Washington Post’s Lead Liar Waves Away Mountain Of Evidence To Claim Biden Corruption Proof Is ‘Scant’


by Jordan Boyd

The Washington Post’s lead fake fact-checker Glenn Kessler accused House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer of offering “scant” evidence of Biden family corruption but failed to dispute any of the oodles of evidence the Republican outlined in a recent interview.

In a conversation with Fox News’s Jimmy Failla on Monday, Comer gave a rundown of the evidence including the fact that nearly a dozen Biden family members received payments first shuffled through several Biden-linked bank accounts. The money was sourced from various business deals with foreign oligarchs who had a vested interest in making friends with a high-level U.S. official like a vice president. Those payments were also at the center of the IRS’s tax investigation against Hunter Biden.

President Joe Biden unquestionably benefitted from this arrangement after receiving a $40,000 CEFC China Energy check from his brother in 2017 and another $200,000 in Americore cash that Jim claimed were personal loan repayments. Biden’s bookkeeper Eric Schwerin testified this month that despite his intimate relationship with the then-VP’s finances, he never saw any indication that Biden handed out loans to anyone.

After hearing this summation of the Biden family shenanigans, Kessler published an article on Thursday complaining that the corruption evidence Comer mentioned during the media clip is “scant.”

Kessler pretended to “dissect” Comer’s comments but did not challenge any of the evidence the Republican mentioned. He simply took issue with how Comer, who has offered countless interviews and press conferences on the matter, delivered the information in the brief TV appearance with Failla.

In the clip, Comer mentioned “ten different Biden family members that received” diluted payments from foreign companies

Kessler agreed that Jim Biden, Sara Biden, Hallie Biden, Melissa Cohen, Kathleen Buhle, three unnamed children, Hunter Biden, and Joe — 10 Biden family members — received the shell company payments. Yet he contested Comer’s claims on the grounds that “virtually all of this money flowed to Hunter Biden” and “The others received relatively small amounts.”

It shouldn’t matter if the Biden relatives were paid only $1 instead of $10 million. The House Oversight Committee’s revelation last year that it had bank records detailing foreign companies’ payments to the Bidens wholly contradicts the president’s lies, which Kessler thinks are unnecessary to track, that there is an “absolute wall” between business and family.

Kessler also took issue with Comer’s characterization of payments “for services that we have yet to determine.” Even after readily ignoring the testimony of Biden family associates who said Hunter was often included in deals because of his father’s “brand,” Kessler admitted Hunter wasn’t necessarily qualified for every position he had.

Kessler tried to take issue with other parts of Comer’s interview, including when he claimed the money came from at least five foreign countries, but failed to counter any of the facts presented. Instead, he griped about Comer calling the foreign oligarchs “bad people in bad countries

“Another sweeping generalization,” Kessler wrote. “The United States is a strong supporter of Ukraine in its war against Russia.”

The committee leaves no publicly presented fact unaccounted for, including clarifying that the “nearly $30 million” invoked by Comer in the interview “includes loans to pay Hunter’s taxes and the sale of his artwork.” Yet Kessler spends more than 1,200 words casting doubt on the committee’s findings simply because he doesn’t like them.

Kessler’s nitpicking doesn’t change the facts of the case. The Bidens sold access to their patriarch to foreign companies, many of them closely linked to their home country’s government, in exchange for millions. There are bank receiptsWhite House visitor logstestimonies from Biden business partnerstext messages, and other documents indicating the Biden family profited off their patriarch’s name and position.

Anyone who bothers to read the article will quickly realize Kessler is not disputing that the Bidens used their patriarch’s name to maintain an international influence-peddling scheme that financially benefitted their family. Instead, Kessler focused on splitting hairs and complaining that Comer generalized information that has been publicly available to media mouthpieces like Kessler to review for months if not years.

The Washington Post’s profound dishonesty should come as no surprise considering the publication shamelessly advanced the Russia collusion hoax and platformed the Brett Kavanaugh rape conspiracy.

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The Washington Compost claims the World is Flat. WE have more reasons to quit trusting the M.S. Media

It’s so effin’ skant they’re embarrassed to proceed. Their deer-in-the-headlights moment might be near at hand. They’re as nervous as cats…

There are bank receiptsWhite House visitor logstestimonies from Biden business partnerstext messages, and other documents indicating the Biden family profited off their patriarch’s name and position.
White house visitor logs proves Buyden participated.
I wonder what kick back is expected by having the taxpayer pay pick up the tab on the key bridge and let the insurance company $kip out on a multi billion dollar claim.

