Trump’s Latest Move Could Delay Jack Smith Trial For MONTHS


By Mark Steffen

Attorneys for former President Donald Trump are seeking upwards of millions of pages of classified documents pertaining to the January 6th, 2021 riots at the Capitol, a move that could delay the federal trial against him by months — even past next year’s election.

Judge Tanya Chutkan must now consider a motion by the president’s legal team to grant them access to classified documents containing information on everything from his presidential schedule to election tabulation data to the presence of any undercover officers during the riots. A similar motion was granted in Trump’s separate federal case alleging he improperly took and stored classified documents after leaving the White House.

In their filing, defense attorneys Todd Blanche and John Lauro state the 57 groups of documents including “all documents regarding informants, cooperators, undercover agents, representatives, or anyone acting in a similar capacity” who were “at or within 5 miles of the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021.”

Their request also includes “all documents relating to investigations relating to fraud, interference (including but not limited to foreign interference), or irregularities during the 2020 election, “including “the election security and integrity risks arising from the cyberattack and data breach relating to SolarWinds, Microsoft, and VMWare in or about 2020” and details of “Dominion Voting Systems and its voting-system products.”

The Trump team also wants “all documents relating to President Trump’s daily schedule for the period from October 1, 2020, through January 20, 2021, including scheduling materials, itineraries, and summaries of President Trump’s activities, including all ‘daily diary’ documents.”

On the election itself, they are seeking “all audits of election results, vote tabulation, vote submission, or related election activities performed by state governments named in the Indictment.”

Prosecutors, who have charged President Trump with interfering with the results of the 2020 election, argue the latest defense motion is another attempt to push the start of the trial past the November 2024 elections. Should he become president again, Trump could petition the Supreme Court to dismiss the case, arguing it interferes with his presidential schedule, according to Newsweek.

Such a move would be one of “a host of potential strategies available” to Trump as president, according to Paul Golden, a partner at the Coffey Modica law firm in New York City.

Trump’s attorneys, meanwhile, believe that foreign actors may have posed a greater risk to the outcome of the 2020 election and are seeking information about  “broad Russian and Iranian campaigns” to undermine confidence in America’s electoral infrastructure. In addition, the are seeking documents containing evidence that Venezuela, Cuba, and China “owned, directed, or controlled election infrastructure used in the 2020 federal elections.”

Both cases brought by Biden Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith are sprawling in nature and are costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars as the prosecutor, infamous for “political hit jobs,” attempts to link President Trump to violence committed on J6. Smith has already lost a number of motions, including an attempt to have Trump jailed.

Most recently, President Trump was hit with a gag order preventing him from freely speaking about the trial.


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Discovery is the destroyer of many a DA’s cases.
Seems DAs and even Atty Gens are fudging the admissible documents so as to exclude much exculpatory evidence.
Judges don’t let this happen IF they are asked to get all the info to both sides.
But many public defenders don’t bother.
President Trump doesn’t have public defenders.

Then he could pardon himself if he is elected.

m not sure he could pardon himself, he could get the Supreme court to dismiss charges, for lack of grounds. Now Biden stealing documents since he was a senator….storing them in a CCP funded facility, now there is an real espionage case.

At the end of the day none of the bogus lawfare being promulgated by the radical marxist left will in any way prevent President Trump from returning to office as the 47th President on January 20, 2025, full stop.

The left is on a fools errand. The American People overwhelmingly want and need President Trump to return to office to repair the damage done by obama/biden.

Who needs lawfare when you have local Democrats willing to do absolutely anything to produce extra votes?

Prosecutors, who have charged President Trump with interfering with the results of the 2020 election, argue the latest defense motion is another attempt to push the start of the trial past the November 2024 elections. 

The left wants their trails to be decided by opinion, which they, with their Ministry of Propaganda, have thoroughly contaminated with hateful lies. If they are going to make massive, wide-ranging accusations, they should be prepared to provide the data to back them up.