Trump’s Rally in South Carolina: A Testament to Support for Law Enforcement


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Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden would merely be telling them they are racists. Trump believes in this country and the Democrats hate that.

Q: What is the difference between a Trump Rally and a KKK meeting?

A: No democrats

Q: What is the difference between a Trump Rally and a KKK meeting?

A: No democrats

Really? That’s the difference? So all the Klanlike bigotry and racism are left intact? Weird flex, but okay…

You need to watch a few rallies to know All are welcome there isnt any racism or democrat ideals.

No, the Democrats bring that. Keep up.

Democrats Hemorrhaging Black and Latino Voters as Biden Crushes Middle Class Dreams and Funnels Billions to Illegals and Foreign Regimes.

Keep running niki, spend that democrat cash!

That’s not what kitt wrote. Keep up yourself.

No black has ever been lynched beat or called an uncle tom at the rally, told they aint black or cancelled for being off the democrat plantation.
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Democrats voted to disarm the newly freed slaves then their KKK committed the Lynchings and the infamous Bull Conner did the bit with Dogs and Fire hoses. I,LL HAVE THEM N*****S VOTING DEMOCRAT FOR THE NEXT 200 YEARS Lyndon Johnson Democrat. Woodrow Wilson watched the KKK Propaganda film Birth of a Nation the first movie shown in the Whitehouse

Go play in the middle of a minefield Bean Brain

I hope if he gets reelected he sends all those Illegal Aliens back to where they came from and had those five who beat the cop all given Life without Parole No Parsons or Clemency keep them in prison until the day they die them cremate them and scatter their ashes over Soros place and by then Satan will have his soul