A Word To The Intellectually Challenged And Biased

This is a message to Candy Crowley and all the intellectual lightweights of Obama’s state-directed propaganda bureaus: we are no longer unarmed and sitting back to be spoon fed your drivel. We will use perspicuity to check every micro piece of biased misinformation you try to palm off on America, and while you are moderating with the traditional smug and self-assured attitude and your expressions of self-designated superiority; remember, you are losing credibility and market share and we gaining credibility and market share daily.

The media war on Sarah Palin is a cover-up [Reader Post]

In a previous post Politico was shown as conducting a vendetta against Sarah Palin and along with much of the media continues the baseless bashing of Palin. It is as though Politico, TPM and the phonies at WaPo get wee-wee’d up any time Palin lands a right cross on Barack Obama. They then have editorial hissyfits in retribution for anyone daring to besmirch their leader.