Trump’s Lawyers Strike Back: Motion to Dismiss Over FBI Evidence Tampering


Xitter thread by Julie Kelly

NEW: Trump’s lawyers overnight filed a new motion to dismiss classified documents case based on “spoilation” of evidence that I have been reporting on. Also appears to confirm my report that FBI agents staged the docs photo at Mar-a-Lago:

Not only did DOJ recently admit the sequence of evidence in boxes taken at MAL are not the same as when they were seized but it appears the order of files in the 15 boxes Trump turned over to the archives in Jan 2022 also not in order. Big problem…

Can’t imagine Judge Cannon will take this lightly (I also assume she already knows this, which is why she asked Jay Bratt directly during a March 2024 hearing if the sequence of the evidence in the boxes were in original order. He said yes except for cover sheets that replaced classified docs.)

Agents did not follow orders to keep files in order. This is important because one of Trump’s defenses is that he did not pack the boxes (duh) but many boxes were in chronological order–which would demonstrate he didn’t “willfully” abscond with the alleged classified files in his waning moments at the White House.

Also–Jack Smith recently attempted to blame the special master (wisely appointed by Cannon in Sept 2022) for the inconsistent order of the evidence. Turns out the FBI agents screwed this up from Day One:


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The regime, in every case, never bothers with strictly following procedures to assure there can be no question of their actions or motives. They assumed that they would always have the home field advantage in every trial and be able to use an Engoron or Mechan to power the false accusations through to conviction. Here they’ve run into a judge that, especially in a case involving a former President and the leading candidate for President in 2024, insists the case follow all the rules and abides by due process.

And the left just HATES it.