Ukrainian Post-Mortems Starting to Appear


by Larry Johnson

The war in Ukraine continues to grind on and Ukrainian troops are falling back all across the 600 mile front. Not a good start to the New Year for Zelensky and the future is bleak at best. Russia is methodically destroying Ukrainian factories set up to manufacture military tactical clothing, ammunition, drones and vehicles. Repair facilities also have been hit and obliterated. Ditto for military training facilities aka bases. Ukraine’s recent use of cluster munitions on Belgorod and Donetsk killed a few civilians but enraged Putin and his military commanders. In response Russia has unleashed a devastating series of missile, drone and rocket attacks across the breadth of Ukraine and vowed to keep doing so. So much for Western hopes of building manufacturing plants in Ukraine to keep it in the war.

Panic among Western analysts about Ukraine’s looming defeat has escalated. Robert Clark, writing in the U.K. Telegraph, wailed his lamentation in an op-ed titled, Ukraine’s new year may end with a brutal Western betrayal. Clark blames Western leaders for Ukraine’s debacle:

The mood in 2024 is very different. The counter-offensive failed to deliver a decisive blow to Putin’s forces in the south. Russia’s economy has withstood Western sanctions, rapidly militarising to provide an ongoing stream of munitions to the front. Ukraine, meanwhile, is undergoing one of the largest aerial bombardments since the war began, and its united front is beginning to fray as conscription takes its toll. . . .

To turn our backs now on the Ukrainian people, so swiftly after months of brutal fighting, is morally bankrupt and strategically negligent.

It is understandable, if not forgivable, that governments have begun questioning their levels of commitment to a deeply destructive war with no end in sight. At best there now appears to be a likely short to medium term stalemate across much of the 1,000 kilometre front line.

Meanwhile, Western economies and budgets are still grappling with recovery from the pandemic and last year’s energy shock. Global supply chains are still in flux, and as the Middle East flares up the Houthis are increasingly able to dictate the terms of trade and passage in the Red Sea, delivering another blow to a fragile global economy.

And the proverbial elephant in the Ukraine war room – a Republican administration potentially returning to the White House in twelve months-time – raises the spectre of a sudden stop to American funding. Even the current Biden administration has struggled with a mutinous Congress. In the EU, meanwhile, Viktor Orbán has been blocking the transfer of funds.

Clark, who served previously in the British Army, didn’t learn a damn thing during his time in Iraq and Afghanistan. He ain’t fighting goat herders and camel jockeys. (Come to think of it, those camel jockeys kicked Western ass.) He continues, like many other delusional Western analysts, to insist the current state of the war is a stalemate. How is it a stalemate when Russia is outproducing Ukraine and all of the NATO countries in tanks, artillery shells and drones and is building up its standing Army to the tune of 42,000 men per month? While Putin’s war machine is on a roll, Ukraine can’t even come up with a workable plan to conscript new cannon fodder. Word to Clark, this ain’t a stalemate bud.

Colonel Jacque Baud, a Swiss officer, a strategic intelligence and a former head of the United Nations peace operations doctrine, is not saddled with the analytical deficiencies of Mr. Clark. Baud is author of a new book, The Russian Art of War: How the West Led Ukraine to Defeat, and presents a detailed breakdown of Ukraine’s hopeless task. He summarizes the problem succinctly:

The problem with the vast majority of our so-called military experts is their inability to understand the Russian approach to war. It is the result of an approach we have already seen in waves of terrorist attacks—the adversary is so stupidly demonized that we refrain from understanding his way of thinking. As a result, we are unable to develop strategies, articulate our forces, or even equip them for the realities of war. The corollary of this approach is that our frustrations are translated by unscrupulous media into a narrative that feeds hatred and increases our vulnerability. We are thus unable to find rational, effective solutions to the problem. . . .

The reason the Russians are better than the West in Ukraine is that they see the conflict as a process; whereas we see it as a series of separate actions. The Russians see events as a film. We see them as photographs. They see the forest, while we focus on the trees. That is why we place the start of the conflict on February 24, 2022, or the start of the Palestinian conflict on October 7, 2023. We ignore the contexts that bother us and wage conflicts we do not understand. That is why we lose our wars…

The Postil has posted the first chapter of his book and it is must reading for anyone wanting to understand why Ukraine and the West is getting its ass handed to it in this war. Kudos to Baud.

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This war is over. Russia has won and to stop the killing zelensky needs to sit down and accept the terms of surrender.

Not one more penny to Ukraine. In fact we need a full audit of where the taxpayers money went.

Putin was always willing to negotiate a peace, NATO is Bisen foreign policy is the only thing that prevented it.

The evil son of a bitch launched a war of aggression that has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people. He claimed it was Nazis. He claimed it was NATO aggression. He claimed it was Russia menaced by the United States, and Trump supporters bought every damn lie that issued from his butt-cheeked face, just like they bought every damn lie that their cult leader throws out.

