Obama explains the Fluke story to his daughters [Reader Post]


Barack Obama has dragged his daughters into the kerfuffle about Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Fluke. I just happened to come into possession of the transcript of the conversation he had with them about it.

Dear Sasha and Malia

The reason I called Ms. Fluke is because I thought about you two and one of the things that I want you to do as you get older is to engage in issues you care about, even ones that I may not agree with you on. And I don’t want you attacked or called horrible names because you’re being good citizens. But Sarah Palin is not a good citizen and so I don’t mind if she is called horrible names.

All decent folks can agree that Rush Limbaugh’s remarks don’t have any place in the public discourse. We want to send a message to all our young people being part of the democracy involves argument and disagreements and debate. We want you to be engaged. And there’s a way to do it that doesn’t involve you being demeaned and insulted. Particularly when you’re a private citizen. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann are not young so it’s OK to demean and insult them. They’re not real people.

And don’t you mind when my democrat friends call Republicans “teabagger.” That’s our nickname for Republicans who are members of the Tea Party. The real meaning of teabagger is someone who lowers his testicles into his partner’s mouth but we democrats get such a kick out of referring to Republicans as teabaggers.

And you might have heard about Daddy’s friend Richard Trumka. Mr. Trumka was talking about Republicans when he said that we have to “take those sons of bitches out” so it’s not a bad thing. If Mr. Limbaugh said something like that, well that would have been bad.

You might have heard that Daddy’s friend Bill Maher had some things to say about Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. Since they are Republicans, Daddy doesn’t really consider them to be women and so Daddy doesn’t mind when Mr. Maher calls them names like “c*nt”, “boob” and “dumb twat.” Those words aren’t nearly as terrible as the word “slut.” And we also have to remember that Mr. Maher gave Daddy’s campaign a lot of money, so Daddy is more than willing to look the other way when someone gives me a lot of money.

So Daddy doesn’t mind if someone calls a woman a bad name as long as she is a Republican and the person who said it gives Daddy a lot of money, or if he is the head of a union. Got it?

I’m glad we had this chat, girls.

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It’s reassuring to think that Obama incorporates Derrick Bell’s logic in his role as father, how delightful.

gives Daddy a lot of money, or if he is the head of a union.

Dr. J, if you are the head of a union, doesn’t that automatically make you a person who gives “Daddy” lots of money? Just wondering. 😉

@johngalt: Indeed.

Great piece; I enjoyed it.

@Gary Kukis: Thank you, Gary!

Now he is prostituting his daughters. Great dad. Geesch

And waiting for the liberal straw-man argument/reply in three…two…one

Wow, you ARE a sleaze bag. And right next to this you post some bogus poll stating ‘liberals are more intolerant online? ‘ Gimme a break.

@Eric T: Ohhhh, but thats different, somehow

I think that was a pretty good explanation by the President. If it was used by George W. Bush, in reference the something Al Franken had said, for example, negative comments like these wouldn’t be making headlines with right-wingers.

@liberalmann: OK, so you are the one hurling pejoratives yet you’re not being shut out of this site.

Note any irony there?

Wow this is a good peice, but it makes me believe that Obama is not fit to be a father… or president. You shouldn’t call women any names like that. No matter who they are.


I think, Dr. J, that one has to understand what irony is before they can identify it. For liberalmann, one must draw a picture in crayon, detail the objects in the picture, link them together and then present the obvious(to most) conclusion to be drawn from that picture. And even at that, one must hope(for change! 🙂 ), or pray, that liberalmann’s woefully deficient number of brain cells might just happen upon one another during your explanation, and the dim bulb will light up. I wouldn’t count on it, but who knows, miracles have been known to happen.

I wonder if any one of the daughters FIRST DATE will get the once over from Ercel that Martin Lawrence and Will Smith gave to REGGIEEEEE in BAD BOYS II ( To be a fly on the wall ) ???????????????

@jerseyflash: LOL loved that scene in that movie

Haha I love that movie, especially that part in it! It was great!

Hey Guys PLS point out where Barack Obama has personally said something degrading about an individual woman or women in general.The way he treats his wife and his girls speaks volumns about the man as a husband and a father.

@Richard Wheeler:

You missed the point of the post entirely, Rich.

J.G I got the point which included a silly made up letter. I then made my point which I don’t think anyone can refute.

@Richard Wheeler:

Your memory is somewhat selective, RW.
Some time back Obama made a political point about education based on one of his daughters’ inability to do her own homework.
On a different occasion he made political points based on each of his daughter’s medical histories!
To me that is nasty.
And, yes, over ”the line.”

Even Rick Santorum, who could make medical points off his daughter’s condition does all he can to keep her and her treatments private.

Mitt Romney’s wife has had cancer and also suffers from MS.
But he never takes any initiative to use her situation for political gain.

Obama is lower than either of them.

NanG Ticky Tack. I think the leader of the free world makes quality time for his girls and is a heck of a dad. You ofcourse can disagree but don’t think you’ll get corroboration from too many parents.

