What Hostages? Media Ignore Hamas’ Captives, Oct. 7 Massacre


by Rinat Harash

For the past five months, Israel has repeatedly stated its aims in the war against Hamas: destroying the terrorist organization and releasing the hostages abducted during its deadly October 7 attack on the Jewish state.

But as these goals are supposedly within reach — pending an Israeli incursion into Gaza’s southernmost city of Rafah — international media seem to have suddenly caught amnesia regarding the remaining 134 Israeli hostages and the barbaric Hamas massacre that sparked the war.

With coverage focused almost entirely on the plight of Gazans sheltering in Rafah coupled with apocalyptic prophecies on their eternally imminent doom, the result of such omissions is a moral inversion that robs Israel of its right to self defence: Israel has become the aggressor in a war that has been forced upon it, and justice has turned into injustice.

As shown in the following examples, this inversion is achieved by using simple yet subtle reporting tactics — media either omit Israel’s war aims altogether or mention only the destruction of Hamas without referring to the hostages. And there is no detailing of what  happened on October 7, when Hamas terrorists brutally slaughtered 1,200 people in Israel and kidnapped some 240 others into Gaza.

No Hamas, No Hostages

Time Magazine and Reuters took the simple route: they totally omitted the hostages and Israel’s justification for the Rafah operation from their recent reports.

Disturbingly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been widely quoted explaining why it was necessary to operate in Rafah in order to eliminate Hamas and release the remaining hostages.

But instead of reporting it, Time Magazine made it look like Israel was fighting against America, not Hamas:

By approving plans for the offensive, which the Israeli military says involve moving civilians to designated “humanitarian islands” elsewhere in the Strip, Netanyahu has signaled his intent to cross that red line.

In fact, the word “Hamas” is mentioned only once in Time Magazine’s report, in the very last paragraph. And there is no mention of the October 7th massacre and the hostages.

The same problems plague Reuters’ report: it fails to mention the hostages and Hamas’ October 7th attack, and ignores Israel’s reasoning for a ground operation in Rafah.

What Reuters does include is a paragraph that creates the impression that Israel is arbitrarily planning to endanger over a million Gazans in the cramped city:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reaffirmed to a cabinet meeting on Sunday that Israeli forces would thrust into Rafah, the last relatively safe place in the tiny, crowded Gaza enclave after more than five months of war, despite international pressure for Israel to avoid civilian casualties.

And to top it off, the word “Hamas” isn’t mentioned at all in the Reuters report.

Undermining Israel’s Justification

AP and The New York Times took a more subtle approach.

They quoted Netanyahu on the need to enter Rafah to eliminate Hamas, but omitted his reference to the hostages and glossed over October 7th without elaboration.

So uninformed readers are left to wonder what exactly had Hamas done to warrant such a reaction from Israel. After all, not every “attack,” as it is dryly described by The New York Times, justifies such a military campaign.

And these omissions are all the more mind-boggling judging from the articles’ headlines, which seem to promise a full explanation as to why the Rafah operation is necessary for Israel:


But ignoring the existence of hostages and Hamas’ massacre that ignited the war, while focusing instead on the suffering of displaced Palestinians, is not only bad journalism.

It is tantamount to undermining Israel’s right to respond to a genocidal threat.

By doing so, media paint a picture that actively serves Hamas’ agenda.


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Antisemites have been using every opportunity to erase reasons Jews are worth having on earth.
A while back people started noticing that Art Garfunkel of Simon and Garfunkel had been erased from their music!
Erasing the hostages from the news coverage of the Israeli/Hamas conflict makes Israel seem illogical or”genocidal.”
But appearances can be deceiving.
Especially when deceiving is done on purpose.

Of course they serve Hamas’ agenda. The UN could take steps to punish Iran for supporting Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houtis and international terrorism but then they would have to choose between supporting bloodthirsty, cowardly, murderous terrorists or Jews. Their choice, and the choice made by all those that pretend October 7th simply didn’t happen and demand Israel set itself up for the NEXT inevitable attack, is pretty clear.

So why dose the M.S. Media hide the truth from us? Can we say For Politics?

Because if the Ministry of Propaganda reported the truth, there would be no support for the left (aside from the criminals that for the leftist ruling elite).

All those who take Hostages should get Life without Parole