CNN’s Zakaria Throws in the Towel: Trump Trial Boosts Trump, Biden’s Campaign in Shambles


by Jeff Childers

By way of a Trump Trial update, I present yesterday’s clip from CNN’s hangdog-looking anchor Fareed Zakaria, who is now hanging even more doggedly. In fact, he’s about ready to give up. “It is very unlikely that Biden can win this race,” he sighed in his short monologue.

To Fareed, at first the electoral strategy looked very sound. Joe Biden was supposed to stand for a post-pandemic return to normal life — as if that were even possible — and to easily preside over a rapid return to a booming economy. Without cannibals. “I have to admit, none of this is playing out like I thought it would,” Zaharia sadly admitted. “Trump is now leading in all the swing states,” he said, “but behind those numbers lie even more troubling details.” The anchor paused dramatically, searching for words. “I think it’s best to be honest about reality.”

Honesty is the best policy. Not that it ever stopped CNN.

Firstly, all the big issues are favoring Trump. Almost wistfully, as though parting with a lover, Fareed gingerly suggested abortion won’t loom large over the presidential race, since the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe threw the issue back to the states; in other words, it’s not really a national issue anymore.

Instead of handily winning on abortion, President Peters instead faces two insoluble problems dividing democrats like the Red Sea: the wide-open border and the Israel issue.

The open border is an open political wound, relentlessly oozing shocking scenes of rapes, random attacks, disparate treatment, and community discontent. And it’s riling up the inner city — i.e., mostly democrats:

image 6.png

Even worse, Biden’s unaccountably awful, shimmying and shifting support-slash-non-support for Israel is roiling the country and shattering democrat unity. Half of democrats are shocked Biden is betraying one of the U.S.’s most important Middle Eastern allies, while the other half demands the U.S. double-down on dividing up the world’s only Jewish nation.

Compare Axios, on Friday…:

image 7.png

…with this headline from the Jerusalem Post, the day before on Thursday:

image 8.png

Those two sides of the democrat coin are irresolvable; they don’t even want be reconciled or compromised. By trying to offend nobody, Biden is mumbling his way around to infuriating everybody.

Fareed next turned to the Trump trial — and this was perhaps the anchor’s most significant admission — Fareed flatly stated about the Manhattan trial what we’ve all been saying since Day One: it would never have been brought against anyone else. Trump-deranged democrats have somehow managed to transform the former president into the most famous underdog the country has ever tried to elect; and America loves an underdog. Fareed’s astonishing admission:

The trials against him keep him in the spotlight, infuriate his base — who sees him as a martyr — and may even make him the object of some sympathy among people in general who believe his prosecutors are politically motivated.

This happens to be true, in my opinion. I doubt the New York Indictment would have been brought against a defendant whose name was not Trump.

What the CNN anchor was really saying was, you morons thought tying him up in court would lock down the campaign? Idiots, Trump gets more eyeballs this way than he EVER would have on the trail.

A couple weeks ago, a friend texted me asking whether I agreed the trial would hurt Trump by keeping him sitting around the courtroom trying to stay awake instead of on the campaign trail. My response was uncertain: there’s no way to predict the utterly unpredictable.

But based on Zakaria’s bombshell monologue, it sure seems like the trials are helping Trump.

Zakaria ended his exasperated exposition on a sour note: Biden is not getting any younger. The distressed anchorman explained:

Trendlines are not working in Biden’s favor. He needs to do something bold and dramatic to seize the initiative — on asylum policy, for example — and reverse these numbers. The figure that troubles me the most is on the question of, who was the more competent? Joe Biden led Donald Trump by +9 points in 2020. But Trump now leads by +16 points in January, 2024. That +25-point shift could be a reflection of people’s sense that the President’s age is affecting his capacity to govern. And there’s very little that Joe Biden can do now to change that perception.

What could Biden possibly do at this point to turn things around?

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Who is this guy and what has he done with Zakaria and the CNN script?

Lawfare is effective. Democrats have used it effectively numerous times. It simply is NOT working against Trump because there is too much verification out that all this is nothing but a politically motivated attack on a political opponent. In fact, the conclusion of two cases make it abundantly clear that they accusations lack any evidence and the fines levied are ridiculously punitive and obviously for political effect.

This is, apparently, opening the eyes, even if reluctantly, of many who have refused to see the truth. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden was put in office through fraud. This, too, is becoming more clear to many. He has been a complete and total disaster. This is apparent to all to see. There is no argument otherwise. His “great accomplishment” has been the partisan spending of trillions of dollars with absolutely NO positive benefit seen ANYWHERE to the nation or the taxpayers. The fascist lawfare campaign against the guy from the other party that actually SUCCEEDED as lowering energy costs, secured the border, supported law enforcement, maintained peace and produced millions of GOOD (not low-paying, part time, government or illegal immigrant) jobs is clearly obvious for what it is and completely rejected as offensive.

The poll on who is most competent reflects a rejection of the Ministry of Propaganda’s relentless campaign to prop Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden us and alter reality. It’s not his age that determines how he governs; it’s his masters, Obama and Soros. No one thinks this stammering, slurring, drooling, coughing, stumbling, lying boob is in charge. Thus, the 25 point swing in who is competent and who is not.

Go Pound sand Michael and Greg

Neo Marxists democrats are moving to get biden off of the ticket. Given the expectation of a total riot in Chicago during the democrat convention, it would seem whomever they would insert to replace joe would be tainted from the shenanigans at the convention. The optics could be devastating. However the hamas crazies will most likely riot with or without biden.

Bottom line, after the most recent polling, any chance the democrats might have will only be if they offload joe. I smell a medical condition announcement pre convention just in time to nominate Big Mike.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

Here are the NYT Siena state poll results with Robert Kennedy included. It’s even worse for Biden.InteractivePolls

@IAPolls2022 2024 GE: NYT/@SienaResearch

NEVADA Trump 44% (+14) Biden 30% RFK Jr 11% Mapstead 2% Stein 1%
ARIZONA Trump 44% (+9) Biden 35% RFK Jr 8% Stein 2% Mapstead 1%
GEORGIA Trump 42% (+8) Biden 34% RFK Jr 8% Mapstead 2%
PENNSYLVANIA Trump 41% (+4) Biden 37% RFK Jr 9% Stein 1%
WISCONSIN Trump 40% (+1) Biden 39% RFK Jr 8%
MICHIGAN Biden 42% (+3) Trump 39% RFK Jr 7% Stein 1% Mapstead 1%

538: #1 (3.0/3.0) | 4/28-5/9 | 4,097 LV

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

That’s gonna take a LOT of water main breaks to overcome.

The Democrats should have replaced Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden long ago. NOW if they replace him, it will look like they submitted to Islamic terrorist threats and did so to calm the Hamas terrorist supporters. Nope, they are locked in to Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden now.

Great point. They have to know with him the election is lost. No amount of fraud this time will be acceptable to the American people. They refuse to talk about the 81 million votes in 2020 as a plus for bidens popularity. Any mention of the 81 million will result in talk of illegitimacy. They can no longer say it was the most secure in history. No doubt they are in a box for sure.
It is not likely a potential replacement would be much of a competitive candidate against Trump at this point in time. Any replacement will suffer the same political ostracism McGovern suffered in 1972.