Grace And Beauty

She told me she would need a bucket of hot water to bathe with every night at this time. I filled a three gallon bucket and put it on the fire; while wondering how hunting with a woman was going to pan out. I used a small cross cut saw to buck up firewood and then split it with an ax. It made some great firewood and I was sure it would be toasty in the tent for Marcella, if she could keep the stove fed every two hours or so. I figured she must be done with her bath and called out that I was coming in with a load of firewood. She was sitting nude behind the bucket and still washing her self with a wash cloth. I dropped the firewood and turned around without saying a word. I spent the night outside and let her straighten out the firewood. I was mortified to have walked in on her, but I told her to tie the tent flaps closed, when she needed privacy. It was quite a shock for me to walk in on her in the nude; although, for a few fleeting seconds I was treated to a vision of beauty that was so rare for a country boy like me to see.