Unpublished Project Veritas Recording Reveals Pfizer Scientist Confirming the Risk of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines — Claims Side Effects of These Vaccines are “Very Sneaky”


by Jim Hᴏft

Justin Leslie, a former operative with Project Veritas and O’Keefe Media Group, and a scientist previously involved in vaccine formulation at Pfizer, has brought to light unreleased recordings that raise serious questions about the pharmaceutical giant’s development and promotion of its COVID-19 vaccines.

These recordings captured internal discussions among Pfizer’s top vaccine researchers expressing grave concerns over the vaccines’ safety, efficacy, and the rush to market due to the pandemic emergency.

According to Zero Hedge, the leaked footage includes an October 6, 2021 conversation with Kanwal Gill, a principal scientist at Pfizer, discussing the ethical implications of rolling out experimental booster injections.

“Do we know that, just thinking ethically, is it okay to give people another experimental injection? Are we sure it’s going to be safe and effective? Are we just rolling these out because we want to roll them out for money?” asked Leslie.

Gill responds by acknowledging the real-time nature of the data being collected and the historical challenges faced by mRNA vaccines, which had never previously reached clinical trials due to side effects.

“This is real-time data that we are generating. We don’t even know when we started vaccinating people. We had no idea how it’s going to look like,” said Gill.

“MRNA vaccines have been there for 50 years, but nothing made to clinical. Why? Because mRNA vaccines have been known to have side effects,” she added.

“Moderna has been working on it for ten years. This is not a new thing. But why it did not reach trial was because of all these side effects. Pfizer and Moderna used the emergency and the pandemic to kind of get through it now. But even the CDC model never gets FDA,” Gill admitted.

Below is the video posted by Liam Cosgrove of Zero Hedge:

Gill also candidly admits that unlike the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, whose side effects were promptly identified, the mRNA and lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) used in Pfizer’s vaccine are “very sneaky,” implying that significant complications may not yet have surfaced.

“Only Johnson Johnson’s side effect came out quickly, that there was a clot, that clot that was happening with Johnson Johnson’s. But other than that, mRNA and LNP are very sneaky. I think we are not still seeing a lot of like huge complications,” Kanwal said.

Gill further highlights the unconventional trajectory of Pfizer’s vaccine development, noting that the process skipped the traditional phases of clinical trials, jumping directly to phase three. This accelerated approach, while expediting the vaccine’s availability, bypasses years of observation and data collection typical of vaccine development.

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Besides the thousands who died not long after getting “fully vaccinated,” there are also millions of cases of serious injuries caused by the shots that will never go away for the people who now suffer from them.
More insidious in each jab are the infectious spike proteins that used to be called “prions,” back in the “mad cow,” days.
Most of the world’s population is now infected with prions thru their covid “vaccinations.”
For several years a prion infection will show no symptoms.
But, eventually, it will.
And the symptoms will vary.
Early onset senility, dementia, Parkinson’s can happen.
Or just losing one’s sight, hearing or feeling in limbs.
Or, getting insomnia so bad it can kill you.
Or, not getting the message from the stomach that you are hungry and starving to death.
When will these victims be lined up for a fatal shot or pill?
Millions might be “euthanized” by their own governments.
Canada is already ramping up their system.