Ukraine – Lights Out, No Water And Soon No Heat


by MoA

Earlier today the Russian military shut down the Ukrainian electricity network.
Previous attacks had limited the distribution capacity to some 50% of demand. Controlled blackouts over several hours per day allowed to give some electricity for a few hours to most parts of the country. The attack today created a much larger problem. Not only were distribution networks attacked but also so the elements that connect Ukraine’s electricity production facilities to the distribution network. All four nuclear power stations of Ukraine with their 15 reactors are now in shutdown mode.
Kiev along with most other cities of Ukraine no longer has electricity.
Moldavia is likewise effected as it received some 20% of its electricity from Ukraine. When the Ukrainian network shut down the only local thermal power plant shut down too. It is likely that it can be switched on again but that can be a complicate process.
Limited electricity imports from the European system into Ukraine may still be possible but that electricity would only be available in Ukraine’s western cities.
Before today’s attack the Washington Post reported of the difficulties in repairing the network. As we ad explained before the Russian attacks are hitting the transformers that connect the national 330 kilovolt backbone network. These are hard to replace

As the scope of damage to Ukraine’s energy systems has come into focus in recent days, Ukrainian and Western officials have begun sounding the alarm but are also realizing they have limited recourse. Ukraine’s Soviet-era power system cannot be fixed quickly or easily. In some of the worst-hit cities, there is little officials can do other than to urge residents to flee — raising the risk of economic collapse in Ukraine and a spillover refugee crisis in neighboring European countries.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said that about half of the country’s energy infrastructure was “out of order” following the bombardment.

For weeks, Russian missiles have targeted key components of Ukraine’s electrical transmission system, knocking out vital transformers without which it is impossible to supply power to households, businesses, government offices, schools, hospitals and other critical facilities.During a briefing for reporters on Tuesday, Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, the head of Ukrenergo, the state-run power grid operator, called the damage to the power system “colossal.”

Russians, he said, were mainly targeting substations, nodes on the electrical grid where the current is redirected from power stations. The main components of these substations are autotransformers — “high-tech and high-cost equipment” that is difficult to replace.

A list of “urgent needs” from DTEK, the country’s largest private energy company, circulating in Washington, lists dozens of transformers along with circuit breakers, bushings and transformer oil.

But it is the autotransformers — the “heart” of the substations, in the words of Kudrytskyi — that are at the top of the Ukrainians’ list of needs and the key to keeping the country’s electrical grid functioning.
The Ukrainians have tried to buy up every autotransformer they can find, going as far as South Korea to purchase them, but they still need to place orders for more to be built.
“We try to collect everything around the world that they have now, and order more,” said Olena Zerkal, an adviser to Ukraine’s Energy Ministry.

Any attempts to repair the network are useless as long as Russia continues to attack it.
To stop these attacks requires a political solution. Ukraine will have to give up and find some agreement with Russia.
Russia also attacked some of the natural gas sources Ukraine has:

Russia last week broadened its targets. Oleksiy Chernyshov, chief executive of Ukraine’s state energy company Naftogaz, said in an interview that a “massive rocket attack” hit 10 gas production facilities in the Kharkiv and Poltava regions, including Shebelinka, one the largest production and drilling areas.“Of course, we will do our best now to recover, but this will take time and resources and material,” Chernyshov said. “Time is of the essence,” he added. “Because winter is now.”
The targeting of the gas supply was a critical development, said Victoria Voytsitska, a former member of parliament now working with civil society groups on getting Ukraine the equipment it needs. If Moscow takes out the gas system, she said, cities and villages across the country could become “uninhabitable.”

The Russian gas provider Gazprom has announced that it will reduce the transport of gas through Ukraine to European customers as the Ukraine is stealing from it:

Gazprom says that it has noticed some of the gas intended for Moldova under a contract with the local gas firm is being diverted by Ukraine. If the imbalance in gas transit continues, Gazprom will start reducing gas flows via Ukraine on the morning of November 28, the Russian gas giant said today, as carried by Russian news agency TASS.

Without electricity there is no water flowing in the water distribution systems of the cities. Without water toilets can not be used. Public hygiene will suffer. The internet in Ukraine is also down.


A country that is becoming ‘uninhabitable’ has little chance to wage and win a war. When there is no transport, no electricity, no heat and no communication everything becomes incredibly difficult.
The refugee stream all this will cause will increase pressure on Europe to push Ukraine into negotiating for peace with Russia. Tough conditions will be applied but there is no other way out of this mess.

