Eugene Robinson is not a fully formed person [Reader Post]

Eugene Robinson is an scribe for the Washington Post who specializes in embarrassing himself with ad hominem attacks on right wing personalities. Lately he’s made some scathing and offensive remarks about Rick Santorum.

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson set off alarm bells last month when he denigrated Rick Santorum as “very weird” for the manner in which Santorum and his wife mourned the loss of their newborn son Gabriel, who died within hours of his birth in 1996.

The Convenience Christian [Reader Post]

That’s the question posed by the creatures of The View the other day.

When it comes to giving to the poor…the Bible does tell us to pay our taxes. And the Bible does promote GIVING to the poor. But…the government TAKING money from one person to GIVE to another is not giving, it is TAKING. Jesus promotes CHARITIBABLE giving. FORCED giving is not giving at all, it is TAKING!