The Curious Justification Of Perversion By The Left

Oh Praise The Weiner, at least until he has disgraced himself beyond levels of decency. Lies and false incriminations of criminality are acceptable to a point, but eventually, even a Democrat reaches a point too far. Now that the hounds of reality and truth have treed the dark haired spokesman for Progressivism and all things Socialist in the tree of accountability, there is still one option open.

Weiner now must fall upon the sword of mental illness; in a move meant to gather a sympathetic army of thoughtless Progressive Socialists around him, he now feigns a disease that no one has heard of, but one that guarantees him time and an excuse for his wretched behavior. He is no longer considered a wretched pervert: he is now a victim of a terrible disease and he was helpless to resist the symptoms of the disease.