Say What? March 26,2012 [Reader Post]

Jodi Miller: “White House spokesman Jay Carney said, that most of President Obama’s time is not spent campaigning, and he’s right. Most of the president’s time is spent playing golf, vacationing, apologizing to our enemies, and running our economy into the ground.”

Obama explains the Fluke story to his daughters [Reader Post]

Barack Obama has dragged his daughters into the kerfuffle about Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Fluke. I just happened to come into possession of the transcript of the conversation he had with them about it.

Dear Sasha and Malia

The reason I called Ms. Fluke is because I thought about you two and one of the things that I want you to do as you get older is to engage in issues you care about, even ones that I may not agree with you on.

Say What? March 12, 2012 Edition [Reader Post]

Rush Limbaugh: “I’m a guy on the radio. What can I do? I can’t raise anybody’s taxes. I can’t send anybody off to war. I can’t force anybody to go out and buy a $50 light bulb. I can’t make anybody give up their car and buy an electric car. I can’t make anybody do anything, and yet I have to be destroyed.”