announced that she was conceding the race. That conclusion, however, would earn you a D+ on a 5th Grade reading comprehension test.

Here is what she said.

The New York senator, who had been criticized for failing to concede the election on Tuesday night, despite Obama’s clear grasp of the nomination, earlier told supporters in an e-mail early today that she will formally end her quest for the nomination on Saturday.

In the e-mail, she said “I will extend my congratulations to Senator Obama and my support for his candidacy. … I have said throughout the campaign that I would strongly support Senator Obama if he were the Democratic Party’s nominee, and I intend to deliver on that promise.”

So she will “end her quest” for the nomination. Yup, there are no more primaries or caucuses. That quest is over. Now if some super-delegates want to switch from Obama to her for whatever reason, they are, of course, free to do so.

She will congratulate him and support his “candidacy.” Candidacy for what? She did not say she would support his nomination. She did not call him the presumptive nominee, the apparent nominee, or the party’s standard bearer in November. She did not say he would be the one taking on John McCain.

All she did was repeat that she would support him if he were the nominee. And if he is, she will support him.

On Wednesday Hillary gave a speech to American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

After months of frenetic campaigning, Clinton seemed to be downshifting slowly and edging into her new status. Though she did not acknowledge Obama as the nominee at her AIPAC appearance, she came close.

“The next Democratic president” will be committed to Israel’s security, she said, and continued, “I know Sen. Obama understands what it is at stake here. … Let me be very clear: I know that Sen. Obama will be a good friend to Israel.”

All true statements; none of which says that Obama will be that next Democratic president.

Now she says she is not seeking the Vice-Presidency.

Clinton “is not seeking the vice presidency, and no one speaks for her but her,” spokesman Howard Wolfson said in a written statement. “The choice here is Senator Obama’s and his alone.”

Clinton has positioned herself so that if (when?) Obama’s nomination craters under the sheer weight of his felonious friends, racist preachers, and terrorist buddies, she will be ready to step in. When it becomes apparent to the super-delegates (party bosses), who are not pledged to support either candidate, that Obama cannot win, we may see that brokered convention after all.

She did not come this far, having received as many votes as Obama, just to walk off the stage now. We will know the Democrats’ nominee by the end of the convention on August 28, 2008, and not a day sooner.

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Anyone who knows anything about the Clintons and the Clinton Machine would be very, very wise to never misunderestimate them.

I, too, read sHillary’s words and it seems obvious to me that withdrawal is not in her game plan.

Obie is entering his 13th minute and is about to get a serious dose of reality.

I prefer white cheddar popcorn.

What’s your favorite?

I love the White Cheddar.

I Do Not Think “Misunderestimate” Is A Word But Hey Who Cares If You Are Who You Are ??


I purposely used that word.

If you had any grasp of politics at all you would have known that President Bush used that word and the Leftists have been ridiculing him for it ever since.

I would say that it is a clever combination of “misunderstand” and “underestimate” which is the point that I was trying to get across by applying it to the Clintons.

“Misunderestimated” is also the title of a book by Bill Sammon.

Is there a particular reason Why You Capitalize Every Word You Type?

Out of the three, Clinton to me is still the best chance for success. Obama keeps talking about change; well that is a given, change will happen with or without Obama on the rant for change.

But for me Obama talk’s a lot about this change yet has no clue about the details of the change. Certainly has NOT been expressing these details. This simple thing said ”There is a lot of Work to do” Fails the basic MLK, (Martin Luther King) character test. Yes we can does not cut it either. How do we do it is the simple classic basic question. For me, Clinton did not be very forth coming in talking in details about how she would accomplish issues and solve problems. For me that is said with out placing blame on her because both Obama and McCain have jumped on any of her ideals and take them for their own. The Health Care issue is a good example. Here, Hillary was way ahead of the leadership curve about the Health Care issue. Obama just waves it around but fundamentally has no clue where to start with it.

From my view is a far superior understanding that totally changes the polarizing image Mainstream Media continually bombarded America for decades that Hillary is not good for America. For me there still is a leery reason as to why Hillary just came in second and how Mainstream Media did with all its might and technological favor did carve and punch the hell out Hillary. No doubt my witness as to the bias was huge. From Hillary’s laugh to what she wears, plus twisting the context of what Hillary has said on a relentless rant. Now basically busted her ass to win the primary making almost a tie and Obama thinks uuh well I will hunt around for a V.P. Talk about a slap in the face to half the Democratic Party. At least Obama could say Hillary is the likely choice all though he would like to leave it open for anyone to throw their hat in and come forth. That all shows the natural bitterness Obama has and will be displayed by the Republicans for sure.

For me, watching Hillary through the primary with all her encounters as difficult as they were, it all turned out very professional, with a huge new understanding of Hillary Clinton. Especially my understanding of the media and not just how powerful it is in persuasion, but the powerful hidden stories it keeps from the public. Now, Scott McClellan coming forward to simply say what America has been told a lie about the war in Iraq, Bush and Cheney lied big time. Every body is weighing in on Bush’s moral authority, here, it is absolutely pitiful, disgusting, revolting, done with full knowledge of deception. Worse it is the media across the spectrum that is complicit with the Bush administration. McClellan is so connected to the first line Propagation artists of the media astounds me, because for them, the first line journalist across the spectrum, always expressing the ideal Scott had an epiphany, is a lie, for me they all knew Scott was in on the lie and they are too. Scott is likely the scaraficial Goat in the Bush Goat story.

To be sure embedded reporters all through the war are that stupid? Here being in a full time job that appreciates the close connections where even that one reporter for the New York Times went to jail for not giving the source. Some knowing and not reporting about secret prisons for so long, not reporting about a mercenary army? The one comment on Olbermann at least made some sense. All these reporters and public officials should be censured for those serious cultural jobs after they are convicted or pardoned. Its incredible how screwed up our country is and these are most all college graduates running it and reporting it. Sheesh. I wonder what those media persons will do with their resume, just about all of them are on Wikipedia.

clinton is not bowing out gracefully, she will not give her support to obama hat in hand. she has fought a good fight, she has shoveled crap at obama, she has lied and she has cried. she will take this to the end, think cage fights. i am thinking the white cheddar sounds good, maybe some chips and salsa.