The MSM’s Destruction Of The Democratic Party

Swept-up in the energy created by President Trump’s journey to the Nation’s podium to take the oath of office, is a sea of grateful Republicans. Across America Republicans have leaped to majorities in 67 state legislatures and control of 37 governorships. Over the past eight years Democrats have relinquished 800 seats in state legislatures, relegating the party to its weakest condition in almost a century. Is the fate of the Democratic party sealed? Not yet.

End The Attack By Talking Heads

The shock settles into our private thoughts looking for a place that will explain the wanton destruction of so many lives, most especially of the youngest innocents who could not …

Spoonfed And Spoiled

Without competition, we can become complacent and sure of ourselves. News broadcasting is an excellent example, the MSM who took it upon themselves to bestow the title, The Fourth Estate, upon their vocation, became overly confident that they would never be challenged from their assumed official position. Thus they were free to engage in propaganda for the Progressive Socialists with nary a challenge for decades.