TV Anchor Reveals Democrat Efforts to Create Failed Counter-Protest to Trump Rally


By Nick Arama

The local Fox 5 News station reported on how Democrats were going to try to gather up counter-protesters to come out for the Trump rally in the South Bronx. You knew that was likely to occur. But what’s fascinating here is what anchor Rosanna Scotto says about it.

Host Curt Menefee expresses the wish that “cooler heads prevail,” hoping that there isn’t any problem with the people being in the same area at the same time. Scotto said it looked like Trump was going to have “record crowds at the Bronx rally,” which “is kind of unheard of for this area.” She said the Democrats were trying to reach out to the media to get the word out that they wanted counter-protesters, she said, finking on the Democrats. “Which is kind of interesting because they don’t want his voice to be heard, only their voice,” she said.

My gosh, it might just be a revolution going on in New York when people are willing to call out the truth now. Scotto was spot-on there.

But given the thousands at the Trump rally, the crowd would dwarf anyone who came out to protest.

Here was one picture of protesters that looked like just a few sad leftists. That’s the kind of energy. you see at Biden rallies.

There were some leftists, some in keffiyehs, who came out and said “F**k Trump” and “F**k Biden,” and the Trump supporters chanted at them to get out of the Bronx, as you can see here on X.

Then there was the troll known as Crackhead Barney. That’s the person who tried to start trouble with Alec Baldwin over Israel.

She came out to protest, but then she was met by some of the Trump supporters, and they weren’t having any of her craziness. Now, her shtick is that she gets in people’s faces with her radical leftism and tries to shock everyone. But she wasn’t going to outdo these guys as they chanted, “Trump, Trump, Trump” at her.

Warning for graphic language: 

That’s certainly the way to turn down a troll.

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I’m sure more people paid attention to “YMCA” guy than anything CNN is peddling.

Out of that small group of mostly women protesting Trump, two broke off and held up different signs some space away later.
Their signs said they were teachers against Trump, school choice, testing students, testing teachers and grades in general.
No wonder they are not Trump supporters.

Just a pathetic Handful of Protesters most likely brought in by Soros or some other Globalists but no Riots Looting or Arson

Wow, that “No Dictators” banner looks pretty nice. I wonder who paid to have that made for a couple of dozen people to stand around looking stupid? I had heard that 1,800 people were expected to turn out for Trump. 10,000 showed up.

Hochul called them “clowns”. THAT’S how you win back voters!