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Yea but you see the media gives Dems a pass, but we all know that. The media is trying to anoint a Hillery, Mcinsane, contest, I hope we are smart enough to see through the sham.

i don’t agree with much on this site but this is spot on…bill needs to go away…and take hillary with him

Norm: Who are you supporting for President?

I think Bill is slipping. While I disagree with him politically almost always, he is an extremely intelligent person. So, why would you reference a race-baiter like JJ to take a poke at obama? Bad PR move, Bill! Now the big talking point in the media is: will the hillary presidency be with an over-influential co-president. I know … DUH! but now it is a national talking point.

Fester: You are correct when you say Bill is an intelligent person. His remarks are part of a deliberate strategy to marginalize Obama and cause white Democrat’s with anti-black prejudices to vote for Hillary.

By necessity Hillary has tossed away any notion of being a candidate independent of her husband. That being the case, it’s fair game to remind people what it was like during the Clinton years.