The USA Is Behind The Paris Riots


Dammit, the Russians have figured it out…the United States is behind the Paris riots:

MOSCOW. Nov 7 (Interfax) – The current developments in France result from new political methods and the actions of the secret services, State Duma Vice-Speaker and leader of the Russian Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky told Interfax on Monday.

“These are new political methods. The current situation in France was planned in advance – secret services are behind the riots, their goal is to bring a pro-American leader to power in 2007,” he said.

Zhirinovsky does not think similar riots possible in Russia.

People from former French colonies are taking part in the French unrest, he said. In fact, this is their revenge on Frenchmen for living a poorer life. “In this country the situation is different: former citizens of the Soviet Union come to Russia, we give them jobs and they live better than Muscovites,” he said.

Xenophobia and ethnic tensions in Russia are incited on purpose “to intimidate people and make them vote for the ruling party,” he said. “People are being scared with red and brown threats,” Zhirinovsky said. Muscovites were shown the brown threat when right-wing forces held a march in Moscow on November 4, and they will be shown the red threat when left-wing forces celebrate the November 7 holiday, he added.

This is being done to make Muscovites vote for United Russia on December 4, Zhirinovsky said.

I think we need to get Joe Wilson over there pronto! There’s some investigating to be done.

Ok, to be fair, Zhirinovsky is akin to Howard Dean over here, but still….good stuff. Maybe the Hillary can put him on the ticket?

I think we need to get Joe Wilson over there pronto! There’s some investigating to be done.

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