BOMBSHELL Investigation Reports ‘Improper’ 2020 Recount Procedures, THOUSANDS of Ballot Images MISSING.


by The National Pulse

After an investigation held by the Georgia secretary of state’s office, officials stated that Fulton County had implemented improper procedures during its 2020 presidential election recount. The news was declared during a Georgia state elections board meeting on Tuesday.

Charlene McGowan, general counsel for the secretary of state’s office, clarified that, despite these findings, the overall outcome of the election, which led to Joe Biden’s presidential success, will not be altered.

“The conclusion of this investigation… is that Fulton County used improper procedures during the recount of the presidential contest in 2020,” McGowan admitted.

The inquiry was prompted by a complaint lodged on July 8, 2022, alleging the inappropriate count of 17,852 ballots. The investigation revealed not only duplicate ballot images, implying probable multiple scanning of some ballots, but also thousands of ballot images missing.

The state elections board has responded by issuing a letter of reprimand to the county and assigning a monitor to supervise the crucial 2024 presidential election. Fulton County’s representative, Jessica Corbitt, claimed that no proof of fraud has been found, and the county is focusing on upgrading its election procedures and infrastructure.

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And on Purpose most likely don’t put it past the Democ-Rats to pull off another election theft their all Globalists rubbing elbows with the CFR

Moral of the story: don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answers to, which is the approach the left and spineless rinos took regarding 2020 election fraud. Of COURSE there was fraud and it altered the outcome of the election.