Throughout the last weeks Ukrainian attacks on the frontline have been remarkably ineffective. There is no longer any coordination of larger formations. The units attacking now are mostly only company size or even smaller. A 12 minute video that showed drone footage of such an attack was published yesterday:

What’s the media hiding? @narrative_hole – 11:20 UTC · Nov 23, 2022I can’t believe I missed this one today, the editing is unbelievable.
A 12 minute clip of Ukrainians conducting what was sadly a suicide attack on Russian trenches
…  just to be pummeled by Su-25’s, infantry, heavy mortars, a tank, MLRS and finished with an Su-34 bombing run.

Sitting on top of an armored infantry vehicle some 20 Ukrainian soldiers drive up to a fortified area and enter the first empty row of trenches. From there they try to attack the second row of trenches that is held by a handful of Russian soldiers.
The Ukrainian troops seem to be fairly well equipped with helmets and armor vests. But they have no support.
The Russian infantry fights back. It is supported by well targeted mortar fire, artillery, tank and air attacks. The Russians have drones up in the air that can see the whole scene. The Ukrainian units have nothing but their rifles and a few hand grenades. After the attacking platoon is destroyed the Russian artillery attacks and destroys the industrial area from where they had been coming. The whole operation ends up as a complete disaster. All Ukrainian troops involved seem to be dead. The Russian side seems to have had no or only few casualties.

What’s the media hiding? @narrative_hole – 1:04 AM · Nov 23, 2022This battle took place some time ago, but it’s still incredible to watch now that they made the concise edit.
If we consider that such attacks happen by the dozens every week, the Russian MoD estimates of Ukrainian daily losses aren’t that farfetched.

There are several such attacks per day and only very few are successful.
From today’s clobber list:

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And the UN don’t lift a finger to end this all their a Failure

Russia won this war the minute they invaded.

A good reason to have alternative ways to stay warm and fed outside of modern supply chains. The Ukraine was occupied before the modern era there are those that will survive this WEF induced blood bath.

Starving and freezing Ukrainian families in the winter—one of the Russian psychopath’s many worthless accomplishments.

Why do you support this evil piece of shit? You might as well be supporting Hitler, or any of history’s notable mass murderers. I honestly don’t understand it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Zelensky should be a hero and beg for peace, lord knows the blood thirsty Biden regime, and EU wont have mercy on the populace of Ukraine

Supporting Putin is a leftist fantasy put in your head by your mockingbird TV talking heads. Just try to remember it was Obama and Clinton who laid this foundation with a goofy reset button.

Running pro-Putin propaganda 24/7 since the bastard invaded Ukraine IS support.

Supporting Putin is a leftist fantasy…

Putin is what he has done, and what he’s doing. Rationalizations for it are bullshit. His actions fit a profile that historians, psychologists, and anyone attentive to world history should recognize.

Putin won’t stop if he gets what he wants.

That’s part of the profile.

Hey looney woke liberals dont like profiling…

Putin is hammering Ukrainian civilian targets because his army got the unholy crap kicked out of it on the battlefield. Support for Putin’s war is waning at home; his army is disorganized, demoralized, and increasingly pissed off; Russia is already in a recession, and the more the war slows the global economy, the more Russia’s oil revenues will be reduced.

This is not what most people would call “winning.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

No. Russia invaded with the long-game in mind.

The lies that you and other propaganda outlets push are despicable.

Why are you still blathering on with this piece of dispelled rubbish?

Russia’s economy is holding steadier than most Western nations. Russia never committed it’s main resources to Ukraine – they don’t REALLY want to destroy it, but that seems like what Biden and NATO want.

The “targeting civilians” meme is a joke. WE…the UNITED STATES…did this to Serbia effectively long ago.

Putin is just following an effective strategy.

Russia is winning this war, and the only reason the West has defended this place is because it’s a den of money laundering and secrets that would literally take down governments with corruption scandals.

This was was caused by the West.


What you omit here are the facts that a) Biden was carrying out stated U.S. foreign policy, and b) the U.S. was demanding that a non-investigating prosecutor be replaced with one who would conduct an actual investigation.

Please provide the written U.S. foreign policy you claim Biden was carrying out. Not what you think it was.

Please provide a signed confession from Biden that he wanted Shokin fired specifically because Shokin was investigating Hunter Biden.

He was not investigating Hunter he was investigating the company that paid 900,000 dollars to Joe Biden for “lobbying”. Hunter was employed by them, really shady shit there. A Vice President lobbying for a private company. Not exactly US Policy or US diplomatic concern.
Should second in command of any country dictate to a US justice Dept who to investigate?
You obviously know nothing of the back story of the Oligarch that was the head of Ukraines energy dept, and took all the leases for himself.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

You made a claim you are unable to sustain.

Then you think you are too cute by half by asking for something you know doesn’t exist. Hone your debate skills, Groomer. Currently they are sorely lacking.

b) the U.S. was demanding that a non-investigating prosecutor be replaced with one who would conduct an actual investigation.

