6 Prisoner Highlights Unconstitutional Treatment


by Catherine Salgado

Jake Lang, one of the most outspoken Jan. 6 political prisoners, just came out of another long spell in solitary confinement and wants Americans to know about what he says are gross violations of his basic constitutional rights. 

Lang, in exclusive comments to PJ Media, said he was put in solitary confinement this last time for exercising his free speech rights to expose the double standards in the federal judiciary that leniently deal with criminals and violent leftist protesters but aggressively target J6 protestors and Trump allies.

Lang began by emphasizing how the Biden administration is running a political persecution campaign against its opponents, from Donald Trump on down. “The corrupt Biden regime, the DOJ is trying to retaliate, stifle the voices of the Jan. 6 political prisoners and other political prisoners like [Trump allies] Peter Navarro and soon-to-be [prisoner] Steve Bannon, and Christina Bobb, and Rudy Giuliani…[there’s] a pattern.” He noted how Giuliani just lost his radio show. “The figureheads of this movement against the corruption of the Department of Justice, the weaponization of government, the federal government against We the People.” 

Lang argued that he “fall[s] into a category” for particular persecution, so “they’ll do any means necessary to try to take away my voice. And the reason I was sent to the hole is precisely for First Amendment right violations.”

He said he had been scheduled for interviews with radio host Lou Dobbs and Rudy Giuliani (just before the latter’s show was canned), but instead, he was put in solitary confinement. Indeed, Lang has been held in solitary for a longer time period than the state of New York, where he is imprisoned, allows (15 days continuously).

“Like George Orwell, “1984,” they un-personed me,” Lang insisted. “I spent 36 days in solitary with no access to the outside world, no ability to talk to the courts or my family or my pastor, and this is basically a sensory deprivation chamber. There’s no books there. There’s no radio. There’s no outdoor recreation except for two hours a week you get to leave the cell, that’s it.” If true, this would seem to be explicitly in violation of New York law, which requires at minimum that “segregated prisoners be offered at least 4 hours of out-of-cell programming, including at least one hour of recreation, each day.” 

Lang described it as “unbelievable torture,” which “goes against everything that is American.” The human rights violations “are stacking up” against him as a J6 prisoner, Lang said. He recently filed suit to claim federal violations of his constitutional rights. He said that the Biden administration is trying to make an example out of some of their political opponents to frighten Americans into compliance.

Lang expressed his disappointment that too many Republicans “don’t care about the Jan. 6ers” and said that their silence makes them complicit in the abuses revealed by the prisoners themselves, by a court ruling, by Dinesh D’Souza’s “Police State” movie, and by an investigation from individual lawmakers. Sadly, Lang contended, many congressmen don’t even want to do the “most basic part of their job, which is keep the checks and balances on the judiciary and executive branches. I mean, these two branches are running wild. Prosecutors are over-charging, and the judges are over-sentencing.” Congressmen are “doing nothing,” not providing support or legislation for those targeted by the Democrats nor even showing up at any trials or hearings to investigate, Lang told me. Some lawmakers have given “lip service” to the cause of the Jan. 6 prisoners, but that is all.

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The Democrats seem to take great pleasure in demonstration how fascist, totalitarian and anti-Constitutional they can be.

Is he being held in Federal detention? Do state or Federal rules apply in his case? Do Federal rules allow for a longer time in solitary than New York rules?

Does that really matter? When do YOU think it is acceptable to abuse a person?

If it’s following Federal guidelines that have passed muster, the detention is not unconstitutional. If it’s a Federal detention, New York rules don’t apply. Those are two of the foundational points of the article.

If the article is incorrect, it matters because its correctness is what the post is relying on.

Bidens using the FBI like Hitler, Stalin Castro and Mao used their Minions to silence those who would oppose them

The ones who should be on Trial Bean Brain are Clinton(Bill,Obama,Soros,Bragg and Smith just to name a few others involved in this show trial

What did Bragg do to deserve prison? If his case violates the Constitution or any statutes, it will be overturned on appeal. That happens all the time, and prosecutors don’t get sent to prison over it.

My question is addressed to Spurwing Plover, and I’m genuinely interested in his answer—not those of the rest of you, who always feel the need to do his arguing for him. He’s a big boy; he can do this himself.

How about election interference? How about misappropriation of funds (using taxpayer funds to try and interfere with the 2024 election).

I’ll let you know when I think you have enough of my respect to tell me what to do and not do, scooter.

Why do you protect him?

I’m not protecting anyone. I am shredding your premise.

When does election interference begin? At what point could Trump have been charged with a crime and had it *not* be election interference?

It begins when he brings a case that has no merit, has no crime and has the sole purpose of trying to keep Trump from campaigning for President.

All of that is your interpretation of the events.

MY interpretation? Just about every legal expert on every channel, even CNN and MSNBC, agree that there is no crime defined, at best a misdemeanor which, by the way, had the statute of limitations expired. None of the charges were felt worthy of prosecution by the FEC or prior DA’s. This was nothing but a desperate Hail Mary by desperate fascist cowards.

Election interference, pure and simple. Prove me wrong.

Mama’s *big* boy!

And you are mommy’s little turd.