Clinton: Obama ‘change you can Xerox’


I am just going to put the Yahoo/AP News story up in total. I do not want anyone mistakingly saying one of us “evil conservatives” made this up. It is fun to watch Hillary Clinton’s claws come out against someone else for a change instead of the fantasy “Vast Right Winged Conspiracy”.

I “hope” Obama is ready for the claws out Clinton. Now, as to if those claws have lost their effectiveness, that will be decided at the DNC Convention and the fallout afterwards. All of that promises to be ugly with two disenfranchised states and the superdelegates.

From Yahoo/AP news

AUSTIN, Texas – Hillary Rodham Clinton accused Democratic presidential rival Barack Obama of political plagiarism Thursday night and said he represented “change you can Xerox.”

Obama dismissed the charge out of hand, adding in a campaign debate, “What we shouldn’t be doing is tearing each other down, we should be lifting the country up.”

The exchange marked an unusually pointed moment in an otherwise civil encounter in the days before March 4 primaries in Texas and Ohio — contests that even some of Clinton’s supporters say she must win to sustain her campaign for the White House.

In a university auditorium in the heart of Texas, the two agreed that high-tech surveillance measures are preferable to construction of a fence to curtail illegal immigration.

They disagreed on the proper response to a change in government in Cuba in the wake of Fidel Castro’s resignation. Clinton said she would refuse to sit down with incoming President Raul Castro until he implements political and economic reforms. Obama said he would meet “without preconditions,” but added the U.S. agenda for such a session would include human rights in the Communist island nation.

They also sparred frequently about health care, a bedrock issue of the campaign.

Clinton said repeatedly that Obama’s plan would leave 15 million Americans uncovered.

But he, in turn, accused the former first lady of mishandling the issue by working in secrecy when her husband was in the White House.

“I’m going to do things differently,” he said. “We can have great plans, but if we don’t change how the politics is working in Washington, then neither of our plans are going to happen.”

Clinton largely sidestepped a question about so-called superdelegates, members of Congress, governors and party leaders who were not picked in primaries and caucuses. She said the issue would sort itself out, and “we’ll have a united Democratic party” for the fall campaign.

But Obama, who has won more primaries and caucuses said the contests must “count for something … that the will of the voters … is what ultimately will determine who our next nominee is going to be.”

Clinton went into the debate needing a change in the course of the campaign, and waited patiently for an opening to try to diminish her rival, seated inches away on the stage. “I think you can tell from the first 45 minutes Senator Obama and I have a lot in common,” she said.

Barely pausing for breath, she went on to say there were differences.

First, she said she had seen a supporter of Obama interviewed on television recently, and unable to name a single accomplishment the Illinois senator had on his record.

“Words are important and words matter but actions speak louder than words,” she said.

Obama agreed with that, then noted that Clinton lately had been urging voters to turn against him by saying, “let’s get real.”

“And the implication is that the people who’ve been voting for me or are involved in my campaign are somehow delusional,” Obama said.

I am not sure that is a good way to end a story since there is no summarization, but it is the AP after all. Accuracy and completeness are not their hallmarks.

There are several items of note here: Obama’s refusal to set terms before talking to adversaries, Clinton’s points on Obama’s lack of accomplishments (note, she said it, not an “evil” conservative), and Obama’s continuing nebulous “change” rhetoric (change to EXACTLY what is the pertinent question). However, the article does not go into specifics like these, just sound byte style quotes.

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One thing was certain between the barbs….their hatred for the rich (although they are themselves part of that same group) and Bush. Bush is a no brainer for the brainless twins, but the insistence in bashing those who actually provide the jobs that employ people are less the funny. Of course in their utopia everyone has a job because the state provides it for them.

We saw how well that worked out in the Soviet Union.

I am not sure that is a good way to end a story since there is no summarization, but it is the AP after all. Accuracy and completeness are not their hallmarks.

What does a summary have to do with accuracy? Nothing, of course. And completeness? Maybe the author was assuming–obviously incorrectly though that might have been–that you would understand the main points of the article after having–oh, I don’t know–read the article.

