Gonzales Deserves An Apology


On the heels of the love letter to Hillary comes this New York Times piece in which they have to acknowledge that the Attorney General was truthful in his testimony way back when.  Oh, they do it very slyly of course…putting one sentence in here and there…and they ignore it through the rest of the article but it should bring a smile to your face either way.

You remember the testimony, the one in which there was a visit to Ashcroft’s hospital room.  There was a dispute over a surveillance program and once word got out in the MSM the Democrats went banana’s.  When the AG said that the late night visit was NOT about the NSA wiretap program Sen Specter (D) uttered these words:

"Do you expect us to believe that?"

Feinstein (D) said:

"He just doesn’t tell the truth," said Feinstein, accusing Gonzales of "obfuscation, prevarication and untruths."

Feingold (D):

"I believe it’s perjury," said Feingold. "Not just misleading — perjury."

Schumer (D):

"These are not just ‘misleading,’" said Schumer, referring to the seeming contradictions. "These are ‘deceiving.’ These are ‘lying.’"


Todays NYT’s:

A 2004 dispute over the National Security Agency’s secret surveillance program that led top Justice Department officials to threaten resignation involved computer searches through massive electronic databases, according to current and former officials briefed on the program.

It is not known precisely why searching the databases, or data mining, raised such a furious legal debate. But such databases contain records of the phone calls and e-mail messages of millions of Americans, and their examination by the government would raise privacy issues.

Still not acknowledging that Gonzales has been vindicated they include this one sentence…ONE whole sentence:

If the dispute chiefly involved data mining, rather than eavesdropping, Mr. Gonzales’ defenders may maintain that his narrowly crafted answers, while legalistic, were technically correct.

Of course the idiots…..cough, Democrats…couldn’t eat crow. No way they could admit they were wrong so instead they insist that the wiretap program and the data mining program are one and the same.  You heard me right.  Now they want to lump the whole shabang together:

The senators’ comments, along with those of other members of Congress briefed on the program, suggested that they considered the eavesdropping and data mining so closely tied that they were part of a single program.

Do these people realize how foolish they look?

The Attorney General stated plainly that the late night visit to the hospital DID NOT involve the  program that was confirmed by President Bush.  The program which captured international communications where one party was associated with a terrorist group.  This is exactly what the Times reported today.

He told the truth. 

And he deserves an apology.

Of course he won’t get one, especially from the MSM.  Just as they have done with Rove, they are indicting and convicting Gonzales in the media.  The truth?  Pffff…who needs the truth, it’s the impression they can the give to the most people that counts.

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Firstly it was Ashcrofts hospital room, not Rumsfelds.
Second, George Bush – garbage in, garbage out.
Third, I hope you sheep like losing elections.

and for a fourth Arlen Specter is a republican from PA. You fail! Stop watching Faux news!

Woops…that’s what happens when the Captain comes and visits. Fixed the Rumsfeld flub.

As far a Specter being a Republican….sure. That one was on purpose seeing as how he is NO Republican. He can claim it all he wants but we all know he’s a pathetic liberal. You and he could be bar-b-que buddies talking about how evil the Bush empire is.


Second, George Bush – garbage in, garbage out.

Now that is what I call an example of an argument typically used by the KOS or DummiesU alumni. An example of no argument at all. Just blind, ignorant hatred.

Third, I hope you sheep like losing elections.

Seems I heard this once before…oh yeah, 2004.

It’s simply amazing how fast and far left the democrats have turned. The do nothing democrat congress is praying for a “gotchya” sentence and/or sound bite to bring home to their nutroot base.

Remember to the Democrats, battling terrorism is a mere bumper sticker.

All an unannounced republican has to do is stay that way for a few more months. Shrillary will destroy the Islamic candidate and in the process destroy herself. Talk about no 08 candidate. the democrats have dug up ever dead dog they can find and as usual it’s a comedy. Even the soon dead MSM can help them this time (they all like to listen to themselves talk), running a criminal with a history back to the sticks of Ark and a radical Islamist who lies like all Islamist that he isn’t a radical or an Islamist. He is or he would be dead. Islam spent 8 years planning 9-11 and Islam has spent 30 years planning to get an Islamist in the white house and the democrats are too stupid to see what is in front of their eyes. BDS has already progressed to insanity, probably pushed on faster by the democrats heavy drug use. A socialist/communist and an Islamist are the leading democrats. ROFLMAO

The end of time will come before Gonzales will get an apology.

If the classified surveillance program is data mining, it would produce lots of information ranging from Google searches to online financial transactions. With that said, it would be an intelligence windfall by knowing practically every step the terrorists and their support networks are taking when all that data is whittled down. Now, why would every top DOJ official resign over this when this type of program is used against organized crime? And, why would this be a problem considering cookies (session and otherwise) is a data mining tool dropped onto an active internet browser?

I can’t forget politics, even for a day. But I can share a laugh!

you guys are as bad as the democrats, spector critizices gonzales and you guys throw him under the bus. Do you have any idea how long he probably kept his feelings to himself? just like republicans with iraq…see you in 2009 with clinton/obama. i cant wait to see you guys crying

spector critizices gonzales and you guys throw him under the bus.

how dense you are young grasshopper. we have been railing against that worthless piece of crap politician for years…and your just realizing it now?


see you in 2009 with clinton/obama.

not only dense but delusional.