The face of unions [Reader Post]

The loss of collective bargaining does not bust unions. It does not remove their ability to bargain for wages, contrary to the stupidity we’re all seeing.

At one time unions served some kind of purpose, but they are irrelevant today other than serving as a means of guaranteeing mediocrity. Unions brought the auto industry to its knees and Obama has pinned the bill for their legacy costs on our futures.

Obama Stands Up For Wisconsin Public Service Unions

Governor Scott Walker, of Wisconsin unveiled his plans to salvage the economy and budget of Wisconsin. His plan calls for sweeping legislation that will weaken public employee rights and bargaining ability.

State officials alerted the Wisconsin State Employee unions that expired collective bargaining contracts will be terminated on March 13. A budget repair bill also unveiled will do away with all collective bargaining rights for nearly all public employees and make it much easier to fire employees.