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by Mark Wauck

The big topic today will undoubtedly by the new NYT expose:

The Spy War: How the C.I.A. Secretly Helps Ukraine Fight Putin

For more than a decade, the United States has nurtured a secret intelligence partnership with Ukraine that is now critical for both countries in countering Russia.

As is so often the case, the real news isn’t so much the content or substance of the article, as it is the fact that it was published. It can hardly be news to the intelligent public that the American Empire staged a coup in 2014 which overthrew the legitimately elected Ukrainian government and replaced it with a puppet government that could be used to wage war against Russia. Everything that has happened since 2014—and the planning for 2014 to the present undoubtedly began as early as 2008 or earlier with the stated goal of bringing Ukraine into NATO—flows from that. The news is that the Deep State has allowed the NYT to publish these truths.

Sundance is good on this aspect:

Facing Catastrophic Consequences New York Times Now Outlines Construct of Ukraine as USA Proxy Province

Regarding US responsibility for the coup, Sundance is pithy and absolutely irrefutable:

The White House is admitting the CIA and larger IC apparatus, which includes the State Dept., has been heavily controlling all activity in Ukraine for the past decade. The only reason to admit this now very publicly is because they are losing voter support. THIS EXPLAINS WHY BIDEN IS CALLING FOR A WHITE HOUSE MEETING!!

The Times is now reporting the USA (State Dept.) was responsible for the coup in Ukraine (color revolution) and took control over political operations in 2014. We have long suspected this; many have reported exactly this reality; however, this is the first time it has all been admitted.

The report tries to paint various Ukraine officials as the originators of the operation to use Ukraine as the tip of the spear against the Russia construct; however, it doesn’t take a deep weeds walker to realize that part of the narrative is needed to protect the U.S. foreign influence policy from public ridicule.

But Sundance’s key observation, which is already alluded to above, is this:

the motive for the outline [the NYT article is an outline of CIA involvement in Ukraine, waging war against Russia] is heavily domestic in nature; meaning, the core of domestic USA politics (specifically the White House) needs to admit that Ukraine is a proxy province in order to retrigger support for policy.

What Sundance is telling you is simply this. The Zhou regime realizes that Ukraine’s goose is cooked. The likelihood now is that the Ukrainian military will collapse before the November US elections, and that is a catastrophe that could make a Trump victory inevitable. This realization has forced the Deep State to the ultimate extremity—admitting that, without any vote or authorization that reflects public approval, the American Empire has been waging war, engaging in undoubted acts of war, against the world’s leading nuclear power (the recent US and UK missile test flops have made that status clear). The Deep State has been pushed to this extremity because they have decided that this is the only way to push massive new funding through Congress to keep Ukraine on life support past November, 2024.

Of course, this argument is a Non Sequitur. It boils down to, We’ve come this far; we can’t stop now. The fear is that Trump will win and make the obvious riposte: Oh, yes we can! Sundance isn’t entirely clear on this motivation—he points to the fact that the war is losing public support. That’s true, but I doubt that these revelations—revelations that may even awaken the somnolent American public—are aimed primarily at the public. I suspect they’re aimed mostly at Congress. That argument runs like this: If we don’t fund Ukraine the public will blame you, the members of Congress, for the debacle. You, the members of Congress, can’t afford that just before a presidential election when turnout will be high. This is also why the War-on-Russia-as-domestic-jobs-program is being repeatedly floated in public.

Will this work to stampede Congress? I’m hopeful that it won’t—what’s life without hope? There are, after all, other issues: The borders and the economy. Plus, few members of Congress have much to fear by being pro-peace. Voters will not punish them for that. My guess is that the key losers in Congress, if there are any, would be the Gang of Eight members and the members of the Intel committees. These would be the people who were primarily responsible for funding this ultimate in foreign policy debacles and who sought to impeach a popular president to keep it going.

Of course, this also explains why the Ruling Class is allowing the major states to turn the US legal establishment into a banana republic on steroids. That, too, is necessary to deflect public attention from the real crimes against the country that our rulers have committed:

American democracy won’t survive the anti-Trump witch hunt

Around the world, corrupt political regimes are weaponising the courts to go after political rivals. In one country, a prosecutor is trying to persuade a court to impose a prison sentence of up to hundreds of years on a former national leader on the basis of technicalities about handling official documents. In another lawless, illiberal regime, a partisan prosecutor is using a law intended to prosecute organised crime to destroy a politician of the other party.

In a country in which the rule of law is at risk, a prosecutor and a judge seek the financial ruin of an opposition politician and his family through grotesquely exorbitant penalties for minor business malfeasance. And in a fourth country, election officials of one party have gone so far as to remove a presidential candidate of another party from the ballot.

