Valerie Plame is still alive [Reader Post]

The thing is, Valerie Plame is still alive. She has written a book, enjoyed endless TV appearances and even had a movie made about her.

Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty are dead. No movies, no TV appearances, no books.

Tyrone Woods was calling for help. Someone ordered that help to “stand down.”

And the press could not care less why.

The President Is Going To Hunt Down The Killers, But Don’t Bother Him With Requests For Extra Security

President Obama is much better at dealing with disasters than preventing them. He now vows he will personally hunt the al-Qaeda homicidal maniacs and kill them or maybe give them a trial so that they will have American justice, but don’t bother him with meaningless details about security. Security is beneath Obama’s pay grade.