Yes, the Left Is Cheering for Iran Now


by David Strom

Olivia Reingold of the Free Press has an unsurprising but still disappointing report about the reaction of Left-wing activists to the news that Iran attacked Israel on Saturday.

They cheered on Iran, of course.

American liberals still don’t comprehend the fact that the Left is genuinely serious about wanting to destroy the West as we know it. They believe that Western values are evil, and that every non-White person is oppressed (except if they are Republicans), and that anybody with an axe to grind against America and her allies is a friend to their cause.

In other words, the Left is on the side of evil.

At a conference where hundreds of activists were drawing up plans to disrupt the DNC (and don’t they deserve to be hoist on their own petard?!) the crowd erupted in applause at the news that Iran was striking Israel.

“It’s really inspiring to see that people are just as enthusiastic, and maybe even more enthusiastic, to march on the DNC as they are to march on the RNC,” says Omar Florez, a Milwaukee-based activist. “We can thank Genocide Joe and our movement for that.”

But then a man stumbles to the podium, wiping sweat from his forehead. He grabs the microphone to announce that the Islamic regime of Iran has launched missiles and drones heading straight toward Israel.

“They believe that they will be in Palestinian—I don’t call it Israeli—airspace between two and four a.m., which means about two to four hours from now,” he says. “In addition, there are reports of drones having been fired on Israel from Yemen and Iraq.”

The crowd, all wearing black N95s, erupts into applause. Someone in the back lowers their mask to send a celebratory whistle soaring throughout the room.

None of this should be surprising to those of us who track the Left and pay attention to what they say and do, but it’s clear to me that the average Democrat has no idea who they have been in bed with for decades.

Sure, they hear the radical ideas, but they just assume that the Left is spewing hyperbole and don’t actually mean what they say.

They mean what they say. You bet they do.

Americans gathering together to chant “Death to America” and Death to Israel” warms the hearts of Leftists, so we shouldn’t be surprised when they also chant “hands off Iran” as the Islamic state sends drones and cruise missiles to kill Israelis.

They have picked a side, and it’s not ours. Nor is it for peace. “Death to…” is not a call for peace.

“This is when this country and the world needs us because the United States is going to, quote unquote, defend the criminal Israeli state,” says Abudayyeh, whose home was raided by the FBI in 2010 as part of an investigation “concerning the material support of terrorism.”

“We have to assume that the United States is going to try to retaliate against Iran.”

After the boos and calls of “shame” subside, Abudayyeh says it is “incumbent” upon Americans to “stop the United States from expanding this war and hitting Iran.”

“We’ve got to be the strong, powerful anti-war movement that we are,” he says, placing the microphone down and exiting the stage.

The crowd immediately began chanting, “Hands off Iran.”

A woman in a hot pink gas mask, wielding a matching neon cane and dressed in a “Protect Trans Kids” t-shirt, throws her fist in the air.

As I have said numerous times, while I support Israel’s war effort, I fully comprehend why others believe that their tactics are either counterproductive or outright unethical. I think the former may have a point, given world opinion, and that the latter are naive and haven’t thought things through. They are giving in to emotionalism.

But the Left is not anti-Israel because of their strategy or tactics in fighting Hamas. They hate Israel and, in most cases, Jews, whom they see as the apotheosis of Whiteness because they are successful in Western countries.

In other words, they side with Hamas and the terrorists and make no bones about it. They tell us so often enough, but too many people don’t listen.

Joe Iosbaker, an organizer with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, which called October 7 a “good turn of events” in its press release about the terrorist attacks, tells me he supports Iran. His organization has since released a statement backing Iran, where citizens gathered to shout “Death to America” during their nation’s strike against Israel Saturday night.

“We demand hands off Iran,” the statement says. “The people have power, and we will exercise it in the streets.”

Given the choice between good and evil, the Left everywhere and always chooses evil. It is their guiding star, and that is why Leftists always leave a trail of bodies behind them wherever they go.

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Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Iran face severe challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents. Sexual activity between members of the same sex is illegal and can be punishable by death.
Sharia differs from one place to the next in the Muslim world, but this is a near constant.
Death might be replaced by such severe beating that many die.
Death might be replaced by imprisonment where many get killed by fellow prisoners.
Death might be replaced by slavery and being worked to death slowly.
You’d think the “Left” would know this by now.

Sound up all those leftists bottom dwellers and strand them in the Swiss Alps in the dead of winter

Yes, the left is on the side of evil. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is their mantra. The United States, where they live with minimal effort and stress, where they enjoy freedoms unknown in many places around the world, is their enemy.

The left today accumulates everything that is bad for this country and the world. The Democrat party fully represents them.

And we now learn that this was not some “face saving” limited raid without evil intent. About half of Iran’s missiles failed to get out of Iran, so they intended a much more devastating attack. So, why is Israel not supposed to respond?

In a reminder of how much Arabs actually care about Arab lives, the only casualty of the Iranian raid is 7 year old Bedouin girl, in critical condition. Of course, none of the Ministry of Propaganda mentions this.

About half of Iran’s missiles failed to get out of Iran due to malfunctions or crashing after takeoff.
Maybe Israel hacked their missile launch codes and only got about half of them.

You can’t rule anything out with the Israelis, which is why it is good to have them on our team. We have practically no intelligence in the area and got in big trouble relying on “informers” regarding Iraq. But, obviously, Iraq’s attack was definitely intended to cause damage to kill people.