The Left’s Lunacy


I have always considered the the idiots over at DummiesU to be the fringe of the left but as time goes by it seem’s it is difficult to tell the far left and the somewhat intelligent left apart anymore: (via Boxer Watch)

From Democratic Underground, a long ease-my-conscience saga:

demgurl (1000+ posts) Fri Sep-02-05 01:01 PMOriginal message I did not stop to help a * supporter today. I had no idea how deeply my hate for that man ran. My lack of an interaction, with a * supporter is still haunting me a couple of hours later.

I was on my home and was on the ramp getting off the highway. I saw a mini-van on the side of the road. There was a lady standing next to the van and in her arms she held her child. I can only assume her mini-van had broken down. I don’t know, perhaps with so many gad stations being out of gas, she had also run out. I slowed down and started to pull over to offer her a ride. At the very last second I noticed a “W” sticker on the back of her vehicle and I sped up and drove off.

I feel really bad as a human being. That child is not responsible for their parent’s belief system. They are innocent and do not deserve to be out in the heat. (It is warm but not so bad that they would even break a sweat) I try not to punish
people for what they believe.

On the other hand, so many hateful thoughts went through my head. I wondered how a person could see what was going on in NO and still have one of those awful stickers on their car. How could they support an awful excuse for a human being that has let our country down and is letting Americans die after they have made
it through the storm? How can someone be so blind and so stupid?

I thought that if she loves * so much, maybe he would come along and help her the same way he is rescuing all of those poor people in the weather stricken part of our country. Let’s see what her hero can do for her.

I never did go back. I was so upset with that sticker and with the fact that someone would support an idiot who is so clearly running our country into the ground. So why am I writing this? It is not to boast, I really feel bad about passing this child and not picking up their mother. Perhaps it is for a catharsis of sorts? That would be an educated guess. I suppose it is because I feel conflicted and I am writing this to try and sort through what I am feeling. There are two emotional sides, for me, on this incident and neither seems completely right or wrong to me. Even writing this, I am still not able to work through what happened. I feel like I am floating between right and wrong and am unable to grab either side.

Thanks for listening.

Such compassion from the compassionate left! Such love from the loving left! No, you’re not boasting. You’re showing your lack of humanity and insurmountable bias towards those different than you, even when they are in crisis.

To be fair some of the commenters took her to task for failing to help, but others:

Cobalt Violet (1000+ posts) Fri Sep-02-05 01:14 PMResponse to Original message

I think you did the right thing. They’re harsh people who careless about other people. Let them get some of what they love. What goes around comes around.

Kerrytravelers (1000+ posts) Fri Sep-02-05 01:29 PMResponse to Original message 14.

I can understand how you feel. I was leaving a grocery store once. It was really quiet there with no one in the parking lot and no store workers outside at all. There was a person— not in the handicapped area, not handicapped— just struggling with their groceries. I started to help, then saw the W sticker. I put the bag down and said “I’m sorry. Republicans don’t believe in helping people. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.” Then I walked off. They were stunned. Amazing what happends when their policies are shown to them on such a simple, personal level.

lectrobyte (1000+ posts) Fri Sep-02-05 01:32 PMResponse to Original message 19.

I’d have definitely done the same thing. I don’t know that it is good for my karma, but that’s the way I feel. They don’t seem to care about the dead in Iraq, or much of anything except gays not marrying and the rich getting richer.

ProudToBeBlueInRhody (605 posts) Fri Sep-02-05 02:03 PMResponse to Original message 35.

*Bleep* her…….. Another mommy van driving moron who wants to make sure she can keep filling her tank for years to come on the backs of some other American’s son or daughter in Iraq.

It seem’s strange to me that a person who claims to be in the party of caring would think it’s ok to not help a person because of their politic’s. While the idiots over at that site never cease to amaze me I am becoming more amazed that I cannot tell the difference anymore between the Kos/DummiesU crowd and the mainstream left. They have become one and the same.

The above example show’s the difference between the right and left. Do you see that kind of stuff on a conservative blog? Did not think so.

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