FINALLY—A Reason to Feel Good About American College Kids


by Stephen Kruiser

The anti-Semitic “Free Palestine” brats who have been throwing tantrums on college campuses have been dominating the news for a while now. That’s because, as we’ve discussed here many times, leftist protesters get a lot of mileage and attention out of being loud.

The only upside to all of this is that the kids are a far bigger pain to the Democrats, as Rick wrote yesterday:

As much as Democrats want to sympathize with the pro-Hamas protesters, they know they have to walk a fine line.

“The longer they continue, and the worse that they get, the worse it’s going to be for the election overall,” one House Democrat told Axios.

The protests, the anonymous Democratic lawmaker warned, are “bringing out [the public’s] most conservative side.”

The poor dears.

That doesn’t have anything to do with the headline, though. I just derive great pleasure from writing about any struggles that the Democrats may be having.

Our main topic of conversation is a bunch of patriotic frat boys in North Carolina. Here’s Athena’s quick rundown of some of the particulars from her post yesterday:

While the fundraiser is hilarious, in reality, the stalwart bros faced a harrowing situation. On Tuesday morning, a Marxist mob took down the American flag on the campus of the University of North Carolina, which had been at half-staff to honor four officers who had been killed in a shoot-out in Charlotte, N.C., a few days earlier.

Once he became aware of the traitorous display, UNC Chancellor Lee Roberts (whose name must trigger many a woke student) led law enforcement to the flagpole. The authorities removed the offensive rag from the pole and restored the American flag. But later, when the adults had left the area, the pro-terrorism protestors attempted to take it down again. This was when the courageous Pi Kappa Phi bros stood up for their flag and their country.

After Chancellor Roberts left, the “Free Palestine” Hitler Youth went after the flag again, trying to take it down. The frat boys were having none of that. One of them later posted a thread on Twitter/X that Athena linked to. Here is some of that:

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It’s noteworthy that EVERY time these ANTIFA-like mobs are faced with equal numbers or even just a group that is seriously determined to defend their position, they back off. I notice that even though they are geared up with goggles, masks, shields, clubs and other weapons, when faced by the riot police finally dispatched to take them on, they quickly submit. Some “freedom fighters”. I hope Hamas is watching the bravery of their allies.

This must really get the Antifa/Bolsheviks upset seeing the Youth honoring the Flag and not burning it. lag Burner Lowlife like Mt. Johnson pounding out his Brains on the wall

Interesting investigative work.