I wouldn’t deem to say anything negative about the fathering skills of any of the candidates Would be a bit presumptuous,don’t you think?

@Richard Wheeler:
First you say:

The way he treats his wife and his girls speaks volumns about the man as a husband and a father.

Then, when I point out how Obama has repeatedly used his daughters for political points you say:

Ticky Tack.

I’m not being critical of the girls.
I don’t even begrudge Obama taking a 4+ hour block out of his weekends with them so he can play golf so much.
But Obama USED his daughters’ situations to gain political points when he wanted to.
Shame on him for that.
Quality time/buying them a dog/sending them to a great school/buying them the latest styles in clothes is all what a good father should do.

Nan G. I think he’s a great dad.Don’t think he used his daughters to make political points.
Will you get a chance to answer my questions on the “chart” post. Thanks

@Richard Wheeler:
Did you ask MORE questions?
Maybe you need to start watching a few financial news shows yourself.
CNN either has a channel (or used to.)
NBC’s is CNBC and is quite good.
There is Bloomberg.
Fox has Fox Business.
Business Insider has a great website…..with an entire section devoted to charts.
Most of the Wall Street Journal’s financial stuff is behind a subscription wall.

NanG. Well excuuuuse me. Actually it was more a questioning or rebuttal of assertions you made.Take another look if you get a minute. Thanks

Kudos to the Goldman Sachs exec who pulled back the curtains on what goes on in their high level meetings.

@Richard Wheeler:

No, Rich, I don’t think you did get the point or you would realize that your question has nothing to do with it.

Hint, it’s about Obama’s documented hypocrisy when it comes to women(i.e., his “compassion” for Ms. Fluke and ignoring similar statements about conservative women). It is, really, quite indefensible when you think about it. AND, it is an example of someone who only “cares” about the “right” kind of people. The silly made up letter is just that. Silly and made up. However, it does highlight, using fact based references, Obama’s hypocrisy.

John It’s a stupid letter in a ridiculous post.Why should Obama’s daughters be brought into this. Shameful but typical of Dr.J. Disappointed in your participation.

Expected you to stick with facts.When has Obama ever personally denigrated a woman?

Obama said:

“the point I was making was not that my grandmother harbors any racial animosity.
She doesn’t.
But she is a typical white person who, you know, if she sees somebody on the street that she doesn’t know, there is a reaction that has been bred into our experiences that don’t go away and sometimes come out in the wrong way.
I can no more disown him [Jerimiah Wright] than I can disown the black community.
I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother – a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.”

You know, typical.
Obama slimmed not just his grandmother BUT ALL white people for TYPICALLY having certain reactions BRED into them.

@Richard Wheeler:

I then made my point which I don’t think anyone can refute.

Obama’s selective umbrage says it all. As I wrote a while back, sometimes it’s the words you don’t hear.

I heard that there was a big recal of contraception pills lately, it was said they found those
not safe enough meaning that woman could get pregnants even having taken those pills,

@Richard Wheeler:

Again, yes, Rich, it’s a stupid “letter”. However, the post is not ridiculous. It is a charicature of Obama. It is an accurate charicature of Obama. He defends against, and denounces, misogynistic comments made towards liberal women, and his silence is deafening when those type of statements are made towards conservative women. In order to dispute the accuracy of Dr. J’s charicature, Rich, you must show proof of Obama defending against, and denouncing, misogynistic statements against conservative women. Do you have such evidence? If yes, please enlighten us with it.

Expected you to stick with facts.

And I have. Are you?

When has Obama ever personally denigrated a woman?

Again, and for FULL understanding of the post’s point, it’s not about whether Obama has personally made such comments, Rich. It’s about his hypocrisy in defending against, and denouncing, misogynistic comments made to, or about, liberal women, while being completely silent when the target of such statements is conservative. Please do not continue to play ignorant, or dumb, on this topic, Rich. We all know you are smarter than that.

Please do not continue to play ignorant, or dumb, on this topic, Rich. We all know you are smarter than that. ”

Sorry JG, but I disagree. He isn’t “playing dumb”… sadly. He IS that stupid and deluded.

John Tell me the truth. Doesn’t it feel just a little dirty when you find yourself aligned with H,R

If these things are free and gov’t orders that, who will women sue when, for instance, drospirenone-containing birth control pills, Yaz and Yasmin, have been under heavy scrutiny known to increase potassium levels, which can lead to dangerous side effects such as heart attacks, heart arrhythmias, deep vein thrombosis, blood clots, stroke, and heart attacks?
OR, Bayer’s drospirenone oral contraceptives pill’s risks outweighed any possible benefits and the pill’s information label needs to be amended to include a possible increased risk of blood clots?

Oh, goody!
Ms. Fluke and her EXTREMELY RICH boyfriend can sue US!
(If anything ontoward were to happen to her because she took risky birth control pills for free at the gov’t insistence.)