Putin was always willing to negotiate a peace, NATO is Bisen foreign policy is the only thing that prevented it.

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Ya so? What has this proxy war accomplished?

Putin hasn’t stolen Ukraine. His invasion force isn’t now sitting on the borders of Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. It hasn’t been demonstrated to Communist China that the US no longer stands in the way of their total domination of the Pacific rim. Iran isn’t so sure that we wouldn’t instantly respond if the were to try to annihilate Israel. Kim hasn’t been emboldened to the point where he’d attack South Korea.

MAGA republicans gridlocking Congress could change all of that. Then, of course, they’d blame Biden, hoping to put Trump back in the White House. The simple truth is that they can’t do that if Putin fails because the West successfully curtails his aggression.

Ya so? What has this proxy war accomplished?

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The only one that has fired on a NATO country has been Ukraine.
This is the same psyops they used in SE Asia if we dont protect Viet Nam Communism will take over the entire region.
It bullshit propaganda, put out and repeated by the CIA controlled media.
Now that Ukraine has so many killed they have no one left to recruit, the war lost the only ones that made out, on our borrowed dollars is the IMC, and crooked politicians.

If Israel wants their ancient Kingdom back let them do that on their own dime too.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

You probably wouldn’t have recognized that Hitler was an existential threat to America, either.

You got that right, Small European Nation with a huge ocean to cross. We just happened to kick his ass with Russian in that war Russia taking a lions share of casualties.
A gun behind every blade of grass here, and at that time men women and children who knew how to use them.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

Oceans are not relevant when missiles can strike anywhere 25-30 minutes from launch.

If Nazi Germany had prevailed in Europe—and they would have, without US intervention—their long-range missile and bomber programs would have raced to completion. They probably would have had nuclear bombs, too. They also would have completed their “final solution”.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

It was well into the 1960s before missiles were intercontinental, at the time they had pictures of german soldiers using jet packs. All science fiction. They would have been clay pigeon.
Russia already cut their fuel supply off which is why Hitler turned on them. You have the strangest fantasies.

The Nazis intended to build an Amerikabomber that could reach New York city. Four different design concepts were under consideration.

They were also developing the Aggregat missile series. A4—the fourth of the series—was the V2 supersonic rocket used to hit London. The A9 and A10 designs were intended to reach the United States. The A12 was intended to put payloads into low earth orbit.

The Nazis stopped with the V2 only because they lost the war, but the German scientists involved in the program continued work in the US and Russia. In less than 15 years both both nations had their first ICBMs. A Nazi European empire would have done the same. Their long-range intercontinental bombers would have come years before that.

None of that happened because the US entered the war rather than allowing Hitler to dominate Europe.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Intended , under development, but this thread is about Ukraine and its Nazis isnt it?
Well how did Russia get so good?
Ask Clinton and Obama, building a Russian silicon valley. A big red reset button, how do we get to the space station? know why we cant? All our tax dollars go to fund endless pointless wars, proxy and otherwise, all started by existential threat to America, the democrats.

Like cancer, aggressive dictators are best stopped early.

Yup Biden/Obama must be stopped we are on the Brink of WW3, not good for the environment.
Sub intelligent violent north Africans flooding our border, a foreign policy that makes peace, knows how to deal with these evil dictators.
Another promise broken by Joe, a cure for cancer, thanks for the reminder.
Get rid of the Party that paid to censor voices on the internet, jailed without trial protesters, except those that caused millions in damages, looted and murdered, they get compensation for arrest and release. The party that goes after traditional Catholics and those that protest abortion, demonize regular Americans and lionize violent drug addicts.
Go after organic Amish Farmers. Allow crime so rampant businesses have to leave, never clean streets allowing 3rd word disease to spread.

Hey hey ho ho time for commies to go go go

kitt, remember you’re arguing with a guy who was vehemently against war in Iran/Afghanistan although we lost 2,977 Americans on 9/11. But he’s all for supporting war in Ukraine (considering it was his side that started it under Obama) Not one word from him about the Islamists who not only attacked us but who has shown what inhuman cretins they are on October 7th.

Nor does he give a shit about the very nation he lives in. He thinks we should give every damn dime we have to the grifter Zelenskyy, who will come out of Ukraine with tony villas and lots of money in Swiss banks.

I think the Swiss report those bank accounts are closer the islands or Qtar

I dont argue with Greggie or Mike I push buttons they are strictly personal amusement, useful idiots you might call them.

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden enabled Putin to invade and then, when aid was needed, he refused to provide aircraft and tanks. So, the war is his fault and Ukraine’s failure is his fault.

Boris Johnson told zelensky to walk away from peace talks in spring 2022.

Shutdown the border or shut down the government. A binary choice.

Biden has added 2.6 trillion to the face amount of debt since may of 2023.

The current rate of growth of the national debt is 1 trillion for every 90 days. Simple math says we will be somewhere north of 39 trillion by the end of this year. biden will have added more debt than anyone else in four years.

