Obama using the IRS to intimidate Romney donors [Reader Post]

I told you this would get ugly. And it’s getting really, really ugly.

A decade and a half ago, several women accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault. Every single one of them was audited by the IRS, including Paula Jones, who James Carville referred to as trailer park trash, and Jones had little to nothing in possessions.

Black Teenage Homicidal Maniac Gets Life For Killing British Tourists, The Families Ask Obama Why He Ignores Them

Black Teenager Shawn Tyson found two White British tourists walking drunk through the wrong neighborhood, stripped them of their clothes, forced them to their knees, and had them beg for their lives before shooting them repeatedly.

Although their families have asked our president to respond to this senseless crime of wanton violence in three different letters, he has ignored their pleas and has focused on the Martin shooting; presumably, to gain political traction in the upcoming election, since the Martin shooting fits the template of Blacks being victims rather than killers.