Weaponizing Justice: Trump Allies Targeted in Legal Vendetta


by Capt. Seth Keshel

Yesterday, insecure Democrat blowhards and election fraud beneficiaries in Michigan and Arizona trickled out news and charges related to the so-called fake electors scheme being used to intimidate election dissenters out of having an opinion about future outcomes – perhaps, say, seven months from now.

In Michigan, it was revealed in a cross examination that President Trump, Mark Meadows, and Rudy Giuliani, among others, are unindicted conspirators in a case spearheaded by Dana Nessel, the state’s insufferable Attorney General who operates with an iron fist, seeks to weaponize law enforcement against her critics, and shows up drunk at college football games.  This isn’t shocking news, because Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes, who I ominously profiled last week, came out with her shitlist of indictments against Arizona’s alternate electors, which includes two current legislators, and it is plainly clear that Trump is unindicted coconspirator 1 (unless there is another former president known for rightly claiming the outcome of the 2020 was fraudulent).

Put another quarter in the outrage machine and let MSNBC take another victory lap.  Here in the land of liberty, if you don’t think an election was decided fairly, you’d better keep it to yourself and bend the knee to people who lack the fundamental understanding of what it is that makes men free.  Nessel and Mayes, in light of their tenacity in pursuing those who sought a fair shake, are both complying with the expectations of those who bought their ways into office and are doing so under the guise of protecting democracy.

We all know that is a gaslighting whopper of a lie spun for print in the most widely circulated propaganda rags, but the most ignorant, surface-level thinkers don’t bother to look for what I believe are three key takeawaysfor the deliberate operation taken against alternate electors and architects of that plan in the period between the 2020 quasi-election and January 6, 2021:

I.                             Alternate Electors are not Unprecedented

In case you’re worried I’m biased, here is a link to a piece from a think tank that clearly supports the decision to certify Joe Biden as the 2020 winner and next president.  That article provides context into the 1876 dispute between Republican Rutherford Hayes and Democrat Samuel Tilden in which South Carolina, Louisiana, and Florida were disputed.  Hayes needed to carry all three to win the presidency, and multiple slates of electors went flying.  Ultimately, Hayes was inaugurated, but was plagued with the nickname his fraudulency for four years before giving way to James Garfield.

Alternate electors, which also came into play in Hawaii in 1960, can be expected in the event of a disputed election, and over three years later, five out of eight American likely voters believe Donald Trump should have been reelected.  Seven states appointed slates of alternate electors, and architect John Eastman anticipated they would be needed in the event of Mike Pence doing more than rubber stamping the states’ corrupt results.  Had challenges to certification been upheld, something would have had to stand in for results potentially set aside.  Since we have now established that, although rare, alternate elector slates do exist, it is clear that Nessel, Mayes, and others following suit are making…


II.                         Future Investments in Intimidation

Let me drill this through – the only easy day was yesterday.  No one is going to allow a change agent to simply waltz into any substantial office in which they seek to bulldoze decades of entrenched corruption (see Arizona gubernatorial race, 2022, for another example).  In seeking to ruin the lives of the alternate electors, many of whom are elderly, everyday people, Nessel and Mayes are throwing the equivalent of a 96 mile-per-hour heater under the chin to make sure the rest of the lineup is unwilling to dig in.  They take significant and twisted pleasure in watching people like Jenna Ellis writhe in rehearsed remorse and wish to repurpose the sentences passed on to these alternate electors into proverbial heads on pikes at the city gates to illicit a much different response the next time the Uniparty apparatus needs to break the glass in case of emergency during a major election.

III.                      The Uniparty Plays to Win

My piece focused on Mayes, who “won” her election by 280 ballots, with defeat inevitable had provisional ballots cast on Election Day been counted, shows that she is a committed Uniparty acolyte who is in office to accomplish what she was sent to do – shift the Overton window surrounding what Americans should expect from a state’s top law enforcement officer and provide suppressive fire for America’s new ground zero for political corruption.  Nessel has similar personal and professional standards (low ones) and likewise has no interest in ensuring a free and fair system of elections.  It is nearly impossible to find Republicans, with notable exceptions like Ken Paxton, who are willing to call corruption for what it is and use their offices for more than personal branding and stepping stones for advancement.

Nearly all Republicans, if handed a scenario in which their ideological rivals had done something significantly felonious (not a plan to appoint alternate electors), would uniformly opt to move on, and would heap praise upon themselves for being magnanimous and seeking to detoxify the political discourse.  Just look at the lifeless Republican cadavers in the U.S. House who were content to let their cocktail party buddy Adam Schiff off the hook when his ass was grass.  Not so with the Democrats!  While I loathe everything they stand for, I recognize their willingness to use all means necessary to exterminate their political enemies and understand that we are being proverbially shot at.


These cases are advancing forward with ill intent and are designed to send a message to those who seek to resist corrupt processes.  A more sincere way to prove a pudding-brained potato was twice-rejected for his party’s presidential nomination, didn’t campaign, and got over 81 million ballots, including over 2.8 million in Michigan and almost 1.7 million in Arizona, would be to prove it with a cross reference of voter rolls, ensuring each ballot came from a real, eligible voter, who voted with intent, and voted once.  It would make us hang our heads in shame for questioning our benevolent government, who subjects us to an open border, trade deals that send away our jobs, aid to countries who launder our money and enrich political cronies, and wars that won’t end that we can’t win, but would never, and I mean never, collude to rig the outcome of critical elections that would further their day-to-day objectives if they went how the kingmakers wanted.


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This is the problem with the Ministry of Propaganda. They support the lies the Democrats tell the people by not refuting them.

Criminal Justice is the Constitution’s only domestic defensive weapon.

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Im sure we can find just as or many more ex-Democrats to make such drivel. We dont care about quitters the polls say much about the feelings of the voters. They want out of the weird debaucherous sexually perverted forced in your face whether you want it or not Democrat administration.
We just need more of these feel good stories.
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