Shut down the government and border control would vanish entirely. Maybe we should shut down Abbott’s tax-funded transport of aliens to every corner of America.

Shutdown the border or shut down the government. A binary choice.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Do you think all the busses are sent by Abbot?
Biden puts them on planes.

Really? And your source of this “information” is what? Propaganda like this? Biden wasn’t buying them airline tickets. The process was screening asylum seekers while they were still outside of the United States. You prefer the current situation, where anonymous thousands are gate-crashing the border?

Biden secretly has let 221,456 migrants fly into the US in past year

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Really? And your source of this “information” is what?

Psaki Confirms Illegal Immigrants Being Flown to New York in Dead of Night (

You prefer the current situation, where anonymous thousands are gate-crashing the border?

No need to gate crash. Biden, thru Mayorkas, ordered border gates opened and welded shut.

But you are willing to lie to protect the vegetable occupying the Oval Office and being told what to do by Jake Sullivan.

Now NY is flying them where ever they want to go.
While tsa sexually assaults citizens illegals just get on the plane.

Say what?

Biden, thru Mayorkas, ordered border gates opened and welded shut.

Gates were welded open.
Aug 23, 2023A couple of weeks earlier, Border Patrol agents, acting on superiors’ orders, welded some 114 gates open to stop anyone from closing them

02/09/21 – Gates were welded shut on border wall across San Pedro River; feds fix the problem

Federal officials rectified an oversight in border wall construction Tuesday after a sharp-eyed wildlife advocate noticed the gates in the wall across the San Pedro River were welded shut.

“Alarm bells went off” when Myles Traphagen, borderlands program coordinator for the Wildlands Network, saw the gates welded shut Friday, as opening them during a heavy rain would thus be a “daunting task.”

He posted photos online, and the Arizona Daily Star asked the Army Corps of Engineers, which oversees wall construction, about the welding Monday. By Tuesday morning, a construction worker was removing the silver-dollar-sized pieces of metal, known as “tack welds,” that kept the gates from opening.

Typically, tack welds are done during construction to keep gates from swinging freely open, said Jay Field, a spokesman for the Army Corps. The welds are undone when installation is complete and the project is inspected.

“Since construction was paused before inspections could be accomplished some of the tack welds remained,” Field said.

The removal of the tack welds was to be finished Tuesday, Field said, although some will remain on gates that have not been completely installed yet.

President Biden ordered a pause in border wall construction on Jan. 20. As a candidate, he said his administration would not build another foot of wall. While construction is paused, officials are conducting a 60-day evaluation of the wall projects.

The gates on the wall across the San Pedro River are designed to allow water to flow under the wall, which is made of 30-foot-tall steel bollards filled with concrete. The bollards are 6 inches wide and separated from each other by 4 inches of space to allow Border Patrol agents to see activity in Mexico.

Without the gates, debris such as trees and boulders could be swept against the wall, building up pressure until the bollards collapse and send a rush of water and debris down the river. Sections of shorter bollard fencing were toppled over by debris buildup near Lukeville and Nogales in the past decade.

Water levels in the San Pedro River have reached 17 feet in recent years during monsoon storms, according to a U.S. Geological Survey gauge about 5 miles north of where the river flows north across the border.

A few inches of water flowed through the river bed on Tuesday as a construction worker moved from gate to gate, grinding off the welding. He started on the eastern bank and continued into the center of the roughly 500-foot-wide river bed.

This section of border wall is being built by Southwest Valley Constructors, a New Mexico-based affiliate of construction giant Kiewit. The contractor was awarded $2.2 billion to build 88 miles of border wall in Arizona.

Customs and Border Protection officials did not respond to an inquiry from the Star. Last fall, they told a meeting of wildlife advocates, local residents and representatives from congressional offices that the plan was to keep the gates open on the San Pedro River during monsoon season. A Border Patrol agent would open the gates when heavy rains came during other times of the year.

The fact that “such a simple thing” was overlooked, led Traphagen to ask: “Who’s minding the store?”

Said Field: “When alerted, our guys went out and took care of it.”

Gas lighting

Mar 30, 2022In Arizona – amid a decades-long megadrought – some communities are facing the very real possibility of losing access to the precious water that remains.

Exposed: “I’ll Pay You Guys!” Secretive Phoenix Migrant Facility Worker Tries to Bribe Journalist

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

#1 Why do you print so much of the article? Are you too stupid to just give a link?

#2 Your article is from 2021, 2 years ago

#3 You’re a freaking moron who needs to have your computer taken away from you so you will quit making a fool of yourself.

Anything to avoid the topic of Ukraine, up to this point he has insisted Russia was defeated, now Russia is suddenly powerful enough to defeat all of Europe!
He needs a spike Protein detox, to avoid all over processed foods, maybe then he will be able to present a cognitive argument for communism.
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Last edited 1 month ago by kitt