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This reminded me that the Kansas City Chiefs QB, Mahomes and his receiver, Keilsy (sp?) have a secret code when they want to trick their own team as well as their oppenent.
That makes the pass and his receiver’s placement a surprise all around.
Keilsy comes up next to Mahomes in the huddle and slides the side of his hand down mahomes’ back, either to the left side, the right side or the center.

But when joe does this touching to children he is getting off.
He shoots, he scores!
Until he forgets then needs another victim.
Seems like his many handlers can’t keep up with him when he makes that beeline for a child.

Not Trump, that’s for sure.

Trump’s return in 2024 will end this madness.

Whos kid was that? Everyone should know by now to never leave anyone underage unattended with Grandpa badfingers..

Sick MFers, that’s who. Is it any wonder this guy pushes grooming of children?