What’s In The Full Mueller Report?…


First things first.  We cannot approach the analysis of Robert Mueller or any of the officials within the closed-circle of the DC fiefdom from a reference drawn from our own personal experiences.  The people we are discussing are not connected to a frame of reference carried by 99% of the American population.

The DC elites are people born to live in a hierarchy of power and position disconnected from any external tribe.  Their sense of self-importance is affirmed by perceived status and expressed through their daily conduct. A world of think-tanks, superiority training, traditions and policy-making enhances their sanctimonious self-importance at a pathological level. The common reference would be James Comey.

These cloistered communities generate people who find themselves in line during a vacation and cannot reconcile their wait-time amid those who do not recognize them.  Their frame of reference is to stand aghast saying: “don’t you know who I am?

Back in their tribal DC community their restaurant seating is determined by their status; an unspoken social structure where simple indulgences are afforded in relation to their inherent power and social position within the community.

If we attempt to reconcile corrupt behaviors and motives from our own social reference points, nothing they do makes sense. However, if we accept that inside their bubble their norms, customs and structures are exclusive to a particular sect of life amid those who make the rules everyone else must abide by; then their corrupt behavior -and more specifically their underlying motive- becomes more understandable.

Within this community Donald Trump was/is an unwelcome outsider.  Trump has no appreciation for the cultural entitlement earned by honoring the status of those who have gained higher social rank.

There is also no party identity amid DC’s executive suites where the heavily indulged discuss legislating their wisdom to the unrefined outsiders. A vulgarian is to be rejected by both clubs within the political network of the UniParty.

This inherent sense of self-importance exists amid all of the officials discussed in the surrounding story of how the administrative state targeted Trump. Additionally, this social compact permits unlawful conduct if the tribe is threatened. Rules and laws do not apply when the DC tribe feels threatened.

With the Mueller probe officially concluding, people are starting to ask:

‘When exactly did Robert Mueller determine there was no Russian collusion/conspiracy?’

The answer is not complex, because all the characters knew there was no Russian collusion/conspiracy, ever. They knew the narrative was created; they participated in the creation; the Russian conspiracy narrative was a necessary element toward the goal of eliminating Trump. Remember what FBI Agent Peter Strzok said:

…”you and I both know the odds are nothing. If I thought it was likely, I’d be there no question. I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern there’s no big there there.”

(Text Message Link – See Page #459, March 19th, 2017)
These investigative participants created the collusion narrative behind one-way glass that constructs their bubble.  They have no idea that we, the unwashed masses, were/are looking at them; watching them.

These superior investigative minds cannot fathom that we have watched each part of the construct.  Their current status is like the Wizard of Oz after Toto pulled back the curtain… They are still yelling into the microphone.  In depositions and testimony they have to pretend not to know things.  It looks silly to us, but not to them.

The most overlooked aspect is how the 2016 DOJ/FBI investigative unit that existed to investigate Trump before the election, is the same group of people who transferred into Mueller’s probe in 2017 to continue investigating Trump after the election.  It always seems odd to me that people don’t realize this very basic point.

If what the investigators were doing in 2016 was unethical, corrupt and likely unlawful, it is not wise to think they suddenly became bastions of investigative moral integrity just because they transferred into the Mueller probe in 2017.  In fact, the reality is, those same people held/hold a motive to cover-up for their prior conduct; and, for the purposes of Robert Mueller, their corrupt motives were perfectly aligned.

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