Last edited 22 days ago by kitt

Maybe family members have done. Hunter was clearly running a phony influence scam. That doesn’t mean Joe Biden was complicit. For that, they haven’t got a bit of evidence. They’ve only got their own claims.

Meanwhile, there’s ZERO republican interest in the $2 Billion cash infusion Jared received from Mohammed bin Salman. Jared, who represented the government officially through Trump’s appointment.

Last edited 22 days ago by Greg

I read up on that does not seem to be any there there, no shell companies no checks to grand kids, no loan repayments with zero proof of loan, like everyone has 40 to 200 grand stashed to loan out to relatives with zero proof no IOU.
He still runs the investment firm, dabbles in international business no prostitutes no blow no russian widows no naked minors that happen to be his niece, no tax fraud.
No salary was given from us tax payers to him yet they still did well.
Shame assholes hounded Trumps daughter out of business, her clothing line was nice.
2 billion from Saudis is pocket change to them and happened after Trump left the White House from a 620 billion dollar fund.
It was fully documented with the SEC.

Greg runs on Ignorance not knowledge a proof they depend upon the M.S. Media Bottom Feeders too much

Maybe family members have done. Hunter was clearly running a phony influence scam. That doesn’t mean Joe Biden was complicit.

So, then, why isn’t the DoJ going after them? What do you think those checks for “loan repayments” for loans never made were for? How about Hunter paying Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s bills, including repairs and improvements on his homes? That came out of the same account the influence peddling money was going into. That is the same as the money going directly to Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, only laundered.

Hunter even invoked Pop’s name/office in his influence peddling/extortion schemes. Why was Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden denying having ANY knowledge of Hunter’s business? And what is with all these aliases used to conduct business with Hunter on government emails?

Note that Kushner didn’t receive money WHILE representing the government, as Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden did, AND he didn’t actually receive any money.

You are embarrassing yourself.


DNC Activist Warns Democrats to Stop Registering Young Voters, “They’re Gonna Vote for Trump”

comment image

The data shows that when Democrats help register young voters, they end up registering people who will vote for Trump. Now they are considering not even holding voter registration drives in target markets because they align with Trump.

WAPO – […] A confidential memo circulated among top Democratic donors has sparked a furious debate in Democratic circles about whether to narrow the focus of voter registration efforts to avoid signing up likely Republicans.

For decades, nonpartisan groups allied with the Democratic Party have run wide-ranging efforts aimed at increasing voter registration among people of color and young people — groups that tend to lean Democratic but have historically voted at lower rates than older and White people.

In recent years, however, there has been a marked shift among the roughly one in five citizens of voting age who are unregistered toward Republicans, raising fresh questions about how much boosting nonpartisan voter registration could help presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump heading into November.

Aaron Strauss, an influential data scientist who helps direct progressive spending at the firm OpenLabs, sparked private disagreements over this issue in January when he sent about a dozen major Democratic donors a confidential memo that challenged traditional nonpartisan registration.

[…] Polls in recent months have regularly shown Biden polling below 2020 levels among Black and Latino voters. A recent Quinnipiac University poll found Biden pulling support from 60 percent of Black voters and 34 percent of Hispanic voters in a five way race with Trump and three third-party candidates. Exit polls in 2020 showed Biden winning 87 percent of the Black voter and 65 percent of the Latino vote.

(read more


comment image

comment image

Last edited 21 days ago by TrumpWon

So, suppress voter registration unless they vote Democrat. Which Jim Crow version is this?

Fest your eyes upon these Greg you Moron

Transsexuals for Trump?

If they actually loved this country they’d be for Trump.

Kessler does the same thing every other leftist (Greg, for instance), does. When faced with the overwhelming evidence, just reply, “Nuh-uh!” Yet, any and all accusations made against Trump, no matter how decisively debunked with evidence (or lack thereof) is and remains to be believed. That is a special kind of willful ignorance.

It is indisputable that Hunter was peddling US influence and raking in millions of dollars (which he patriotically evaded paying taxes on). Hunter himself complained about giving Pop 50% of his take AND paying his bills, so there is a direct connection between Hunter’s influence peddling and getting paid. And that’s just a part of it. Why have the shell companies? Why write fake checks to repay loans that were never made? Why all the easily exposed lies? Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden corruption is undeniable. Democrats simply don’t care as long as they wield the power.