Unveiling the Playbook: How Governments Exploit Fear for Power


by el gato malo

“All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country.”

this line which many have sought to claim is inauthentic comes from herman goering, former president of the reichstag, in an interview with gustave gilbert during his war crimes trial in nuremberg.

the full quote is all the more chilling in its entitlement, utter lack of ethics, and seemingly blasé presumption that power justifies power. you just “drag the people along.”

it is an unfortunately old and widespread playbook.

and it does make you wonder about some stuff like this:

i mean, my goodness. another unprecedented crisis!

in an election year no less.

quite the the co-ink-i-dink.

but it sure smells a lot fishier when combined with things like this:

which seems a bit a of a striking choice in the light of such “purported risks.”

we have money to settle the very folks we’re proclaiming a terror threat into our own cities all while funding the other side in the war that’s making them furious, but not to secure the border?

interesting set of priorities.

this starts to smell like the berlin fire department publicly fretting about the reichstag building while the government store down the street is having a 2 for 1 sale on molotov cocktails.

are they, quite literally, importing a threat so that they can menace us with it and use it to generate the fear and hectoring opprobrium of a “crisis” that will allow them to flex their new FISA powers and grab hold of many more besides?

the patriot act gutted US civil liberties and gave this “permanent state” all manner of new and unaccountable power. it was a response to a terror attack.

are they setting up the next one so they can run this playbook again?

because it sure looks like maybe they are.

and suddenly we have violence and violent protest kicking up all over the world, just in time for elections.


is this the new BLM, now global?

will “islamic unrest” be the new covid for massive rights usurpation and global coordination?

the WSJ is finding all manner of left leaning activism underneath these “spontaneous protests.”

The recent anti-Israel protests are often portrayed as a spontaneous uprising of student indignation against the Gaza war. But we’re learning that behind the young idealists is an organized movement of leftists who want to spread disorder and whose candid strategy is to defy school administrators and police to achieve their radical goals.

A window on this movement is CrimethInc.com, a website that has become a hub for anarchists, Antifa activists and radical leftists. In recent weeks it has published anonymous reports from around the country drawing lessons from various campus protests. They reveal the method behind the mayhem—and a plan to use violence and break the law.

if it seems like a playbook, it’s because well, it’s a playbook.

An analysis of the protests at Cal Poly Humboldt says “the pro-Palestinian movement must be a movement against the police.” One lesson from “the George Floyd Uprising” is that “it is best to come to all demonstrations with goggles, gas masks, laser pointers, and shields. You never know what a casual sleepover might become.”

and it’s certainly interesting how easily investigative journalists are uncovering this and the soros links to paying protesters juxtaposed against the seeming inability of federal law enforcement or homeland security to even notice much less act upon such things.

curious, that…

why, it’s almost as if they are looking the other way because this is a useful pretext for them.

and it’s certainly the kind of pretext that could be so used and a way for globalists to demand “global action and damn your liberty, this is war.”

history repeats because humans don’t change.

so here’s some fun history to remember:

change a few names here and what does this look like?

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They say they see multiple threats to US security, yet none of those they are watching are ANTIFA, BLM or radical Islamists. Desperate people do desperate things. Democrats are desperate.

Americas worst threats is the United Nations the DNC and t he CFR the all time Worse Domestic Enemies’ in America