Trump Prosecutor Mark Pomerantz Silence Speaks Volumes…Takes The 5th When Asked If He Knowingly Broke Any Laws While Investigating Trump


Mark Pomerantz, the attorney who assisted Alvin Bragg in investigating Trump, pleads the 5th on multiple occasions when asked about his conduct on the case.

“Did you knowingly break any laws when investigating President Trump?”

“I plead the 5th!”

“Did you violate anyone’s constitutional rights while investigating Trump?”

“I plead the 5th.”

Recall when Pomerantz admitted that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s star witness, Michael Cohen, “has an ax to grind” with respect to President Trump and that Cohen “is a witness, certainly with liabilities.”

Mark Pomerantz:

“I was enthusiastic about working on the case and happy to work without pay.”


“In this case, Mark Pomerantz was so eager to get in the case to get Trump and then, after he wrote a 300-page self-aggrandizing book about everything they did to try to bend the law to go after the former president, then he wasn’t so interested in sharing that with House investigators.”

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Now, how could one incriminate themselves by answering a question about if they had committed a crime? By my calculations, there is only one way.

But why would he worry? Breaking laws to get Trump is NEVER prosecuted. Well, not under the current regime, anyway.

The Lousie little Ditch Weasel has something to hide from t he American People that would probably end this whole mockery of Justice

This goes back to January 5, 2017. Listen the LT General Michael Flynn.

Trump has been a treat to the entrenched bureaucratic state since he announced his run in 2015. Trump is an existential threat to the DC cartel. They kneecapped him in his first term but they know that will not be the case starting on January 20, 2025.

Worms, Fleas Vermin Germs and Viruses and Liberal Democrats and other lower lifeforms although Fleas sit more Higher then Liberal Democrats

THEY shoot horses don’t they?