‘We Are in The Thick of an Invasion’: More than 12,000 Illegal Aliens from 48 Countries Apprehended in Tucson Sector Alone This Week


By AG News Staff

2,081 illegal aliens were apprehended from 48 separate countries in the U.S Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector during this past week, reported the Tucson Standard.

The publication was reporting on data shared on X by John R. Modlin, Chief Patrol Agent of the sector:

Arizona State Sen. Janae Shamp (R-Surprise) said the numbers are further evidence that we are in “the thick of an invasion,” telling the NW Valley Times:

Thanks to the Biden Administration’s refusal to secure our border, the illegal activity – including an unprecedented amount of human smuggling and drug smuggling—are no longer mere issues. We are in the thick of an invasion. It’s time to take the handcuffs off our sheriffs who have been elected to protect the citizens of Arizona, which is why I introduced the Arizona Border Invasion Act – SB 1231.

Shamp’s bill would make it a crime in Arizona to cross the border from Mexico into the state, except through official ports of entry. It would also provide liability protections for state and local officials who enforce the law.

In addition to the illegal alien apprehensions, Modlin also reported there were also 23 human smuggling events, which makes 66 such events reported during the past three weeks in the Tucson Sector.


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That’s because Abbott shut off Texas. Walls work, even if they are a wall of containers, fencing and razor wire.

The new politically correct term is Ouchie Slinky, razor wire is to harsh and scary.

A president can unilaterally close the border. At this point in time, there is no need for any new laws to secure the border. It is time to cut to the chase. biden is not in charge. He is a puppet. There are people behind the curtains calling the shots. biden is not mentally capable of dealing with the complexities of the office.

Last edited 17 days ago by TrumpWon


The safety of Americans is at a level perhaps never before experienced. biden is in no condition to provide the security Americans need. It is as if the democrats want this. How else would one explain this dereliction of duty?

Of course he can. Trump proved it can be done, by a competent leader. The only problem is there is probably 50,000 illegal immigrants in transit across Mexico at any given time, but that’s Mexico’s problem. They should have known better and secured their OWN border.

To all the Build Bridges Not Walls Nit-Wits this is Invasion of America by the CFR,DNC Soros and his Open Society and the full support of the United Nations. Those Five Latino scum who beat the cop should rot in Prison until the day they die then cremated their bodies and scatter the ashes over Soros vast Estate