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There can be no education without discipline. The left promotes violence.

The schools are decending into utter madness.


Greandsons robotics team is competing at world championship Houston, being a freshman, he couldnt go but is “ground control” team at his school.
The Blue his team competes at around 9:45
Oh dear robot down about 3/4 through match off to the pits they have an hour to repair but team won match to advance.

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This area of Utah is nearly 100% white with a few native Utes who miss school 27% of the time.
This area is also where all the polygamous Mormons still live.
The “woke” principal wants these students to “be nice” to the furries.
How about, “Sit!, Stay!”
Attention-seeking is pretty common among the children in large families of Mormons here.
Some kids are real drama queens.
That some decided to be furries and their parents allow it doesn’t surprise me.

BTW, in Utah, overall, the Mormons just lost the population majority, for the first time ever.
Who knows?
Maybe soon we will be allowed to by wine without getting carded.