What Won’t the Swamp Do to Stop Trump?


By Pete McArdle

Should Donald Trump get re-elected as president, karma’s gonna be one serious you-know-what!

For nearly a decade, the D.C. swamp has used every tool in its arsenal to take down first candidate, then president, and then citizen Donald J. Trump.

They’ve lied, connived, impeached, indicted, sued, misconstrued, cheated, deleted, changed laws, ignored laws, and just plain broken laws to take The Donald down.

Heck, they used a pandemic virus — which wee Tony Fauci helped fund the synthesis of, and later dissembled about the provenance of, all while becoming a saint to the left and filthy rich — to unilaterally, and without consent of the people, change voting laws and lead many to believe that the 2020 election was illegitimate.

If they’ve half a brain in their head — which precludes President Biden, his V.P., and his press secretary — creatures of the swamp should be quaking in their hip boots about now. Because if Trump earns a second term, vengeance — or restorative justice, if you prefer — will be for the Lord of Queens.  And trust me, his wrath is already mighty, and it’s just April!

So, what can we expect from the various and sundry Swamp species who hate former president Trump, personal freedom, and America as it was founded in equal measure?

Almost anything.

Let’s take some time, hold our noses, and explore the worst of the swamp denizens.


Who cooked up the Russian Collusion scam, paid for it through cut-outs, lied about it, and also skated on charges of mishandling classified information after deleting oodles of subpoenaed information?  And who has also, along with her cigar- and Jeffrey Epstein–loving husband, left a trail of bodies of close associates in their foul wake?

That’s right: Crooked Hillary.  What the Chappaqua Clintons might try answers itself.

The Lightbringer

When it comes to hating both DJT and America, you’d have a hard time besting Barry O.  Although half-Caucasian, Barry’s none too keen on Whitey, either.  The man who wrote to a girlfriend that he made love to men daily — in his imagination, cough, cough! — was at the helm for all of the extra-constitutional efforts made against Trump from day one of his presidential candidacy.

Many think the Lightbringer pulls all the broken puppet Biden’s strings as our country currently spirals into hopelessness and disaster.  What awful attack on Trump do you think Barack’s cooking up for this election?

Weekend at Biden’s

What’s Joe Biden cooking up to best Donald Trump?

Ha, ha!  That was a joke.  Joe’s so fried, they won’t let him near the toaster.  He’s so out to lunch now, his mouth is always open, the better to catch flies.  Biden doesn’t know Hamas from hummus, despite the extra-large font on his teleprompter and note cards.  Old Joe, in his ever less frequent moments of lucidity, is undoubtedly more concerned about his next bowel movement than, you know, that ultra-MAGA guy!  No joke.

Funny Business, Incorporated

Christopher Wray is turning more gray every time he reads a poll regarding the next election.  All the funny business he and his corrupt and senile (respectively) predecessors Comey and Mueller pulled to take down a sitting president will surely be avenged if Trump wins in November.  To protect themselves, what false flag operation, un-predicated investigation, or phony FISA warrant will the FBI execute this time around?

The Fake News Media

Trump makes secret deal with Martians!  Trump says all cops are sissies!  Trump actually ate Biden’s Uncle Bosie! Is there any absurdity, any trumped up hearsay, any half-baked lie or supposition the mainstream media could peddle that would surprise you?  No?

Me, neither.

It’s gonna be tough to beat Russian prostitutes peeing on a bed.  Still, that won’t stop our rancid, reptilian media from trying to sway the next election with their lies.


BLM’s been awfully quiet since Barry O. presumably took over the show.  Strange, that, what with our terribly racist, white supremacist society.

Methinks that’s going to change as soon as Trump is inaugurated next January.  There will be mostly peaceful riots in Democrat-run cities everywhere, no one will be prosecuted, and somehow it will all be Trump’s fault.  And the brave BLM leaders will, no doubt, purchase a few more mansions while nobody’s looking.


Should Trump win in November, there will be no more terrified group than the vast majority of Republicans who only pretend to oppose the swamp.  McConnell, Johnson, McCarthy, Romney, Pence, Haley, Barr, Crenshaw, Graham — the list is endless.  They’re simply snakes ready to slither over to their Democrat brethren at the first sign of trouble.  What nonsense or mischief will they agree to to stop their richly deserved reckoning?

Illegal Aliens

The great unwashed and unvetted horde traipsing across our southern border is extremely grateful to one man: our sad pretend president, along with the fetid swamp he represents.  How many of these “newcomers,” with the help of Democrat organizations nationwide, will find a way to vote for Slow Joe?

And who will stop them?  Certainly not the election observers, the RINOs, or the courts — the same folks who strenuously looked the other way in 2020.

Big Tech

Run by libs, married to Democrats, and funded by globalists, Big Tech represents the bull alligators of the Swamp.  They lie half-submerged in the murky water, waiting for the truth to come along before snatching it in their awful jaws, and then drowning it in the muck.

And trust me: they will lie their scaly hides off to prevent Donald Trump from winning in November.

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This should be the nation’s vengeance. The vengeance of the Constitution. The vengeance of the Founding Fathers. None of those attacks were attacks on Trump; they were attacks to keep the nation steered towards fascism, socialism, totalitarianism and ultimately, the police state. This should not be tolerated nor should it be encouraged by “forgiveness”.

One of the best ways to save America and send the Invasion is to pulled out of the United Nations and moved the whole rotten lot to Moscow or Beijing we can turn the UN Facility into a Homeless Shelter