Pakistan? Nicaragua? Russia? No. All of the examples above actually come from one country: the United States of America. Partisan Democrats have utilised the American judicial system to try to imprison or bankrupt President Joe Biden’s likely Republican contender in the 2024 election, Donald Trump.

For those of us who don’t want to subscribe to the NYT for reasons of principle, Zerohedge provides a nice summary of the article. As we stated at the top, none of this should surprise—much less, shock—you, but it you should read it as a reminder of just how far off the rails the American Experiment has gone:

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The deep state will go to any length, break any law in order to hide what obama and vicky nuland did in 2014. There is something very dark and sinister happening in Ukraine and has happened since the state dept became embroiled in this covert act of war.
Think about this, the democrats were so fearful that after Trump talked to newly elected Zelenskyy, that he would begin to peel the bark off of the tree. What they wanted to cover up was so important they impeached President Trump for no worthwhile reason. And it is why they stole the 2020 election and why they are hellbent on trying to keep him from winning in November.

democrats are evil and the true enemy of American and America.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

NY Times: CIA Built 12 Secret Spy Bases in Ukraine Waging Shadow War Against Russia Since 2014 – John Brennan Caught in the Middle of It

Right now joe (his puppet masters) is holding three major sector’s fundings hostage over lack of passing more money to Ukraine.
He’s insisting Ukraine get it’s cash THEN he’ll sign legislation funding our domestic needs.

As if Trump’s House puppets haven’t been doing the same damn thing for months on end…

So predictable if Commies dont get their way its Trumps puppets, not that these guys are representing those that voted them in. Trump has some bad ass magic powers.

It IS Trump’s effin’ puppets. A majority of congressional republicans know how abysmally stupid and morally wrong it is to abandon Ukraine to a murderous Russian dictator. They also know damn well that the border compromise bill would enormously improve enforcement and control, and that it’s impossible to ever bring deficits under control without returning a sane tax schedule.

“The collective fortune of America’s 741 billionaires has grown to $5.2 trillion at the end of November 2023, the highest amount ever recorded according to an analysis by Americans for Tax Fairness.” 

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

The bill legalized illegal alien invasion ad prevented the next president from taking action. Spending is the issue not taxation.
Interesting thing happened. This dude dies and something in England was noticed.
comment image

comment image

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden already abandoned Ukraine. He just wants money in flow so the stealing can continue. Shut down illegal immigration FIRST. OUR national security is most important.

After our country is secure and mass deportations of gangs has been started.
Should we look a bit closer at shoeboxes and suitcases of cash rampant fraud and the ability to modernize on the fly?
click photo

Department of Defense has more than 50 criminal investigations into Ukraine aid, but nothing substantiated

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

It will take generations to restore the America bequeathed to us by our forefathers. But, there has to be a starting point and a starting time. That point and time is now.
What we should see in the coming years could be analogous to what is referred to as the Thermidorian Reaction. History repeats itself and we are at the precipice and a significant change in America. Just as the Fabian socialists gained a foothold in the late 19th century that sprouted Woodrow Wilson, FDR and LBJ who in the 20th century were masterminds in the reversal of our Constitutional Republic, MAGA and America First will restore what has been decimated by democrats.
It is time to slam on the brakes and stop this runaway train…

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

It took over 100 years to put the republic on the rocks, the enemy has taken over many institutions, they are rooted and established.
Try to stop the runaway train in a safe and controlled manner they will sabotage the tracks.
Find the sabotuers and this happens

I saw some highlights of Lara Logan’s testimony yesterday. It was incredible. I think I would really like her as WH spox in the upcoming Trump administration. She pulls no punches. An amazing woman.

I’m a bit surprised she has had an “accident”, her and Sheryl. I’d like them more behind the scenes assisting, advising, ivestigating to keep Trump from appointing people like the Female he chose to head the CIA. Straight outta Russiagate FFS you cant advance the swampiest of creatures.

Lara Logan was on the Warroom with Steve Bannon this morning in the 11:00 hour. Excellent interview. I put it below should you want to listen.

Stick a fork in Ukraine, they are done and it’s because Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden failed them after he initiated the war.

Hey, who “murdered” Navanly?

comment image

These are the evil villains who have unconstitutionally fomented war without the consent of Congress and the People. They are guilty of treason.

Source: The New York Times, based on more than 200 interviews with current and former officials in Ukraine, the United States and Europe.”
200 interviews do not take place in a couple of days. The NYTimes has known this for weeks, minimum.
This is almost like they had the story on the shelf, just waiting for the time to hit PRINT.
The change began just before Iowa, and accelerated shortly after. President Trump will be in office again, so time to air out some skeletons.