Large Testicles Are At The Forefront Of A Legal Question

Virginia Tice of Bonneau, S.C., is fighting to display her testicles. She feels the First Amendment grants her the right to display her large testicles and she is challenging Police Chief Franco Fuda in court for the right to display her testicles in public.

On July 5, Chief Fuda issued he’d her a citation for displaying her testicles in the parking lot of a gas station convenience store. The citation has a $445 fine.

South Carolinians are circling the wagons in support of 65 year old Ms Tice, to protect First Amendment Rights and to allow her to display her rather large testicles.

Wild Socks With Big Feet

It’s true I have snow on the roof year round, but the sap stays up year round. The young girls in diners and coffee shops smile and call me sir: oh, how I miss the days when they’d smile and wink. Yes, I am a senior citizen and I try to accept the sentence of life without parole with as much grace and dignity as possible. Despite my advanced years and a raven haired young beauty for a girl friend, I still admire the feminine form; just because you are on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t read the menu.