Got it kind of backwards. Shokin was investigating Burisma, where crack-head whore-monger Hunter was drawing $80,000 a month for his non-existent “expertise” in energy. Hunter himself stated 50% of that went to “Pops”. Idiot Biden, on video, admitted he blackmailed Ukraine to fire Shokin or lose $1 billion in aid.

Why does this have to be explained, over and over and over and over? Try to pay attention.

That’s the Trump cult’s official version of the story. It leaves out the part where Trump attempted to extort dirt on his political opponent by implying the existence of a relationship between military aid to hold off Putin and Zelenskyy’s cooperation.

Giuliani—the guy who would soon turn a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop drive over to the New York Post—would be there in Ukraine to handle the details in person.

It was a damn perfect telephone call.

Got it kind of backwards…

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

He requested that the whereabouts of a certain DNC server be located, to determine if it was hacked, which the company the DNC hired testified they had no proof of. Seth Rich was murdered, the connections to that covered up crime are curious very curious. There is nothing wrong with requesting assistance to solve a cyber crime. The server handed over to the company, not the justice dept, has never been found.

If it has never been found, why do you believe it ever existed?

Testimony given to congress idiot.
Did the DNC lie?

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

Testimony given in Congress can establish what’s real? That’s a very odd assertion, coming from a Trump supporter.

If it has never been found, why do you believe it ever existed?

And the pee-tape you strongly believe in is where again?

For over 2 years it was Russia that hacked the DNC, hey couldn’t say for certain that it was the Russians. CrowdStrike also never allowed the FBI to examine the DNC server. What…? Now, we know why. My guess is the server wasn’t hacked. My guess… I don’t think the Russians hacked the DNC server at all. They made that up too, and the guy that runs CrowdStrike was testifying under oath that they couldn’t confirm that the Russians had done the hacking, Crowdstrike was in corrupt Ukraine, all corrupt roads lead to Ukraine. Panama Papers, Crypto theft.

In Putin’s bedroom safe? Maybe Giuliani has it.

Wikileaks got some pretty funny stuff, like how horrid Hillary smelled, per Podesta. Sacrificing chickens to Molech and Hillary repeating very racist things about middle easterners.
Why would crowdstrike give the server to Putin? My guess is it got the same treatment as Hildabeasts blackberrys.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

It leaves out the part where Trump attempted to extort dirt on his political opponent by implying the existence of a relationship between military aid to hold off Putin and Zelenskyy’s cooperation.

Perhaps the reason that is left out is because it never happened. It doesn’t exist except in the conspiracy-theory addled minds of lemmings programmed to hate anything that benefits this nation and its citizens.

What we have, on video, is idiot Biden confessing to doing exactly what you describe. Trump provided lethal aid, idiot Biden and failure Obama provided blankets and taxpayer cash to be laundered through Burisma and sent back to Democrats.

A steady economy must explain Russia’s 675% increase in domestic gun crimes over the past 10 months.

Russia’s economy is holding steadier than most Western economies.

What does Russias strict gun control have to do with their economy?

You’re confused by the idea that economic problems and rising crime rates are linked.

Im not confused, This crime wave is at the south end near Ukraine border where guns were handed out like candy to anyone that wanted one, then they were sold for money to flee. Russia is largely a disarmed nation, no one to shoot back. One thing for sure the gangs and criminals will not get bail. Black market arms, it is you sir that has their head up their south end.

“This crime wave is at the south end near Ukraine border where guns were handed out like candy to anyone that wanted one”

So the crime wave is caused by easy access to guns? Interesting. And ballsy of you to suggest on this site!

Black market guns illegally smuggled into Russia. Not firearms that were owned by Russian citizens, you are a total retard.

The WEF and NATO/US caused this war.

Biden’s involvement, illegally, with Ukraine by way of essentially taking bribes and committing quid pro quo when he installed Devon Archer and his Son into Burisma is the “Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand” moment that started this new World War.

The corrupt Obama admin overthrew a legal government in Ukraine, and then allowed Biden and others to get rich off the resources and blood of the Ukrainian people, who they now pretend to care about.

If anyone is going to jail, it’s this son-of-a-bitch Biden. Real crimes, real evidence, real corruption.

BOMBSHELL! The walls are closing in!

American politicians who voted to foolishly send $40 BILLION to Ukraine have, in effect, voted for the continued, ongoing destruction and decimation of the Ukrainian people. Three important truisms: 1. The Tree of Liberty only thrives and grows on Calvinistic Protestant Christian soil; 2. “Democracy” is a an idol and a false god; 3. America’s political class is mostly made up of God-hating liberals and fools who are easily swayed by contributions from the military industrial weapons manufacturers. Today’s politicians would gladly sell their souls to line their own pockets. RESULT: The continuous, ongoing slaughter of the Ukrainian people.