UK: Era of constant electricity at home is ending


The days of permanently available electricity may be coming to an end, the head of the power network said yesterday.

Families would have to get used to only using power when it was available, said Steve Holliday, Chief Executive of the National Grid.

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Let me get this right, UK politicians think it best to go to pre industrial level of living conditions for their citizens? What if they deny power usage on purpose during some of the worst heat wave or blizzard conditions? Will people who support this socialist concept be willing to accept the deaths of people who couldn’t get to safety from the elements?

So are the middle class and business operations expected to remove digital communications in a global market in the UK while the Asian markets move forward with new power plants to supply citizen and business needs? Are citizens going to just accept that their grounded Internet ISPs will be down for large amounts of time due to politician meddling? Will the UK understand that the businesses that rely on such foundations of operation now will abandon future operations if such utter control over power is flexed, further weakening their Government economically on the Global scale while empowering the East Bloc and Asia?

Ignorance on the part of the UK government.

People are willing to pay for products and services, as long as they perceive them to be fair. If the answer to an electricity shortage is to build more plants, of any type including coal, gas, nuclear, and other, and the result of building these new plants is the need of the power companies to increase rates to pay for them, the general public will pay the increased rates required in order to be assured of not having a lessening of modern convenience and comfort.

This, of course, goes by the wayside when government interference and regulation is what adds higher cost to the products or services in question, as most consumers would then feel the added cost is not a fair increase they should have to pay for.

The U.S. would do well to keep the UK’s energy issues in mind when going to the voting booth, knowing the liberals and progressives are determined to dramatically change the existing power grid supply makeup to “green” technology that hasn’t been proven to be economically viable, nor reliable.


Ignorance on the part of the UK government. .. really?
This can only be malice, deep abiding malice against all the common folk.