Unmasking the Left: A Rhetoric of Deception


By D. Parker

Have you noticed that inconsistencies and contradictions always trip up leftist liars, especially when they try to project their own vile predispositions on the pro-freedom right?

We all witnessed them marching around after the horrific terrorist attacks of Oct. 7, screaming Hitleresque slogans and chants, going full Nazi with antisemitism, and flashing swastikas.  It was a virtue-signal veneer supporting terrorism in much the same way that fascism is socialism with a capitalist veneer.

Too bad for them that they revealed too much, and now they have to do everything they can to distract from their base Nazi-like behavior by accusing others of what they’ve been doing all along.  The only problem for the fascist far left is that they are tripping all over their own lies because it just doesn’t make any sense.  They’re attacking President Trump for what they are doing now and pretending his use of certain words is a bigger threat than their trampling on the Bill of Rights.

Having witnessed the far left going full Nazi after the horrendous terrorist attacks of October 7, chanting, ”There is only one solution!,” we asked the question: why doesn’t “gas the Jews” qualify as hate speech?  Then there was Jake Tapper suddenly discovering antisemitism on the left and BLM deleting a tweet celebrating the Hamas Rave Massacre, then doubling down.  A Palestinian protester waved a Swastika at an anti-Israel rally in New York City’s Times Square. And we noted a Gallup poll showing that more Democrats sympathize with Palestinians than with Israelis for the first time.  Even Bill Maher intimated that he’s not so sure the antisemitic left-wing faction is “small.”  To the point that a survivor of the Holocaust noted in Newsweek: “I Survived the Holocaust.  It’s Starting to Feel like the 1930s Again.”

The problem for the far left is that they revealed too much of their core beliefs — beliefs that are at the core of the “Bavarian fascisti” that began to emerge a little over 100 years ago.  If there’s one thing that leftists and Nazis are good at, it’s lying and projection.

But always keep in mind that we’re never, ever to bring up this subject.

Remember that leftists have granted themselves (because they are the “good guys,” of course) special dispensation to bring it up whenever needed.  This means that whenever they need to distract from what they are doing and of course demonize President Trump because he’s an “authoritarian,” and he’s an authoritarian because they say he’s an authoritarian, and their word is always good enough for them.  They must have also decided that Elon Musk is an “authoritarian” because he’s a proponent of free speech, the hallmark of dictators nowhere.

Amazingly, the fascist far left and the national socialist media (but we’re repeating ourselves) can’t keep their story straight in their labeling and their “logic” of the political spectrum.  As we stated from the beginning, inconsistencies and contradictions always trip up leftist liars.  This is never better illustrated than by their bizarre assertions that certain groups of collectivist authoritarians belong on the extreme left (way away from them), while other groups of collectivist authoritarians somehow belong to the “far right.”

Anti-liberty leftists have always tied themselves up into knots trying to make this bizarre concept a reality, with a prime example from 1948 an essay entitled “Not Left, Not Right, But a Vital Center” in the New York Times from Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., associate professor of history at Harvard.

The Fascists, for example, were not conservative in any very meaningful sense. … The Fascists, in a meaningful sense, were revolutionaries. Yet their totalitarian ideal hardly fitted into the pattern of the Left, which had been the traditional home of greater freedoms and more generous aspirations. So, after boggling and uncertainty, they were assigned positions on the far Right.

Note the admission that fascists don’t belong on the right.  They were just “assigned” those positions.  Later on, he notes:

In certain basic respects — a totalitarian state structure, a single party, a leader, a secret police, a hatred of political, cultural and intellectual freedom — fascism and communism are clearly more like each other than they are like anything in between.

In other words, both of these collectivist ideologies belong on one side of the political spectrum.

We have a far more recent set of examples from the national (and international) socialist media on the election of Javier Milei and a stunning and well deserved defeat for the failed socialist left in Argentina, which destroyed one of the fascist far left’s most fundamental lies simply by illustrating its fetid inconsistencies.

Milei appears to hate the political left, as evidenced by some of his strong remarks about the political ideology.

“You can’t give s— leftards an inch. All collectivists, all kinds of collectivists. … They are s—!” he reportedly said in an interview.

Note that he uses the term “collectivists,” which means communists, fascists, and socialists, and every one of those ideologies of force on the far left.  Consider a sampling of the headlines from the national socialist media:

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The left may yammer their heads off about Tolerance but when it comes right down to it they never practice what they Preach

The left will not quietly give up on their quest for a fascist socialist totalitarian police state.