Nice distraction attempt Doc, but the fact remains that Obama’s running mainly on his rhetoric and not the substance of his record, AND that his rhetoric is not his, but is repeated or xeroxed from others. Hillary does it too, but she’s running on her record of trying to change things for 35yrs (which does beg the question: if one is changing things for 35yrs, and people demand change…aren’t they demanding a change from the way things have been done for say…35yrs?).

Scott, I don’t understand why my directly addressing what the poster writes–as I’ve done here and in that other thread about Obama “plagiarism”–is off-topic or distracting.

Oh, you want links? This guy has a smarter take on this thing than a whole deck full of flopping, floundering aces.

Doc, you didn’t comment-you asked a question that apparently-at the very least-isn’t clearly related to either a previous post or the OP. Perhaps you’d like to clarify?

Sorry, I don’t read anything from the San Fran Chronicle anymore than you would The Weekly Standard. Try another source?

Sorry, I don’t read anything from the San Fran Chronicle anymore than you would The Weekly Standard. Try another source?

An admission of stunning intellectual laziness! At least you have the moxie to admit it, though.

And I did read the article. I noted that proper decriptive papers, such as journalism once might have been, do not just end.

Wire service stories have always been specifically designed so that they might be truncated at any point to fit a newspaper’s space requirements, so: wrong again.

That said, I still would not vote for either of them or anyone in the current Democratic Party.

I’m sure that both their hearts are broken.

Yep, arrogance superseded only by ignorance.

Pease Politics or the Audacity of Hope not talked about.

We all crave Pease, its serenity, and its bliss; however, the passion in power today as in anytime in history attracts a certain life lust, which spans a human dynamism of sexuality that could be argued is the real truth working in parallel to the divine understanding we all seek. Hence what do we have, Race Integration, yet, Ethnic Sovereignty, Now Individual Rights, were history once looked at life in an on going living scale sliding between Piety and Pagan? Or called War and Pease in the life continuum has to deal with the new experiment called the Constitution that does stretch to individual freedoms.

So, what the hell am I saying? Jumping through a lot of racial logic to make a point of failed reciprocity Obama will have a burden to work at, a change we could believe in “”?”” Most certainly should have a question mark at the end of those little political signs.

Our forefather introduced the concept of the separation of church and state, but totally dismissed the ideal of separation of sex and politics. Likely because of that Dynamism of slavery known through the ages exposes a sexual gradient that transcends to manifest an extraordinary random balance in shades of skin color, eye color, vocal tones, a cultural clock connecting perhaps an unknown source of power that resonates the public wondering if good or evil. As an ingredient that plays in a sliding scale of contemporary contextual debate were bad can be convinced to be good and good can be convinced to be bad, were War and Pease in an on going interplay lead and lag both changing places in time. The pace is quickening for we have the Media.

However, with this thing called a Constitution, Americans find themselves needing to line up Good with Good and Bad with Bad for the simple remedy of what looks ass backwards and corrupt as hell right now to figure a way to straighten it out. Simple how do we get rid of the ghetto and blight to transform it to a garden where any color can live in. Attractive enough for whites to go to Negro community as well as whites not to reject the Negro is still the problem.

To rain on the parade of Black History month is not my intention, But, I have a dream too, so why doesn’t my dream get some attention? Is being white doesn’t count as much as an American Negro dream in the well spoken words of all men are created equal. Well, all men are created equal, then my dreams should be just as well to count in the march gathering at great monuments and savored fine gardens designed by inspirational minds and created with sweat reflecting the possible perfection, and order in the environment. Far from the Ghetto where great works have space to take, but have been ignored to leave a trail that seems there is always something that needs to be cleaned up. Iraq is an out rage and the best extreme pitiful example of the current disgusting leadership.

So, in a magnificent sense is Bush correct we need to stay in Iraq for an eternity to see change? But, yet, we have a new comer, Obama, who says we can’t wait, however in his book in the Audacity of Hope, Obama says, he has no clue on how to do this civic change, but will lead us. As hate radio is geared up describing Obama as the Messiah of special acknowledgement in accolades of expressions from a deity to being a cold fish is really something? They are starting to rip Obama apart.

I loved Hillary’s comment. It probably ended her campaign but at least she went out in Clintonesque glory!

zorro, Bush never said we need to stay in Iraq “for an eternity” or anything like it. Commanders are already evaluting the near future as the military assesses the type of drawdowns we want to leave Iraq to stand on its own.