Richard Wheeler
for your info, Hard Right is very honorable, he is a CONSERVATIVE who can see you come in in any snake color or size, and I always like to read his comments, you better check the vicious words coming from
your friends liberal, which are the worse one, so don’t get fix on CONSERVATIVES THEY ARE JUST TELLING YOU AND THE LIBS THAT THEY SEE WHAT THEY ARE AS SOON AS THEY SHOW UP,

Nan G
WOW, it’s even worse danger than I though, and after this info I could say, their
older age might be lacking of years essentialy because they allow pills to be the pill to
be the one to depend on,
in their young ages, not ready to be with the right one to fill their need as a couple,
to create a human being,
the new trend is get pills to save your life and save you from creating life, but I always believe any pill is a stranger in your body
so if we must, at least not to be abuse. and handle with care like any other medication.

Speaking of idiots Hard Right……

Ron H.
speaking of idiots Ron H…….
how does it look to you?

Abortion is often done for sex selection…..to get rid of a female baby and to have a male one.
As a result there are 163 MILLION missing females from the world today.
That is more than all the females in the USA today.
For every 100 girls born in China there are 121 boys!
In India it is 100 girls to every 112 boys.
European Muslim pregnant women often travel to those countries where sex selection abortion is allowed.
This happens so often that a few European countries are trying to avoid ever telling parents the sex of their child before birth.
Wars have been fought over things like men needing wives.
Right now kidnapping females to force them into marriages is common all over the Middle East, China and India/Pakistan.
Egypt has a huge problem with this.

There are always unintended consequences to every policy.
Free birth control/abortion will lead to more of those problems here in the USA.

Sorry Richard.. gotta take you to the woodshed here…..

Richard, lets cut to the Chase.
#1.. it was NONE of OBAMA’s BUSINESS!!! If it WAS, where was he, when Maher, Madcow, etc, derided CONSERVATIVE folks…. I’ll tell you where, NOWHERE to be found. PURE PARTISANSHIP on his part… just like “those Cops acted STUPIDLY”… NOT the BLACK professor who escalated the situation…. PARTISANSHIP…

#2…. What do YOU call a woman, who wants COMPENSATION, to have unfetter sex, with anyone (unmarried, and no, I’m not talking MORALS here, how about SAFETY?) for PROFIT?? I think SLUT, and WHORE are appropriate!!

How so??? SHE quoted a need to be paid $ 3000.00 … BC pills… $9 a month.. X 48 months for a 4 yr degree= $432… so, she wanted to PROFIT to the tune of $2568 for “putting out” as it were…. that will get you ARRESTED on the street…..

HER words.. HER testimony.. HER explanation.. HER figures….

Just an observation, of the FACTS in this case, from the prime star witness…….

By the way, this “poor gal” who needs OTHERS to pay for her BC.. because it’s “fiscally breaking” students like her… is CURRENTLY enjoying a vacation, in EUROPE, with some guy…..

POOR, IN NEED OF PUBLIC PAID FOR BC PILLS ???? Really??? And, when i say PUBLIC.. i mean ALL the other people, who pay for insurance.. you KNOW, costs are “averaged out, on EVERYONES back in Insurance companies… so in “essence”.. it’s the TAXPAYERS once again…. Standard thought practice for a College Liberal…

but that’ just me

well said as usual

Richard Wheeler
33 wipe your nose

Let’s be clear. I don’t give an F about Ms. Fluke and Limbaugh went over the top.Obama shouldn’t be involved.

Anybody that in any way brings Obama’s kids into this is a punk.

Rich Wheeler

@ilovebeeswarzone: still, don’t attack the kids
lets not lower ourselves to THEIR level

Dive Con
yes, your always right,
will do.

@Richard Wheeler:

Anybody that in any way brings Obama’s kids into this is a punk.

Anyone, Rich?

That’s good to know.

“The reason I called Ms. Fluke is because I thought about Malia and Sasha and one of the things that I want them to do as they get older is to engage in issues they care about, even ones that I may not agree with them on,” Obama said.


“Anyone(Obama) that in any way(discusses kids to media) brings Obama’s kids(Malia and Sasha) into this is a punk”, Richard Wheeler

Rich, you just called Obama a punk for bringing his kids into the discussion. I wonder if you realize that. I also wonder if you realize that Obama was the first to mention his kids following the blowup of Rush’s comments about Ms. Fluke. Probably not. I imagine that you think it was just us no-good, “dirty”, conservatives who did that.

Time to get off of your soapbox there, Rich, and call it a day.

J.G. Sorry about that loss to Ohio U. Cost me money. Have a Guinness and enjoy St. Paddy’s Day.
Don’t understand why anyone would make a big deal of this issue.
As said I believe all pols and most bloggers are hypocrites at some time.

I hope the lawyers keep in mind the aggressive stage of the civilians mob who had
just kill 6 AMERICAN MILITARY COWARDLY, when the trial get on, and I hope his name is no more
announce on public medias to protect him and his family forever , there are loonies in AMERICA from the same mob