Trump Classified Document Trial Postponed Indefinitely Days After ‘Mishandled Evidence’ Bombshell


by Tyler Durden

One day after postponing a filing deadline in Donald Trump’s classified documents case, Judge Aileen M. Cannon has postponed the whole thing indefinitely.

In a Tuesday decision, Cannon vacated (canceled) Trump’s May 20 trial date, and wrote that setting a new date given the enormous stack of pre-trial matters would be “imprudent.

On Monday, Cannon postponed a filing deadline for Trump’s team to provide a list of classified documents they want to present at trial – which was supposed to be filed by this Thursday. Cannon did not announce a new deadline, perhaps the first clue into today’s decision.

The move also comes after special counsel Jack Smith’s team admitted that the classified files at the heart of the case had been tampered with, and they needed more time to assess that revelation.

Smith also misled the court, after originally telling U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon that the boxes remained “in their original, intact form as seized,” when in a footnote they conceded that they removed classified documents and left placeholder sheets, which prosecutors acknowledged has created an “inconsistent” record – in which some of the documents are no longer in the same order as they appear in digital scans made in the fall of 2022.

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You will see tonight outrage by legal “experts” about Judge Cannon vacating trial date and refusing to set a new one.

They will again accuse her of being in the tank for Trump and demand Jack Smith seek her recusal.

At the same time, these frauds will refuse to cover all of the new developments related to DOJ tampering with evidence, misrepresenting the condition of the evidence to the court, doctored evidence, and perhaps even missing/misplaced documents.

Keep in mind– Jack Smith is the one who decided to bring this unprecedented indictment in June 2023 then add a superseding indictment on the case a month later. He then handed down the DC indictment in August 2023–Judge Chutkan leapfrogged over Cannon’s initial date and set a March 4 trial date, further delaying proceedings in Florida.

Smith forced the defendants to comply with CIPA, which are stringent rules related to handling/sharing of classified materials in such cases.

His team foot-dragged discovery and failed to set up a secure location for months where defense could view classified discovery evidence.

Cannon has held numerous sealed and public hearings over the past several months as well as addressed multiple competing motions for dismissal of the case.

Here is a partial list of what’s been presented in her court recently:


The left’s lawfare campaign is dependent upon being in a deep blue district with a deep blue prosecutor, a deep blue judge and a deep blue jury. It simply doesn’t hold up well in an open and fair court.

Judge Cannon is single handedly exposing the rot that is in the DOJ. Get some popcorn, this is going to be fun.


We KNOW what’s on the ballot in November.

“This is a strong reminder of whatโ€™s on the ballot in November.”

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A-Mess-NBC the Lying Peacock News your a total sucker for the Daily Fake News from the M.S. Media Bottom Feeders

Pretty sure Rachel madcow won’t be pontificating on this in a pro Trump way.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

You mean in a pro-truth way. Like the rest of the Ministry of Propaganda, she does nothing but substitute fact with lies and suppress the truth.

Sounds like Trump wrote the rough draft himself.

…Since the beginning of this case, our strategy, preparations, and arguments have been based on the basic premise that—biased as Jack Smith is in his futile efforts to help President Biden make up lost ground in the polls—the line prosecutors and agents would employ the minimal levels of professionalism and competence necessary to preserve evidence relating to the documents at the center of the charges… 

Trump’s lead in the polls is slightly over 1 point—less than the margin for error of any poll result included in computing the average.

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Your still a total Moron Period, Go Away