He’s directly involved [Reader Post]

Dick Morris appeared on Fox and Friends this morning and was eerily prescient. The crew was discussing Fast and Furious and the possible Eric Holder Contempt of Congress vote that looms. Someone asked Morris what he thought was going on and Morris said that it seemed that Obama was going to allow Holder to take the hits on his own over F&F. Otherwise Obama would drop a cloak of Executive Privilege over the documents, but that would in turn make it appear as though Barack Obama was directly involved in the mess.

A Huge “Say What?” January 8, 2012 edition [Reader Post]

President Barack Obama: “We’ve already seen change take pace.  2012 is about reminding the American people how far we’ve traveled.”

DNC Chief Wasserman Schultz: “Frankly, the collection of Republicans that are running for president really are pretty unremarkable. They all embrace extremism and embrace the Tea Party.”

Say What? December 12, 2011 edition [Reader Post]

First lady Michelle Obama to her husband: “You had BBQ?  You didn’t tell me you had BBQ.”

President Obama: “Too many children can no longer expect to join the middle class, the president said, no matter if they work hard and play by the rules.”  It is difficult to determine if these are his exact words.  They are attributed to him, but without quotes.  However, what this means is, what he has done so far for Americans has not worked.