West-hating pro-Palestinian protests are a harbinger of much worse to come



Covid is long since over, but the protesters still wear face masks: the ignorant, entitled little delinquents running riot in so many of the world’s greatest universities are truly an embarrassment. The product of a catastrophic social experiment, of years of brainwashing and coddling, they embody all of the Western world’s most debilitating pathologies.

Their childish, self-important antics would be risible were their normalisation of hatred not so ominous, their rejection of democratic, liberal and conservative norms alike not so terrifying. Previous generations of protesters at least had a cause, sometimes a very powerful and just one; this bunch are self-loathing, inchoate nihilists who hate the West, hate America, hate Britain, hate Israel, and want to tear down everything great about our civilisation.

The keffiyeh-clad protesters claim to support the Palestinian cause, but are staggeringly ignorant about the realities of the Middle East. They entirely lack theological understanding. They don’t know any history, ancient or modern, and often readily admit as much. They have no idea how many peace deals the Palestinian establishment has rejected over the decades, and couldn’t really care less. They spout whatever fake news is fed to them via TikTok, or the latest made-up statistics from the Hamas health authorities.

They wave LGBTQ+ flags while chanting “from the river to the sea”, not realising that gay people are routinely murdered in Islamist dictatorships. They purport to care about minorities, but all too frequently have been filmed engaging in despicable anti-Semitic hate speech, such as calling on Jews to “return to Poland”. They don’t understand the difference between free speech and intimidation, trespass and violence.

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We don’t want these Hamas supporters living in America remove them then revoke their Citizenships and Parachute them into the Gobi Desert

In essence, they are stupid, which is why they fall out into the left.

These are just the logical mutant descendants of the 60s anarchists’, BLMs, Antifa mongrels, that have been created in the petri dishes of university for decades. Egged on by foundations, media. racists, communists, and the usual anarchists they are what I have come to expect from the Left. One usually sees their kind in spectic tanks.