Saddam’s Chemical Weapons


Another Saddam document translated and this one shows that as late as 2001 Saddam was producing Nerve Gas Detectors, an item that was prohibited by the UN. Just another nail in the “No WMD” coffin:

Saddam Regime Document CMPC-2003-016083 dated in 2001 contains a series of Top Secret memos that address the production of Nerve Gas Detectors which was prohibited by the United Nations resolutions concerning Iraq according to the document itself. The importance of the production of the Nerve Gas Detector is shown by the top secret letters exchange between the Presidential Office and the head of the Iraqi Military Industrialization Commission (M.I.C). This documents is yet another indication that Saddam Regime never stopped his WMD programs, and the nerve Gas Detector which some can see it a ?defensive in nature? is not to be considered so when it comes to Saddam Regime, everything has an offensive and aggressive use.

Beginning of Translation of page 5 of document CMPC-2003-016083

In the Name of God the Most Merciful The Most Compassionate


The Republic of Iraq

The Presidency of the Republic

The Military Industrialization Commission

Number 2/4/44

Date 13/1/2001


Subject: Detection Equipment

Your top Secret letter number AA?/128 on 10/12/2000, we would like to show the following:

1. On 10/12/2000 a laboratory test was done on the new equipment and the results of the test was similar to the required quality compared with the Russian equipments

2. On the light of the above (1) a second equipment was received from the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and the total tests were done on it on 24/12/2000 using laboratory equipment to Chemical Detection Device (GSU-12) and with the presence of the Chemical Class representatives and the manufacturing party and its success was proven from the perspective of detection and reaction to NERVE AGENTS.

Please review? with regards


Abd AlTwab Abdallah AL Mulah Huwaish

The Minister of Military Industrialization


End of translation of page 5.

Now on page 71 of the document there is a section that mentions that the production of ?Nerve Gas Detectors? is PROHIBITED

Beginning of Partial Translation of page 71

Based on what is in the letter of the respected Presidential Secretariat (Top Secret) aa?/4 on 22/1/2001 followed by the Top Secret letter of (M.I.C) 2/4/44 on 13/1/2001 and after review of the technical report the commission recommend the following:

1. Consider it a work that reach level of Invention Works because it replace the need that occur to the Russian equipment that has an expired efficiency and that exist in the storages of the Chemical Class, and it is a PROHIBITED EQUIPMENT where the price of the effective material in it can reach 51,000 Dollars

End of partial translation of page 71.

So a question that begs to be asked is, how does someone test a Nerve Gas Detector without the use of Nerve Agents? The answer is, you can’t. This means not only was he producing an item that was prohibited, the Detectors, but he also had Chemical Agents in 2001.

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